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Are You Ready To Unbox An Awesome Judge Dredd Designer Figure?

I haven’t really ever been much of a toy collector. Beyond The Real Ghostbusters, Batman: The Animated Series and Star Wars: The Power Of The Force lines, I have never really paid much interest.

Recently though, there have been a few ‘designer toys’ that have caught my attention. None more so than this prototype Judge Dredd figure by Unbox Industries!


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San Diego Comic Con Poster And Art Round Up: Jock, Olly Moss, Scott C, Laurent Durieux, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guillermo Del Toro, Mondo AND MORE!

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and if, like me, you are sat at home swelling with jealousy, here is a choice selection of what those lucky, lucky nerds will be able to pick up this weekend.

As you would expect, Mondo are basically owning the con from a poster perspective, and with good reason. Having already released their plans for a toy line last week, which you can see at SDCC, Mondo are slowly releasing a series of awesome posters including this fantastic poster for Pans Labyrinth which Jock and Guillermo Del Toro teamed up at the Mondo booth to sign!

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UPDATED! Mondo Announce Their Latest Exciting Collectables: TOYS! Featuring “TNMT”, “The Iron Giant” And “Hitchcock”!

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that Mondo only do posters. Up to now that has mostly been the case, with the exception of a few vinyl, VHS and t-shirt releases. Regardless, whatever they turn their hands to, it pretty much turns to gold, especially for a fan like me.

It was the posters that Mondo produced that initially got me into print and art collecting and over the past couple of years that market has flourished. With more and more galleries and poster boutiques popping up it makes perfect sense for Mondo to branch out into new and untapped areas. And they have certainly done that. Mondo have today announced that they will be launching a range of fully licensed toys, initially including The Iron Giant and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mondo Iron Giant


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Mondo Reveal 5 Villainous Vinyl’s For ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Including ‘Harley Quinn’ By Matt Taylor

This past year Mondo have been branching out from boutique poster and t-shirt designs into other areas such as rugs, ski masks and not least vinyl. Vinyl has always boasted a large number of die hard collectors and add that to Mondo’s history of producing beautiful artwork, you are bound to have a highly desirable and sublimely attractive piece of art.

In the lead up to this years San Diego Comic Con, the grandaddy of all comic cons, Mondo have just released the information of not 1, not 2, but 5 versions of limited edition Batman: The Animated Series original soundtrack vinyl records.

Harley Quinn Mondo Matt Taylor Vinyl

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Will You Be Wearing The Mondo ‘237 Collection’ This Autumn?

So, here is something new from the Mondo guys, the ‘237 Collection’. Mondo have teamed up with Middle Of Beyond  to produce a clothing and lifestyle line consisting of a sweater, cardigan, 6′ scarf, ski mask and two different sized floor rugs all inspired by the movie Room 237, a 2012 American documentary film directed by Rodney Ascher exploring the meaning and themes of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

Mondo 237 Bloke


Available for Pre-Order from today, and running through May 10th, Mondo aim to begin shipping in late August, just in time for the Autumn runway shows. You can see the full collection over at the Mondo Blog and order from their Online Store.

Here is a closer look at that custom die-cut Mondo Room 237 key that comes with the sweaters and cardigans, while supplies last.

Mondo 237 Key

Keep tabs on Mondo by following them on Twitter where they will keep you posted on all future releases. Middle of Beyond can also be found on Twitter and Facebook!

Mondo To Release John Williams’ Epic “JURASSIC PARK” Score On Remastered Vinyl. Clever Mondo!

We should start this article with the obligatory “hold on to your butts” as Mondo finally reveal the details of the much teased  release of John Williams’ iconic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Jurassic Park, remastered for vinyl with gorgeous artwork for two packaging variations from artist JC Richard and a limited edition vinyl from artist Dan McCarthy (1,000 copies). The vinyl releases will be for sale only at on June 11, 2014.

Jurassic Park vinyl

Here is what Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael had to say on the release:

“Jurassic Park occupies a rare place in the hearts of film fans worldwide. It’s one of the few seminal films that almost everyone can recall seeing in the theater for the first time in perfect detail. It’s a movie that fires on all cylinders – from the amazing sense of adventure, a realistic world of tomorrow, awe-inspiring special effects and of course one of the greatest scores that has ever been created. “There are few films where the experience of watching the film is matched only by experience of listening to it, and Jurassic Park is one of those rare films,”

There will be two editions of the score which sees Mondo continue its commitment to crafting beautiful packaging for scores they love and adds to an impressive collection of vinyl releases that now includes Gravity, PoltergeistOblivionHalloweenDriveThe OmenCoralineParanorman and more with several more releases on the horizon for 2014.

Version A
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Artwork by JC Richard
2XLP P pressed on 180 gram Black Vinyl, with randomly inserted Dilophosaurus variant.
Version B
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Artwork by Dan McCarthy
Limited to 1,000 copies
2XLP pressed on 180 gram Amber vinyl.


The full track listing for the score looks a little like this:

01) Opening Titles
02) Theme From Jurassic Park
03) Incident At Isla Nublar
04) Journey To The Island
05) The Raptor Attack
06) Hatching Baby Raptor
07) Welcome to Jurassic Park
08) My Friend, The Brachiosaurus
09) Dennis Steals The Embryo
10) A Tree For My Bed
11) High-Wire Stunts
12) Remembering Petticoat Lane
13) Jurassic Park Gate
14) Eye To Eye
15) T-Rex Rescue & Finale
16) End Credits

The vinyl releases will be for sale only at on June 11, 2014. Follow Mondo on Twitter for more information and future releases. You can also find more details on the release over on Mondo’s Blog.

As ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Swings Into Theatres, Sony, Marvel, IMAX And Mondo Team Up To Give Lucky Fans A Free Poster By Matt Taylor

British artists Matt Taylor is quickly becoming one of Mondo’s most prolific artists, and with good reason. Having produced posters for Brick, Star Trek, The Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle, Matt has shown a deft hand at turning his talents on a broad spectrum of movies.

Now Sony, Marvel, IMAX and Mondo have teamed up to deliver a brilliant poster for Amazing Spider-Man 2 as it hits theatres on May the 1st, and the best part? It’s free!

Fandango have reported that on May the 1st fans attending the first Imax showings at 7 p.m. will receive a limited-edition FANFIX print by artist Matt Taylor. have a full list of participating theatres but unfortunately there don’t currently seem to be any in the U.K. In the meantime, feast your eyes!

Amazing Spider-man 2 Mondo

I am sure by now that anyone reading this already follows Mondo on Twitter, but if not, here is where you can find them. Make sure you give Matt Taylor a follow too as this guy is crazy talented!

Mondo present a very different and very cool new ‘Kill Bill’ poster by Rockin’ Jelly Bean!

A Thursday wouldn’t be a Thursday without a Mondo drop! It just doesn’t feel right when they drop a print on any other day! Mondo have announced that their print drop for tomorrow will be Kill Bill by Rockin’ Jelly Bean. Take a look..


Kill Bill Mondo Rockin' Jelly Bean

Kill Bill by Rockin’ Jelly Bean. 18″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 520. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $55

Rather than the usual, conventional sizing, Rockin’ Jelly Bean’s print is sized at 18″ X 36″ as a reflection of the traditional Eastern style artwork that the piece reflects and is influence by, and we think it looks pretty cool!

For more info on Rockin’ Jelly Bean and to check out more of their artwork, head on over to their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK pages. Follow them on TWITTER, too!

The print will be available at a random time on Thursday the 9th of January over at Mondo Tee’s. For the drop announcement follow Mondo over on TWITTER, too!

Mondo celebrate ‘Batman: Mask of the Phantasm’ turning 20 this year with a screening and poster by Phantom City Creative. PLUS Horkey ‘Two Towers’ and Simpson ‘Home Alone’ on sale details.

Having just produced ‘Cult Collectives 10 top picks of 2013’, Mondo and Phantom City Creative have already made a start with getting their names onto the 2014 list.

Mondo announced on their blog last night that on January 7th at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, they will be throwing a belated birthday party for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, which turns 20 this Christmas. As part of the celebration, Mondo will be bringing two new limited edition posters to the 35mm screening, as seen below and available for sale in the lobby, by Phantom City Creative!


I have tremendously fond memories of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, to this date it is still my favourite Batman movie and remains the only Batman the Animated Series movie to get a theatrical release. The vision of Batman the Animated Series creator and director Bruce Timm and regular written by Paul Dini, Batman: Mask of The Phantasm features the voice talents of the one true Batman, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in a post Star Wars career defining turn as The Joker.

No word as of yet on how many of these posters will be available or if there will be an online drop with any left over. Follow Mondo on Twitter to keep up to date with any announcements.
For more work by the awesome Phantom City Creative, who produced the award winning Godzilla poster this year, follow them on Twitter, too!

Today Mondo will also be releasing three new posters, the much anticipated Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers regular and variant by Aaron Horkey along with a brilliantly fun Home Alone by Adam Simpson.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Poster by Aaron Horkey. 19.25″x39″ 14-color screen print. Hand numbered. Regular Edition of 505. Printed by Burlesque of North America. $100

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Poster by Aaron Horkey. 19.25″x39″ 7-color screen print. Hand numbered. Variant Edition of 245. Printed by Burlesque of North America. $200

Home Alone Poster by Adam Simpson. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 325. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $45

These posters will go on sale at a random time today on Mondo’s website.

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We chat with ‘Die Hard’ Mondo Mystery Movie XI artist Laurent Durieux!

Last night Mondo held their eleventh ‘Mondo Mystery Movie’ event and this time it was in Los Angeles at the Crest Theatre. There was plenty of speculation beforehand as to what the movie would be and who the art for the customary poster would be by, not least by us. Mondo certainly did not disappoint.

As we predicted, ‘Mondo Mystery Movie XI’ was indeed Die Hard, the greatest action/ christmas movie of all time and the poster was by the always amazing Laurent Durieux. Laurent has done a great job with this poster. The simple yet effective image captures so much of the movie, both tonally and in reference. The poster came in a regular edition of 450, a variant of 150, metal variant of 80 and a super glass printed variant, given to one lucky guest.

Lauren Durieux Die Hard Mondo Mystery Movie XI 11 Regular Poster Print Screenprint

Poster Lauren Durieux Die Hard Mondo Mystery Movie XI 11 Regular Poster Lauren Durieux Die Hard Mondo Mystery Movie XI 11 Regular Lauren Durieux Die Hard Mondo Mystery Movie XI 11 Regular Poster

Laurent was kind enough to have a quick chat with me this morning about the artwork and what he and Mondo aimed to capture and represent with the poster.

Justin, Mitch and Rob know I always try to bring something more to a poster either an idea, concept or some sort of pathos. With Die Hard, obviously the pathos thing was out as it’s what I call a muscle movie. My main concept was that I wanted to use Christmas in L.A. And the snow bubble was a good way for me to do that, sort of cheesy and humoristic like the movie, also of course the broken glass refers directly to the scene in the film. So it is a concept more than a poster with dozens of portraits and key scenes you usually see in countless posters, I always try to come up with something people won’t expect and from reading the feedback from the people online, looks like I did just that.

I also asked Laurent for a poster to truly represent Die Hard, what did he feel would need to be included.

[To] truly represent Die Hard, you would probably have to go for explosions, blood, etc… And that’s not what I really want to do you know, I think other artists would do this much better than I ever would, so I would say that my take on the film is probably not spot on but it’s just different and to me that is, as an artist, really important. What’s the point of doing something so many people can/would do?

Laurent Durieux’s art always amazes me. He has the knack of being able to represent a movie without having to have the main character front and centre. His Jaws piece for example is a brilliant, and highly sought after, piece of art and is probably the only Jaws poster not to feature a shark.

Below are some pictures of the prints that were given out to attendees based on their ticket package. These pictures come courtesy of Amer Nizam.


Die Hard regular, edition of 450 by Laurent Durieux

Die Hard Variant, edition of 150 by Laurent Durieux

Mondo went to the extra effort of making sure that the night was special by inviting fans to go an a limo ride, with fully stocked liquor cabinet, to the original ‘Nakatomi’ building featured in the movie. They also dressed up the movie theatre with fake glass and signs asking to fans to remove their shoes in a nice little nod to one of Die Hards memorable set pieces. As an extra little bonus, Mondo also produced this cool bearer bonds in reference to Hans Gruber’s scheme to steal $640 million.


If that wast enough, Mondo also went to the effort of producing ‘Al Powell’ handbills by Tyler Stout. Reginald Veljohnson who played ‘Al Powell’ in the first three Die Hard movies was also in attendance at the event to introduce the movie alongside Mondo’s Justin Ishmael.

‘Al Powell’ Die Hard Variant handbill by Tyler Stout.

‘Al Powell’ Die Hard Regular handbill by Tyler Stout.

As part of the ‘Super Variant’ package, guests were also lucky enough to get another unique piece, a replica sweater from another of Die Hard’s memorable moments. This picture is taken from eBay.


Finally, with Laurent Durieux producing the truly brilliant poster for the movie, Mondo took the opportunity to announce that they would be hosting ‘The Art of Laurent Durieux’ a gallery dedicated to his work opening the 7th of Feb and running until the 1st of March at the Mondo Gallery, Austin. Mondo even previewed a great piece by Laurent for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.
I asked Laurent what he was most looking forward to ahead of his gallery ‘The Art of Laurent Durieux’

What I’m looking forward to? [I will] meet all the poster enthousiasts in person and meet the Mondo guys as well, be able to put faces on all these names. Of course, as an artist it would be lying to say I’m not interested with the response to my work. I’ve been working (almost) like a slave 😊 for the last 6/7 months full time on those posters and I hope the hard work will live up to it, that the collectors and fans will dig them.

Based on the popularity and quality of Laurent’s work, it is bound to be a fantastic gallery. Stay tuned for more details on that.

To keep up to date with Mondo, follow them on Twitter. Similarly you can also keep up to date with the fantastic work of Laurent Durieux on his website too!

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Again a huge thank you to Amer Nizam for the permission to use the pictures.