Grey Matter Art And Matt Taylor Seduce Us With Their Poster For “The Graduate”

Grey Matter Art ,under license from StudioCanal are very excited to announce their next project, this is for the first officially licensed poster for the film, “The Graduate“. For the first time, Grey Matter Art have teamed up with one of their favourite artists, Matt Taylor to produce it.

Matt Taylor’s The Graduate goes on sale Tuesday the 28th of October between 1pm and 2pm EST in the Grey Matter Art shop page. Read on for the full reveal of both the regular and variant posters!


“The Graduate”
Artist: Matt Taylor
Size: 18×24
Regular Edition: 175/$45.00
Printed By: D & L Screen Printing


“When we had the opportunity to do “The Graduate”, we jumped at the chance to be able to be the first to release it. We thought it out for a while on who would be the perfect choice to take on this project. This isn’t a film that just anyone would be right for, and it really had to be done the right way for the idea to get across. As soon as we thought of artist Matt Taylor, it just seemed to click, and we couldn’t see anyone else give it as much justice as he would. Matt has that great style where he can really portray a feeling or mood of an image, and for this poster, he did just that. You can see the conflicted emotion on Dustin Hoffman’s character, Benjamin Braddock’s face so well. This poster has beautiful color and imagery and we are honored to be able to be the ones to match the film and artist so well on this one”.


“The Graduate”
Artist: Matt Taylor
Size: 18×24
Variant Edition: 90/$55.00
Printed By: D & L Screen Printing

Head on over to the Grey Matter Art online store on Tuesday, October the 28th t0 pick up your The Graduate poster by Matt Taylor. In the meantime, have a look at which other prints Grey Matter Art still have available and grab yourself one while you still can. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for future print details and the drop time!

Be sure to check out Matt Taylor on Twitter and more of his work on his website!

The Graduate  is a trademark of Studiocanal S.A.  All Rights Reserved. © 2014 Studiocanal S.A. ® All Rights Reserved.   



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