The LGX Presents Awesome Splash Graffiti Style Fan Art

The LGX (or Kode Logic as he is otherwise known) is a man of mystery. Aside from the fact he is Australian and likes Street Fighter I do not know much about him. So the introduction to his work is going to be a tad brief. But my waffling is not really why you guys and gals are here anyway, so let’s crack on and look at some great artwork shall we?

My first exposure to LGX work was with his Iron series. Taking pop culture characters from a wide range of sources, Kode bangs on some high tech Iron Man style armour and gives us beautiful neon infused creations. There feels like an intense Tokyo feel to his work, or Manhattan at night, with a splash of 80’s colours thrown in for good measure. Colours and lights combine together with some fantastically drawn images, while your eyes are pleasantly assaulted with the sheer amount of brightness on display. Certainly Tron like elements creep up in his work as well, but it was the way his work feels like it exploded out of a spray can which really interested me. There is graffiti like qualities to these pieces, which is one of the many things that make it stand out. Below is a selection of some of my favourites from this range.

LGX iron batman

LGX iron bison

LGX iron dl

LGX iron magneto

LGX iron predator LGX iron ryu

LGX iron shark LGX iron spiderman

LGX iron sub zero

LGX iron superman

My favourite? Iron Shark, how can you not love that! As always I like to show other pieces of artwork the included artist has created, and below is a few that really caught my eye. The revamped X-Men posters are certainly stunning to look at but it was the Breaking Bad and Tron style Street Fighter characters that promoted some jaw dropping on my part that Tex Avery would have been proud of!

LGX breaking bad LGX joker

LGX tron ken

LGX tron ryu

LGX x men

The crying shame is I could not find a link to buy the above prints. It could just be me and my lack of internet knowledge, but I know I need an Iron Shark poster in my life! My searches for Iron Sharks may have hit a dead end, but I did manage (on his Deviant Art page) to find some great pieces for sale which are listed below.

LGX mecha balrog

High-quality prints in glossy, matte and lustre finishes. 30 x 40 Inches. £31.72p.

LGX mecha bison

 High-quality prints in glossy, matte and lustre finishes. 30 x 40 Inches. £31.72p.

LGX mecha vega

High-quality prints in glossy, matte and lustre finishes. 24 x 36 Inches. £25.15p.

You should check out the rest of his prints over at his Deviant Art page and look on his Facebook  and Twitter pages for more up to date Kode art news. His Facebook page has tons of artwork on it which I just could not squeeze into this article, so if you get a hankering for more you know where to look!


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