Grey Matter Art Prepare To Release The Next In Their ‘Buck Rogers In The 25th Century’ Poster Series By James White

Back in June, Grey Matter Art released the first poster in a two part series for Buck Rogers In The 25th Century by artist Dave Perillo. Grey Matter Art are now back with the second in that series with a poster by James White of Signal Noise.

Buck Rogers is a registered trademark owned by the Dille Family Trust and used under from the “Trust.” ©2014 Dille Family Trust. This officially licensed by Licensing Works will go on sale Tuesday, August 19th at 1PM EST. in the Grey Matter Art shop page.


Artist: James White
Size: 18×24/8 Color Screen Print
Edition: 79/$40.00Printed By: Seizure Palace

“When I was a little kid, I remember my dad telling me about Buck Rogers since the TV show had aired in the mid to late 70s. Even though I have faint memories of the show, my most vivid memory was the first lunchbox my parents bought me when I started school, with an action-packed depiction of Buck, Tweeky and Deering. I loved that lunchbox and carried it to school every day for years. So when I was given the option of developing a poster for a generation of Buck Rogers, the decision was clear.” – James White

James White Lunchbox buckrogers2

Grey Matter Art will also doing a deal for this one, too. You can purchase the James White poster along with the regular edition Dave Perillo poster together as a package for $60.00 or a variant for $65.00. Here are Dave Perillo’s pieces.

Dave Perillo RegularFinal Image

 Artist: Dave Perillo
Regular Edition 130 w/James White-$60.00
Details: 18×24 5 color Screen print
Printed By: Seizure Palace
Paper Type: Regular/Cougar Natural

Dave Perillo Variant final imageArtist: Dave Perillo
 Variant Edition: 60 w/James White-$65.00
Details: 18×24 5 color Screen print with 2 metallics on variant
Printed By: Seizure Palace
Paper Type: Variant/Bright White

Head on over to the Grey Matter Art online store on Tuesday, August 19th at 1PM EST to pick up your James White Buck Rogers In The 25th Century poster. In the meantime, have a look at which other prints Grey Matter Art still have available and grab yourself one while you still can. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for future print details.

You can also find Grey Matter Art on our new Links page, where will also see a bunch of other cool artists and galleries. Make sure you follow Dave Perillo and James White on Twitter, too!


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