We Catch Up With Jason Edmiston About His Great Year And Attendance At This Years Thought Bubble!

Here in the U.K, we aren’t quite as blessed with the number and size of conventions that art and comic fans can enjoy over in the United States. One shining beacon is Thought Bubble. Held annually in Leeds, Yorkshire, Thought Bubble has grown exponentially over the past few years and has recently seen a surge in the number of world renowned artists from across the globe who are attending and exhibiting at the convention, including Cult Collective favourite, Jason Edmiston.

Jason was kind enough to spare us some time to have a chat with us about his great year and his attendance at this years Thought Bubble. Read on to find out what we can look forward to seeing from Jason at this years Thought Bubble.

Jason Edmiston Joker Riddler Batgirl Batman

Jason, It is great to have you coming across to Thought Bubble! Will this be your first English comic convention?

Thank you. I’m excited about the this show. I’ve never been to Leeds before, and have heard nothing but good things about Thought Bubble. This will be my first comic convention outside of North America.

Over the course of this year, you have done a few comic and art conventions. What do you like about them that keeps you coming back?

I love meeting other artists and art fans from around the world. Working by myself all year can be isolating. It’s good to get out there and talk with other art nerds like me. It’s also a great way to network. I usually leave each show with a new client or two.

Jason Edmiston Joker Heath Ledger Dark Knight

This year has been another great year for you from an art perspective. What has your personal highlight been so far?

Thank you. I couldn’t be happier with how things have gone these last few years. My first solo show was a little over a year ago at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. That was huge for me. I set a goal for myself to create a certain number of pieces for the show, and I surpassed that number. We sold out every print, and almost every original. I’ve always wanted to transition to a fine art career, and the success of that show gave me the confidence to continue in that direction.


Jason Edmiston Lo Pan

We have started to see some of your art feature on packaging collectable action figures and models. With lines like Mondo’s upcoming toys and brands such as Retroaction and not forgetting your Frankenberry bust, will we see more toys and collectibles based on your artwork?

Definitely. I’ve done a few more paintings that will debut as toy packaging later this year for NECA Toys, and have been in talks with various other toy companies to create toy packaging later this year as well. I also have a second cereal monster art toy coming out soon, based on my painting Source of 5 Essential Nutrients, namely my Dracula/Count Chocula mash-up.


Jason Edmiston Frankeberry

Back to Thought Bubble, what are you most looking forward to from your visit?

I’d say meeting foreign fans. I don’t know how well my art is received in the UK, and it will be interesting to see how well they know my work, and if they like it. I’m also excited to meet many of the featured artist guests. It will be a great hang for sure.

Jason Edmiston ZOD

I know some of it may be under wraps for now, but what can your fans look forward to seeing from you at this years Thought Bubble?

For Thought Bubble, I’ve saved a few prints from most of my latest releases from MondoCon and New York Comic Con. These include my solo show portraits of Lo Pan, Zod, and Stay Puft marshmallow man, as well as a lot of new original paintings and pencil art. I might have time for a surprise or two as well.

Jason Edmiston Flambe Stay Puft Ghostbusters

Thanks so much for your time, Jason. We certainly can’t wait to meet you for a pint!

Thank you! See you soon.

Jason Edmiston will be at this years Thought Bubble Convention which runs on the 15th and 16th of November. Over the next few weeks leading up to the convention, we will be chatting to a few other artists who will be at the convention.
You can find Jason on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and see more of his work on his website and pick up some of his work from his online store!


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