Olly Moss “What A Bunch Of A-Holes” Rocket Raccoon And Groot On Sale Now!

Here is a nice surprise for a Tuesday, Olly Moss has just put up a set of cute Guardians Of The Galaxy prints in his online store. You need to be quick though as these guys will only be on sale for two hours!

Featuring Rocket Raccoon and Groot, “What a bunch of a-holes” is a set of two 5×5″ giclee prints on heavy, textured watercolour paper, made with archival inks. Each of the prints will come hand-numbered and the set will cost you $20!

What a Bunch Of A Holes Guardians Of The Galaxy Olly Moss Groot Rocket Raccoon

“What a bunch of a-holes” – Olly Moss

The two hour sale for these started around 3:30pm gmt on the 8th of August, so will likely end around 5:30pm. If you don’t manage to pick a set up by this time you are likely to be at the whim of the ebay flipper massive!

Olly is a big fan of these timed editions so to make sure you don’t miss out, follow him on Twitter and make sure you turn on notifications!


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