Grey Matter Art Reveal Two New Posters For TromaDance 2014; ‘Toxic Anvenger’ By Godmachine Plus We Interview ‘Cannibal the Musical’ Artist Timothy Pittides

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New York based poster company Grey Matter Art recently launched with two fantastic posters for Cannibal Holocaust by Randy Oritz and Escape From New York by Gabz and are now back with their next two releases!

A couple of weeks ago Grey Matter Art teased of not one but two posters for, in my opinion, Troma’s best movies by Timothy Pittides and Godmachine. Now, we can finally reveal these two wonderful posters which we are really pleased to say will be available globally, so us U.K folks can also bag one, too!

Cannibal the Musical Timothy Pittides

 “Cannibal! the Musical” by Timothy Pittides
8 Colour, 24×18 Screen Print, Numbered
Regular Edition of 135
Printed by VG Kids on 100# French Paper

 Timothy Pittides has taken on Cannibal The Musical by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The film, originally titled Alferd Packer: The Musical, was created by the pair while studying at University and released by Troma in 1993. I originally saw this movie around 1998 at the age of 12, just after South Park hit screens in the U.K. I was amazed by it. I had never seen anything so, to be frank, fucked up! It was hilarious. Me and my friends just ate it up. Since then I have lapped up anything by Matt Stone and Trey Parker and recently discovered a similar kind of magic when I saw The Book Of Mormon in the west end.

We recently spoke to Timothy who was kind enough to spare some time to talk about the poster and the awesome vintage style which he adopted for the piece.

Grey Matter Art will shortly be releasing your excellent poster for Cannibal The Musical at this years Troma Dance in Brooklyn. How did you feel when they asked you to tackle Cannibal the Musical?

Mike of Grey Matter contacted me regarding this film before they released their first poster. It was quite a honor that they had me in mind the entire time. I was happy to do it. And to have it debut at Tromadance 2014 is the extra icing on the cake.
The movie was the first by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and later picked up by Troma for release. I remember watching it on a scuzzy copy back in the 90’s. Was the film something’s you personally were a fan of?

You know, I never saw the film until Grey Matter asked me to do the poster! I knew about it but never had the chance to view it. So I immediately ran into the living room and logged into Netflix and hoped it was available for streaming, which it was. I watched it and laughed my ass off. It was even better the second time around. I must have watched it four or five times before I even started the artwork. Brilliant film and it has become a favorite of mine.
Cannibal The Musical is set during the 1880’s in America and your posters style is very befitting of the era and unlike many posters released today, alternative or otherwise. What led you to making this style choice?

The retro parody poster idea was not the first idea at all. When I sat down and began thumbnailing the poster, the original idea was a 12″ x 24″ window panel to give it that old time play feel. When I began to pencil it out, it became clear that 1. the composition was feeling too cluttered. and 2. that the film deserved something better and bigger size wise. I went back to the sketch book and did some research. Being that the film was a parody of “Oklahoma!”I began to look at advertising and posters for that film which would lend itself well to parody. I found a great poster and began to work off of it. I had some much fun doing this. Posters from that time period are so great and vibrant, just pleasing to the eye. I may have to do this retro style again. It was that much fun.
This vintage style seems to be really underused and certainly lends itself to other movies. Would there be other films you would like to represent in this style.

I would love to try and do Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado in this style. Nacho Libre too. As well as some 70’s and 80’s horror films.
When you sit down to produce a poster or print, how do you initially approach the subject and decide on content and composition?

It varies from print to print. It really comes down to tone and story. Certain films are character based, which of course means likeness but other films do not require that. I felt that way about The Exorcist. Sure, I could have done Linda, or the priests, but to me, that is not what the film is about. Which is why I went in the direction I went in. I am trying to stay away from basic likeness collages for future prints. I believe you need to tell a story in the work. Combining both characters and story in one print while finding my own groove is going to be a goal of mine in the future.

Grey Matter art are certainly doing some great work and picking cult properties that often aren’t touched by other companies making them very unique and exciting. What was your experience working with them and will we be seeing more from you at Grey Matter?

Mike and Jared over at Grey Matter are some of the best people in this community. They are fans first. They truly care about the art and the artists who produce it. It is refreshing. They supported me in every direction and decision I made and working with me was one of the best working environments I have been in. Yes, I am a member of their roster and will be doing some more work with them in the near future.
You previously mentioned Desperado and Nacho Libre, for our last question, what would be the one film or property that you have yet to tackle that your are chomping at the bit to do?

The Shining. I have such a wonderful idea for the film that requires no likeness rights at all. Just hope I can translate it to paper.

On the back of his recent solo show at the Flood Gallery in London, U.K artist Godmachine has tackled arguably Troma’s most well known movie, 1984’s The Toxic Avenger. Directed by Lloyd Kaufman, acting under the pseudonym Samuel Weil, The Toxic Avenger spawned three sequels and a television cartoon, Toxic Crusaders. Remember that super catchy theme tune? At one point Arnold Schwarzenegger was lined up to star in a remake by Steve Pink, let’s hope that never transpires!


Toxic Avenger Godmachine“The Toxic Avenger” By Godmachine
5 Colour 18×24 Screen Print, Numbered
Regular Edition of 150
Variant Edition: 75/5 Color, GID Layer
Printed By Valhalla Studios On House Natural Paper

“The Toxic Avenger” Glow In The Dark Variant By Godmachine
5 Colour, With GID Layer (Shown) 18×24 Screen Print, Numbered
Variant Edition of 75
Printed By Valhalla Studios On House Natural Paper


Both of these pieces will be available at Grey Matter Art table at the 15th annual TromaDance film festival at the Paperbox in Brooklyn, New York on the 27th and 28th of June. Any remaining copies going online on Tuesday, July the 1st between 1pm and 2pm. As a special incentive, Grey Matter Art and Timothy Pittides will also be offering a giveaway for the original 12×12 pencils for Cannibal the Musical.

Timothy Pittides OG


Head on over to the Grey Matter Art online store to pick up what is left of their previous releases and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for future print details.


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