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Along With A Brand New Website, The Poster Posse Launches Their Official Collaboration With Disney Animation For “BIG HERO 6″‏

Last week Cult Collective were not the only ones to launch a brand new website. The Poster Posse launched their own dedicated website alongside their latest project, and official collaboration with Disney to celebrate their upcoming animation Big Hero 6.

Inspired by the Marvel Comics series created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in the late 90’s, Big Hero 6 follows in the footsteps of Disney and Marvel’s other recent super hero team movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy as another example of how the mouse house are putting faith into lesser known Marvel characters.
Check out some of the great posters that the Poster Posse have created!

Sharm Murugiah Big Hero 6
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Blurppy Go “Interstellar” For The Latest Project From The Poster Posse!

Poster Posse, the supremely talented troupe brought together by Blurppy, are know for their projects dedicated to producing loving pieces of art for upcoming movies or fan favourites. This month the Posse have dedicated their skills to producing posters for the upcoming movie Interstellar from former architect of the Bat-Verse, Christopher Nolan.

We have collected a selection of the pieces from the project along with links to the artists Twitter so you can tell them how ace they are! Have a peak at just a few we have picked out!

Ben Mcleod


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Indie Spotlight: Discover The Film Posters And Art Of Ben McLeod

As we continue our journey into independent U.K based artists and designers, today we feature Ben McLeod from Manchester, England. Recently featuring in Hero Complex Gallery’s Jaws exhibition, “Smile, you son of a Bitch!”. As part of Blurppy’s illustrious Poster Posse, Ben has also recently featured issue 6 of Ink and Arrows magazine talking about his inspiration, work and what keeps him motivated. Ink and Arrows is a great magazine that you really should pick up!

X Men Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past by Ben McLeod

When I look at the work produced by artists, it always brings a smile to my face when they produce posters for things I enjoy. Yesterday in our piece on Thomas Walker, we discussed how it’s great to see artists who don’t shy away from producing pieces based on novels. It’s great to see that Ben also produces some fantastic designs based on some of literature’s greatest, including my all time favourite, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Ben McLeod

Ben doesn’t seem to be afraid to make off the wall choices in his poster design’s either, having created posters for Ruby Sparks, which was one of my personal favourite movies of last year!

Ruby SparksRuby Spark by Ben McLeod

Ben was kind enough to share with us a bit about himself and details about his inspiration and how he works:

My style and way of working is influenced heavily by great American designers like Saul Bass and Paul Rand. I get inspiration from everywhere though, from Russian and Polish poster design from the constructivist movement, Bauhaus, de Stijl. I’m a huge fan of Basquiat, Warhol, Braque and Picasso to name a few. As difficult as it can be to do good work at times, nobody can say they are uninspired. My work is influenced by all of these things, it is also important to me in my work to not over polish an image. I find it satisfying to decide an image is complete when it neither overworked not underworked. I like it to be slightly rough around the edges, literally! To have textures and lines slightly overlap where they shouldn’t, to have colours bleed over onto other elements of the image, that is what interests me. Sometimes letting elements fall on the canvas and stay where they fall, let chance and randomness play a part in the image. Don’t be too precious but at the same time don’t let it run away with itself.

12 Years a slave12 Years A Slave – Ben McLeod

In the past year or so I have combined my love of film and illustration and turned my hand to designing alternative film posters. I was lucky enough to get approached by Blurppy.com and asked to be a member of the Poster Posse, a group of artists and designers who have a passion and a flair for alternative film posters. And with the hard work, help and support of our illustrious leader Don (I hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning him!), we have been going from strength to strength, some of us were recently approached by 20th Century FOX to have our work used in a special edition DVD of the new X Men film, others had the opportunity to show their Godzilla posters at the LA premier of the new film. And these aren’t the only perks of being involved with the group, we have a great comradery. Looking to each other for advice and tips and support and so on, it’s been a real pleasure to be involved!
I was involved with an Australian independent film earlier this year which has had the honour of being shown at various film festivals around the world. This is something I hope to do more of in the future, get more heavily involved in film from pre production through to release, and be a part of that world.

Jaws Ben McLeod

“Blood In The Water” by Ben McLeod

Limited Edition Giclee of 35

Available from Hero Complex Gallery

You can pick up some of Ben’s work over on his Society6 store or by contacting him directly if you live in the U.K. To keep topside of all of Ben’s latest work, be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook and check out his website for more awesome designs!