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Doaly Beckon’s The Age Of Ultron!

Yesterday saw the trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron burst online and as a result, the interweb starting screaming in excitement. Age Of Ultron certainly looks like an exciting movie and superhero fans were salivating at teases of the ‘Hulkbuster’ Iron Man armour as well as plenty of conflict between Captain America, Thor the rest of the team. Viewers were even treated to glimpses at new characters to the Marvel cinematic world, Quiksilver and Scarlet Witch as well as the reassurance that Nick Fury was still around to support. Noticeably absent was The Vision, Paul Bettany’s step up from voicing Tony Stark’s household security system to full on Avenger status seems to be under lock and key at the moment..

In honour of the darker, sinister tone of the movie, British artist Doaly has cooked up this rather tasty Avengers: Age Of Ultron poster, just for a bit of fun. Take a look!


Avengers Age of Ultron Doaly Poster


Doaly’s poster playfully riffs on the song hauntingly crooned by James Spader’s menacing Ultron throughout the trailer and features the villain standing atop a broken and beaten Avengers.

You can keep up to date with Doaly’s work by following him on his website, Twitter Facebook and pick up his work over at his shop


The Horror Art Of Matthew Therrien Will Give You The Heebies Geebies!

The name seems to have sprung out of nowhere. A few weeks ago I had never heard of Matthew Therrien, but now it seems he is all over the place. With an EC inspired comic inspired Kickstarter in the works, a Manborg comic book under his belt and producing artwork for the upcoming horror documentary Why Horror? it seems to be a really great time to be Matthew. It is also a great time for art fans, especially if you are of the horror movie variety.

You see Matthew really likes his horror movies and being a horror fan myself I can relate to that. Alas I do not possess the awesome artistic skills that Matthew has in sharing his love of horror to the world via his art. Here is a brief example of his work, but do not worry there is much more to come.

matthew therrien art halloween

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Are Your Wallets Ready For Gallery 1988’s Joss Whedon Art Tribute Show?

Joss Whedon is the king of cult t.v. His shows have trailblazed their way across genres and demographics, creating characters you can identify with despite their fantastical situations and environments. Not to do the bloke a disservice, his movies have been bloody great, too!

This is something that those pop culture art pioneers at Gallery 1988 obviously understand as their latest show is dedicated solely to the work by the great man himself. “A Joss Whedon Art Tribute” opens this Friday, September the 5th, at G1988 (West), 7-10 PM. Read on for more info and a few previews!


100% Soft100% Soft
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“Say My Name!”; ‘Walter White’ And ‘Thanos’ By The Villainous Michael Latimer On Sale Now!

It’s no secret that here at Cult Collective we are big fans of Lowercase Industry’s Michael Latimer. Being from down’t road, it feels great to support local fella’s!

Michael has just released two fantastic new original pieces in his trademark spraypaint and acrylic style paying tribute to everyone’s favourite meth cook, Walter White and the dastardly Thanos.

Walter White 15 x 22 inch hand painted, hand sprayed originals on heavyweight luxury300gsm watercolour paper with acrylics and spraypaint, Each one is unique. Run of 20, signed and numbered. £55 shipped worldwide



Thanos 2 15 x 22 inch hand painted, hand sprayed originals on heavyweight luxury300gsm watercolour paper with acrylics and spraypaint, Each one is unique. Run of 20, signed and numbered, £55 shipped worldwide.



Trust me, Michaels artwork looks truly stunning in real life. Being hand sprayed using stencils each piece is different and the acrylic adds a unique texture that even surpasses a screen print. Head on over to Lowercase Industry to pick up yours NOW!