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Fright Rags Team Up With Ghoulish Gary Pullin And Jason Edmiston For A Misfits Double Feature!!

Since 2003 Fright Rags have been committed to producing the best Horror inspired t-shirts and art. Working with some of the best artists from around the world, their t-shirts have become must haves for anyone remotely a fan of anything horror related.

 As fans of The Misfits and two of the best monster and horror artists out there, it only seems fitting then that Fright Rags have worked with Ghoulish Gary Pullin and Jason Edmiston to produce two amazing pieces of art, available as both t-shirts and limited edition prints, for The Misfits!


“HYBRID MOMENTS” art by Gary Pullin

Limited to 150 numbered prints, $30
7 color print on French Pop Tone Sweet Tooth #140
“MOMMY, CAN I GOT OUT AND KILL TONIGHT?” art by Jason Edmiston

Limited to 150 numbered prints, $30

8 color print on French Pop Tone Sweet Tooth #140

Both the t-shirts and prints are available to pre-order now over at Fright Rags,  and you can keep up to date with Fright Rags by checking them out on Twitter and Facebook!

Fancy A ‘Twin Peaks’ Ring? How About Wes Anderson Buttons? A Bill Murray Tee? Well Spoke Art Have You Covered!‏

Those guys over at Spoke Art certainly are an eclectic bunch. From pop culture inspired art to original pieces, there is always something new, fresh and exciting on offer. Spoke Art have just bumped up their product lines with a whole new range of fantastic apparel inspired by David Lynch and Wes Anderson, to name a couple.

Wes Anderson Badges
Twin Peaks and Wes Anderson inspired Buttons!

Inspired by both David Lynch and Wes Anderson, Spoke Art have a variety of sets of four 1″ buttons depicting various characters from Wes Anderson and David Lynch Movies., check them out HERE.

Twin Peaks Ring
Twin Peaks rings!

With the upcoming 25th anniversary of Twin Peaks, Spoke Art have custom produced these great handmade, one size fits all ring. They even restocked their popular Team Zissou rings too! Check them out HERE!

Bill Murray Tshirt
Team Zissou tees by Greg Gossel

Now, who wouldn’t want to wonder around with Bill Murray’s face on your chest. Well, now you can, even if you are on the XXL side/ Spoke Art have a variety of different design’s and colours of tee’s including Bill Murray and Jeff Bridges as The Dude. Check them out HERE.

Keep checking in with Spoke Art on their Website, Twitter and Facebook as their is always something exciting happening. Next up at Spoke Art – 816 Sutter Street in April is the Serge Gay Jr. solo show and at Hashimoto Contemporary – 804 Sutter Street in April is the Mario Wagner solo show.

Fright Rags Goes Zombie Crazy With Its New ‘Day of the Dead’ T-Shirt Box Set

Recently I covered a selection of awesome T-Shirt sets put out by Fright Rags, a company that specialises in designing detailed horror tees. Well word through the internet grape-vine (or in this case via Daily Dead) is they have done it again with a new set coming soon. This set focuses on the great George Romero flick Dawn of the Dead. These will be limited editions like their other sets. Here is a quote from Fright Rags themselves which explains what is going on.

“These exclusive Day of the Dead items will be available starting promptly at 10:00am EST Friday, January 17 through 10:00am EST Monday, January 27. As soon as the clock strikes 10am EST on Monday, these items will no longer be available for pre-order. Please note that this is Eastern Standard Time, so check your time zone as these times may be earlier or later, depending on where you live.”

They have a promo advert for this set on their website now which breaks down what is involved with the set. Spoiler alert it’s a heck of a lot!

fright rags day of the dead set box set

 Limited Edition T-Shirt. Full Colour Print by Justin Osbourn. Printed on Super Soft 4.5 oz. Sizes From Small to 3x Large.

Jar of “Deadrock” From Wampum Mines. 11×17 Poster Full Colour Offset Print On 80# Silk Cover Stock.

Prismatic Sticker

Collectors Box. Limited to 500.

The usual array of great items are included in this set (the sticker been a personal favourite of mine reminding me of my childhood days). As a novelty item I love the rocks taken from the actual mines. Personally, I feel it would have been cooler if they had included a different image with the poster (maybe from the original VHS/DVD cover perhaps), but this is a just a personal view and certainly does not take away from the great pieces of work included in the box.

Maybe the reason they did not do this is because it is not only this box set they are releasing. They also have another great print and t-shirt designed by the ever brilliant Ghoulish Gary Pullin coming out focusing on Bub, everyone’s favourite Walkman listening, pistol shooting, humanised zombie. There will also be another t-shirt by Jeff Zornow.

fright rags day of the dead set box set extra items

Limited Edition Signed Screen Print. Limited to 200. Print by Garry Pullin and Signed by Lori Cardille. 18×24. 9 Colour Screen Print French Construction 100# Whitewash Stock. 

fright rags day of the dead set box set extra items shirts

Day of the Dead V2. Art by Gary Pullin. Printed on Super Soft 4.5oz. 100 Percent Cotton. Sizes Small to 2X Large.

Dr Tongue Shirt. Sizes Small to 5X Large.

This complete collection has to be the bomb for fans of all things zombie. Mr Tongue design looks especially grotesque and also breathtaking all in one go. The box set comes out in January 17th 10am EST priced $47.95. The screen print is priced at $40 and the t-shirts are both $25.95 and come out in January 27th 10 am EST.

Can’t find anything good in the New Year sales? Check out these awesome Fright Rags Limited Edition Movie and T-Shirt Sets

Halloween is an iconic trend setting movie that since its inception in 1978 has shocked audiences around the world. Now this fact is all well and good but you may be thinking “this site is about incredible art not movies so what the heck is going on?” Well dear reader you may be interested to know that Fright Rags  have combined these two mediums with this incredible Limited Edition Halloween set (limited to 800).

fright rags box set halloween t shirt

Limited Edition T-Shirt. Full Colour by Justin Osbourn. Printed on 4.5 oz 100 percent cotton shirts.

fright rags box set halloween poster

18×24 Screen Printed Poster. Gary Pullin Design. Printed on 140# French Cover Stock. 100 Glow in the Dark Variants Randomly Inserted.

fright rags box set halloween set

Judith Myers Resin Magnet by Monte Ward. Prismatic Sticker of Original Halloween Art. Rabbit in Red Memo Pad.

All this comes in a great collector’s box to keep all of the items safe and secure until you need them. The whole package looks too amazing to touch, in fear that doing so would somehow sully the incredible things inside of it. Aside from this set general coolness it is also reduced in price. The retail (minus p and p) is $80.

Fright Rags have done these kinds of sets before and if you like this one then take a look at their Tarman set below from the movie Return of the Living Dead which is also on sale at $87.95 and has just as much attention to detail put on it that the Halloween set does. It comes with T-Shirt and Tarman mask.

fright rags box set rold tarman t shirt

fright rags box set rold tarman mask

fright rags box set rold tarman set

Finally to end this article on a high here is the last set Fright Rags have created with Snake Pliskin taking centre stage. This is the Escape from New York set (800 copies). This retails at $57.95.

fright rags box set escape from new york t shirt

Limited Edition Full Colour T-Shirt by Justin Osbourn. On Super Soft 4.5 oz 100 Percent Cotton Shirt.

fright rags box set escape from new york set

11×17 Replica Film Poster. Replica Offset Print on 80# Silk Cover Stock. Cobra Temporary Tattoo. Sanke Plissken Eye Patch. Prismatic Sticker of T-Shirt Art.

So head on over to Fright Rags now to pick up your copies, while they are still available. Keep track of future Fright Rags releases by following them on Twitter and Facebook, too!

For a limited time only RIPT Apparel have turned their best T-Shirt art into Posters and Coasters, just for you

The on-line T-Shirt market has become a hot commodity recently, especially for all fans of great artwork. Sometimes overlooked by art lovers, the T-Shirt market has come along in leaps and bounds with some stunning pieces of mash-up art now on the market. Now I am not sure when this particular trend first started, but in the last few years it has certainly sky rocketed in popularity, possibly more so than buying a trademarked image T-Shirt. People love the creativeness behind these shirts and pretty much anything is far game design wise. As a fan I own quite a few myself but the one thing that also makes me a little sad is that these great mash-up designs only seem to stay on T-Shirts and never quite make the jump to something I can look at on my wall.

Well hopefully all this is starting to change because RIPT Apparel have put up some of their favourite designs and turned them into some great poster art. Each poster is available in a choice of two sizes, 18″ x 32″ or 24″ x 32″ and will set you back $15 or $30, respectively. The printing is giclee’ quality with resolution of 12o0 dpi and a smooth matt finish on 192 gsm paper.

Here are some of our favourites!

RIPT Apparel cartes du boufon

Cartes Du Bouffoun – Poster

RIPT Apparel starry knight poster

Starry Knight – Poster

RIPT Apparel skeletour 83

Skele-Tour ’83 – Poster

RIPT Apparel marty mcprime

Marty McPrime – Poster

As an added bonus, RIPT Apparel are also doing fandom based coasters so you can admire your posters while having a cheeky brew and not have to fear about getting stains on the table. Each Coaster is 4″ by 4″ and is cork backed printed on Italian Bottocino marble tiles and cost $25 a set.

RIPT Apparel grand theft phone box

Grand Theft Phone Box – Coaster Set

RIPT Apparel sounds of 80s

Sounds of the 80’s – Coaster set

RIPT Apparel maniacsManiacs – Coaster Set

These items are only available throughout December, so time is very limited. The good news is that this could be a start of great things if other T-Shirt providers decide to follow suit and branch out into poster art too. Companies like Red Bubble have already been leading the charge in this area, giving customers the freedom to have their artwork printed as they wish, be it, T-Shirt’s, coasters or mugs so fingers crossed with this sales decision by RIPT Apparel we could be the birth of a whole new trend.

El Jefe Design’s ‘Never Let You Down’ – The Gaslight Anthem poster on sale info

With the screenprint world being mostly dominated by alternative movie posters, its great to see a piece from the music world, where the foundations of the scene were laid.

Established in 2005 outside of Washington, DC, El Jefe Design have produced artwork for some of the best bands around, and notably some of my favourites, including The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner and Foo Fighters among many, many more.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th of December, at 12 noon EST, El Jefe Design will be releasing via their store a very limited number of their hugely popular ‘Never Let You Down’ screenprint which originally sold out at the Hurricane Sandy relief benefit concert.

Based on The Gaslight Anthems ‘Here Comes My Man’ (my favourite GLA song, FYI) the design is poignant and seeped in pathos. It is a gorgeous piece of art which also features lyrics from the song relevant to the cause it was produced in aid of.

The Gaslight Anthem ‘Never Let You Down’ by El Jefe Design, Red edition

The screenprint was created in conjunction with The Gaslight Anthem specifically to help victims of Hurricane Sandy in their home state of New Jersey. 100% of the proceeds from the initial sold out run of 500 prints was split equally between Rebuild Recover and Architecture For Humanity’s ‘Rebuild Seaside Pier’ effort.

There was also a ‘Green’ open edition of the poster as well as a T-shirt, both produced by El Jefe Designs, which you can still purchase from Infinite Merch.

The Gaslight Anthem ‘Never Let You Down’ by El Jefe Design, Green open edition

The Gaslight Anthem – Boardwalk Ferris Wheel Sandy Relief Men’s T-Shirt by El Jefe Design

Head on over to El Jefe Design’s online store tomorrow in time for the 12 noon EST drop.

Scoot on over to their website too, to have a gander at some of the other amazing work they have produced. You can also follow El Jefe Design on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Awesome Merchandise’s Awesome Christmas Jumper Competition

Everybody loves a Christmas giveaway and the team at Awesome Merchandise have been running a whole lot of them with their Awesome Advent giveaways. Over on their Blog today, Awesome Merchandise have just launched Awesome Advent 4, giving you the chance to take home one of 40 brilliant Christmas jumpers from a choice of THREE designs from Kristyna Baczynski, Drew Millward and Kate Prior, ( L-R in the picture below).


In order to win, Awesome Merchandise want you to send in a picture explaining why you think Christmas is AWESOME!

This is NOT a design comp and the pictures will not be reused for anything. You don’t have to be good at art. You don’t even have to like art. Entries will be judged on the best reasons why you think Christmas is awesome… if you happen to be good at art too, then that’s a bonus. I want you to be as creative/interesting/funny/sentimental/festive as you want! It’s a blank canvas – go bananas! As long as it can be e-mailed to me, you can do a charcoal drawing or even get the finger-paints out. Use Photoshop/Illustrator, whatever you want



In there own words, here’s what you need to do to enter;
• Draw/create/design a picture explaining why ‘Christmas is Awesome.’
• E-mail it to along with your name and where you’re from (low res is fine, no 30mb files please!).
• Awesome Merchandise will post every entry into a Facebook gallery for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
• Sit back, have a mince pie and hope you win!

The designs themselves look great and I would certainly love one of these. In an age where garishly hideous Xmas jumpers are the trend, it’s nice to see some Xmas jumpers with genuinely good design. Try picking jumpers as good as this up in Wallmart or Primark!




So there you have it! What are you waiting for? I will be sending in my charcoal sketch straight away! Awesome Merchandise are good people and offer brilliant design and printing services. I have used them in the past for t-shirts, stickers and posters for bands I have played in and always been overjoyed with the work they have produced. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to see if you are one of the lucky competition winners and for more of their awesome deals!

Have you got a DIRTYFACE? You should check out their t-shirts!

While in Sheffield earlier I popped into the Millennium Galleries gift shop (If you are ever in the city, do pop in) and came across a few cool t-shirts. Looking at the tags, I noticed that they were all by Dirtyface. Impressed by their fantastic, qwerky designs and the high quality finish and tags, I decided to check out their website and share it with you guys.


As it says on their site, Dirtyface

“have an esteemed, global network of talent at our fingertips. We work with artists at the forefront of their discipline.”

T-shirts cost from £10 – £25, which is a great price for such an excellent opportunity to get hold of this calibre of unique and limited pieces of clothing. You won’t find these hanging on a rack in Top-Shop. I’m a huge fan of outlets such as this and the equally as amazing Threadless for that very reason.


Dirtyface also currently have a very limited t-shirt by the excellent Kyle Hughes-Odgers, one of Australia’s leading young visual artists.


If you’re interested in providing designs for Dirtyface you can also contact them at As well as their website, be sure to follow Dirtyface on Twitter.

Dark Bunny Tees ‘Die Hard’ inspired Christmas sweater available to order now!

I think it’s fair to say that Die Hard is the best Christmas movie. I’m not willing to budge on that. Sure, there are others that are great, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Jingle All The Way, but Die Hard takes the crown.
To celebrate the festive season, Dark Bunny Tees have this amazing Die Hard inspired Christmas sweater now available to order. I love it. I think you will too!


Dark Bunny Tees have a whole fantastic range of movie inspired and officially licensed t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters. Head on over to their website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook for more great items.
You can also follow Cult Collective on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too!

Drew Millward ‘Paper Tigers’ shirts and sweaters now available to PRE-ORDER

Drew Millward has knocked it out of the park with his ‘Paper Tigers’ t-shirts and sweaters. You better hurry though, they are only available to pre-order through his big cartel site until Monday!

The t-shirts are priced at £20.00 and feature an orange discharge print on high quality Gildan Premium black shirts with an embroided tag on the hem.


The sweaters are priced at £35.00, feature a discharge print on high quality heather black sweatshirts and an embroided tag on the hem.


These items are for pre-order and will be shipped out once production is complete. As well as catching Drew at this years Thought Bubble Festival, you can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates on his other cool prints and stuff.