Khoa Ho Reminds You That “You Are Who You Choose To Be” With This Iron Giant Inspired Print

Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. Mondo featured a number of pieces as well as a vinyl release for this month’s Mondo Con and artists such as Bruce Yan have also been releasing some great art work based. It’s easy to forgive as the film is charming and endearing and was criminally overlooked when it first came out.

California based illustrator and designer Khoa Ho clearly has a soft spot for the movie too and has released a timed edition Giclee print inspired by the movie. Read on for more details.agree as he has produced this exciting piece celebrating Batman’s animated adventures.


“You are who you choose to be.” By Khoa Ho
Inspired by The Iron Giant
$35 16×24 giclee print
S/N with some extra surprises if you’re lucky

I have to admit, I hadn’t watched the movie until a few weeks ago and now I love it! Khoa has applied his talent for exciting colours and textures, capturing the characters through silhouette. This timed edition piece is now available until Saturday, October 4th at 12pm PST through Khoa Ho’s Online Store. Khoa also still has a few of his great Batman The Animated Series inspired posters we featured a little while back, too!


You can also follow Khoa via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Behance and see more of his work on his Website.

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