Grey Matter Art And Dave Perillo Team Up For A New ‘Buck Rogers In The 25th Century’ Print, Available Worldwide!

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Grey Matter Art  certainly have hit the ground running these past few months. With their initial Cannibal Holocaust by Randy Oritz, Escape From New York by Gabz and the recently teased Toxic Avenger by Godmachine and Cannibal the Musical by Timothy Pittides, they have had a brilliant start. Some of these posters you can still pick up in their online store

Grey Matter Art have now released details of their next print, an officially licensed Buck Rogers In The 25th Century by Dave Perillo.

Dave Perillo Buck RogersBuck Rogers In The 25th Century by Dave Perillo
Regular Edition: 130/$40.00
Details: 18×24 5 color Screenprint 
Printed By: Seizure Palace
Paper Type: Regular/Cougar Natural

Variant Buck Rogers Dave Perillo

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Variant by Dave Perillo
Variant Edition: 60/$45.00
Details: 18×24 5 color Screen print with 2 metallics
Printed By: Seizure Palace
Paper Type: Variant/Bright White

The first release in a two part series, this piece by the very talented artist, Dave Perillo will be released on Tuesday, June 17th at 1:00 PM EST. on the Grey Matter Art Online Store and it will be their first piece to be made available worldwide!

Here is what Dave Perillo had to say on working on the piece.

“When I was asked by Grey Matter Art to do a poster for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century I couldn’t be more excitied, especially since it was from the 1980’s series. I have so many fond memories of watching that show, being a huge Star Wars fan like many other kids in the late 70’s, shows like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers were the next best thing. It was like Star Wars but on TV, this all before I had cable or a VCR so the only way to watch stuff was going to the movies or TV, and being 6 years old going to the movies over and over again wasn’t an option.

The things that really stood out to me about the series was the wicked cool designs of the ships and the great humor that was interjected into the show. Gil Gerard’s portrayal of Buck was great, like a cross between Han Solo and James Bond. I am just so glad I got to create this print and give my self a reason to go back and watch the series again, I hope fans of the show enjoy the print as much as I had working on it.”

The second piece in the series, to be released at a later time, is by the fantastic James White!

Head on over to the Grey Matter Art online store to look at which other prints Grey Matter Art still have available and grab yourself a copy while you still. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for future print details.

You can also follow Dave Perillo on Twitter, too!


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