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Along With A Brand New Website, The Poster Posse Launches Their Official Collaboration With Disney Animation For “BIG HERO 6″‏

Last week Cult Collective were not the only ones to launch a brand new website. The Poster Posse launched their own dedicated website alongside their latest project, and official collaboration with Disney to celebrate their upcoming animation Big Hero 6.

Inspired by the Marvel Comics series created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in the late 90’s, Big Hero 6 follows in the footsteps of Disney and Marvel’s other recent super hero team movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy as another example of how the mouse house are putting faith into lesser known Marvel characters.
Check out some of the great posters that the Poster Posse have created!

Sharm Murugiah Big Hero 6
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Castle Galleries Release Amazing New Batman And Superman DC Comics Art By Superstar Artist Alex Ross

It’s not often we write about high street art galleries here at Cult Collective but this latest release was so exciting, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share.


Castle Galleries, the UK’s leading group of high street art galleries, have just released a series of artwork for DC Comics flagship heroes Batman and Superman by legendary comic artist Alex Ross. Continue reading

Matt Ferguson Reveals His Totally Triumphant Glow In The Dark Posters, On Sale This Thursday. YES WAY!

Last week we posted about Matt Ferguson’s upcoming glow in the dark print inspired by Scott Snyder’s adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel, Watchmen with the promise that there was more to come. Xombie Dirge have now revealed two more prints in Matt’s latest glow in the dark series including a piece inspired by Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

Party On Dudes by Matt Feguson


Party on Dudes Glow In The Dark Layer

“Party On Dudes!” by Matt Ferguson

“16 x “20 Edition of 50

Matt will be releasing both “Party On Dudes!” and “I Have Seen It’s True Face” along with a small number of artist proof’s of his Dr. Who print “Mad Man With a Box”. Every piece will be a 16” X 20” Glow in the dark screen print and available some time on Thursday, May 22nd 2014 at Matt’s Online Store at £25.


I have seen its true face Matt Ferguson


I Have Seen Its True Face Matt Ferguson Glow In Dark

“I Have Seen Its True Face” by Matt Ferguson

16” X 20”, Glow In The Dark Screen Print, Signed and Numbered Edition of 75

As ever, Matt has gone to extraordinary lengths with the level of detail and likenesses, a must for any Watchmen Fan. The title of the piece, “I Have Seen Its True Face”, is a reference to Rorschach’s October 12th 1985 journal entry and dialogue from the movie. These pieces all feature over at Xombie Dirge where you can also see more close up and detail pics of the pieces. You should really head over there now and have a look!

Mad man with a box

Mad man with a box GIDMad Man With a Box”

16″ x 20″ S/N limited AP edition

Keep tabs on Matt’s  Twitter for the official on sale announcement this Thursday but n the meantime you can pay a visit to his Facebook and his Website for more of his fantastic work. When the piece goes on sale, it will be available through Matt’s Online Store.

Check Out This Glow In The Dark Watchmen Tribute, “I Have Seen Its True Face”, By Matt Ferguson

Widely regarded as one of the best fictional stories of all time, let alone comic, Alan Moore’s Watchmen had a long and arduous journey finding its way to screen. When it was announced that Scott Snyder would be the man charged with adapting the “un-filmable” masterpiece the internet was, it is fair to say, divided. While the finished product still causes many a heated debate, I still feel that Snyder’s Watchmen is a brilliant movie, especially the ‘ultimate’ cut, and a fantastic adaption.

Matt Ferguson of Cakes and Comics certainly seems to have a soft spot for the movie and has produced this great piece titled “I Have Seen Its True Face”. The ever excellent Xombie Dirge picked up the exclusive where you can also see some great detail shots.

I have seen its true face Matt Ferguson

“I Have Seen Its True Face” by Matt Ferguson

16” X 20”, Glow In The Dark Screen Print, Signed and Numbered Edition of 75

This piece will form the first of three in a GLOW IN THE DARK series which Xombie Dirge will be bringing you more details of come May the 26th as well as the on sale details. Keep your eyes peeled over there on that date but in the meantime, check out their other fantastic entries!

Here is that glow in the dark layer.

I Have Seen Its True Face Matt Ferguson Glow In Dark

As ever, Matt has gone to extraordinary lengths with the level of detail and likenesses, a must for any Watchmen Fan. The title of the piece, “I Have Seen Its True Face”, is a reference to Rorschach’s October 12th 1985 journal entry and dialogue from the movie.

Watchmen Detail 2

Watchmen Detail

Keep tabs on Matt’s work by following him on Twitter, Facebook and his Website. When the piece goes on sale, it will be available through Matt’s Online Store.

Matt Ferguson’s Latest Screen Print Introduces Us To The Galaxy’s Biggest A-Holes, “You’re Welcome”!

Don’t you just hate it when one of your favourite artists takes months between releasing new prints? Well thankfully that isn’t the case with Matt Ferguson, easily the U.K’s most productive pop culture artist!

Matt’s latest screen print, “You’re Welcome”, focuses on the Galaxy’s biggest A-Holes and measures in at a wall pleasing 24″x36″. This  4 colour screen print is on sale as a timed edition until 10pm of Sunday the 13th of April, so be quick and head on over to Matt’s online store now!

Matt Ferguson Guardians of the Galaxy You're WelcomeMatt Ferguson – “You’re Welcome”

Keep track of Matt Ferguson and all of his work by following him on Twitter and Facebook. Shoot over to his Website too for a gander at his whole portfolio of work.

British Artist Matt Taylor Chats To Cult Collective About His ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Poster, Mondo And More!

Over the past few years there have been a number of British artists who have found acclaim on the US pop culture art scene. Jock, Olly Moss, Adam Simpson, Matt Ferguson and Matt Taylor, to name a few, have all succeeded across the Atlantic. Much like with comics in the mid 90’s, there seems to be an appetite for our particular breed of artistic talent.

Sussex based illustrator and designer Matt Taylor has a particular eye for Americana inspired illustrations reminiscent of the classic comic book art of the fifties and sixties, which may go some way to explaining his popularity. Last week Matt had another excellent poster released through Mondo for the Oscar nominated Dallas Buyers Club, which was another successful sell out!

Matt kindly took time out to chat to us here at Cult Collective about his inspiration, style and process as well as his thoughts on the UK pop art scene.

Matt Taylor Dallas Buyers Club Mondo

Dallas Buyers Club Poster by Matt Taylor.

Your artwork is very bold, colourful and eye catching, What was your inspiration when you were first developing your style?

I’ve been illustrating professionally for about twelve years now, so my current style is an accumulation of the influences that have shaped me as an artist. Early on in my career I was focused on doing very comic book style work – pen and ink outlines and palettes that used every color available. I wasn’t really happy with the kind of work I was doing or the clients I was reaching, so I decided to strip back my work to a simpler and bolder style (influnced by guys like Paul Blow, whose art was very influential to me). I lost the majority of my clients, but I stuck at it because I was so much happier with the work i was doing and slowly the work started to roll back in again. I was looking at lots of screen print artists like The Small Stakes and was really impressed with how much they could do with so little color, and so I tried to emulate that.
You have produced a couple of really well received pieces for Mondo now, Brick and Dallas Buyers Club, when you first start working on a movie poster, how do you choose what you wish to capture?
If I can i’ll watch the movie and just see what speaks to me the most. Sometimes it will be a specific scene, sometimes more the mood, usually a combination of the two. While I watch i scribble notes and doodle ideas and then it’s just a case of drawing them on the computer to see what’s working best.

Brick Mondo Matt Taylor

Brick – Mondo

Having produced artwork for comic book’s (Image Comic’s Zero), novels ( Penguin’s John leCarre series), gallery pieces, including both Gallery 1988 and Mondo, as well as a number of magazine and editorial illustrations, what would you say is your favourite medium and where would you like to take your artwork next?

I think book covers and movie posters are my favorite mediums to work with, because they usually require a single strong image to work, and they have to sell the idea and the tone imediately to the viewer. I was lucky enough at my last ‘day job’ before i went self employed to work on illustrations that were used on just about everything from drinks cans to snowboards. Honestly i’m just happy to be paid to draw for a living, so i’ll put my art on just about anything that is sent my way. That said, I have really enjoyed my baby steps into comic art and there are definitely more comics on the horizon. I’m aiming to split my time between commercial illustration and comics over the next twelve months.

Are there any in particular movies that you would love to produce a poster or piece of artwork for?

Top of my wish list at the moment would be: Almost Famous, The Brothers Bloom, Planet of the Apes, and Dazed and Confused.

Breaking Bad Matt Taylor Gallery 1988Breaking Bad Artwork produced for AMC / Gallery 1988 to coincide with the premiere of season five

There have recently been a number of British artists breaking through in the states such as yourself, Jock, Olly Moss, Matt Ferguson and Adam Simpson. Being a fellow Brit, what are your thoughts on the UK pop art scene and do you think there is scope for it to become as popular over here as it is in the states with the likes of Mondo and Gallery 1988?

I’m so new to this ‘scene’ that I dont really feel qualified to comment, but there’s definitely a growth in popularity happening. I was at Thought Bubble in Leeds last November and the queue for Olly, Jock and Mondo started the night before the convention and ran around the side of the building they were in, so i think that’s a good indication. Most of the work that i’ve been offered has come from the US, but there are people like 5 Reel Film who are doing some interesting things in the UK, so it will be good to see the scene grow.


Princess Mononoke Inspired screen print produced for Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult exhibition

So, what’s next on the cards for yourself that you are able to share with us?

More drawing. Most of my time is taken up with illustration jobs – book covers, magazine editorials, etc – but there’s some more things in the pipeline with Mondo (including one which is about my favorite thing i have drawn). I hope everyone else likes it that much too.

One thing is clear, Matt is a focused guy and is passionate about the work that he produces. I have to admit, it would be great to see Matt round out a Rian Johnson trilogy with pieces for both Brothers Bloom & Looper. As a comics reader, it’s also great to see that Matt will steadily be increasing his work in that medium, too.
For more of Matt Taylor’s work and to keep up to date with future projects, check out his Website and drop him a follow on Twitter.

One-Shot Gallery Celebrate The Rogues With ‘Great Villains of Gotham: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot’ Opening Feb 1st!

Here at Cult Collective, we seem to share a passion with One-Shot Gallery, a love of comics and the characters who bring them to life. Chiefly, the villains and rogues!

One-Shot describe themselves as a micro-gallery that exhibits original contemporary art and prints inspired by and celebrating the aesthetics, characters, and themes of comic books and original graphic novels.

On February the 1st, One-Shot will launch their first gallery show ‘Great Villains of Gotham: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot’ at their exhibit space at St. Mark’s Comics, New York. All art from the show will be available to buy from their Online Shop straight after the exhibit opens.

James White

GREAT VILLAINS OF GOTHAM: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot

A great city demands a better class of criminal and Batman’s backyard does not disappoint.  Whether you’re looking for a cat, a croc or a portly penguin; crazy funny, crazy with fear or just crazy for hats; freeze rays or flamethrowers; trick coins or tricky riddles; men that are bats, men made of muck or men that just won’t die; Gotham has them all.  It’s got tree huggers and back breakers and every breed of baddie in between.  This show aims to give these devils their due, a spotlight on the dark minds forever thwarted by a dark knight.

Take a look at some of the pieces that you can check out at the gallery and what will be available to purchase.

After , One-Shot already have their next two galleries planned; ‘From Spawn To Saga: Image Comics at 22’ an exhibit celebrating books published by Image Comics, past and present. This exhibit will feature art by Daisy Church, Jim Doran, Steve Dressler, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Damon O’Keefe, James Jirat Patradoon, Robotsoda, Blake Wheeler, Pam Wishbow and Chris Yee. Then there is ‘Daughters Of The Atom: Women Who Wear X’, a show dedicated to the uncanny x-women that get the job done and hold the team together, day in and day out featuring art by Jason Chalker, Daisy Church, Steve Dressler, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Ashley Fisher, Zach Koch, Damon O’Keefe, James Jirat Patradoon, Celeste Pille, Robotsoda, Israel Sanchez, Bennett Slater and Pam Wishbow.

Keep up to date with One-Shot Gallery by following their Website and Facebook page!

Francesco Francavilla teases the funkiest comic we will never see; ‘Batman 1972’

It’s fair to say that Francesco Francavilla is the modern master of pulp illustration. From his work on Batman, Twilight Zone and The Black Beetle comics to the excellent posters he produces for Mondo, Francavilla always manages to capture a unique tone.

recently on his blog, Francavilla posted these amazing pieces of work for Batman 1972, quite possibly the funkiest comic we will never see!

Featuring pulp 1970’s renditions of Batman and some of his rogues; The Joker, Catwoman and The Riddler as well as Commissioner Gordon and a pretty badass looking Batmobile muscle car, the art artfully gleefully embraces the style of the era. Perhaps DC Comics should take note. After all, Marvel did quite well with their excellent Noir series a couple of years ago.

Francesco Francavilla is prolific to say the least and is known for producing art for fun. Just look at the great pieces he produced on a weekly basis for the final season of Breaking Bad.

Keep up to date with the work of Francesco Francavilla by checking out his Twitter page as well as his blog and website.

“Who Ya Gonna Call?” Sony prep for ‘Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversary with a dedicated Gallery 1988 show

I have said it many times on here, Ghostbusters is my favourite film of all time. Period. With 2014 being the 30th anniversary of the first movie (which is actually two years older than me!), I assumed that Sony would have some exciting plans lined up to celebrate.

Well, over the past few days a number of sources have leaked various bits of information confirming that there are indeed some 30th anniversary plans.Total Licensing’s website License Global have reported that Sony Pictures has struck up an exciting deal with Gallery 1988 to create a traveling art show that will feature top artists’ interpretations of Ghostbusters over the last 30 years. Gallery 1988 will be producing licensed limited edition screen prints and posters available during each stop of the tour, culminating in July at San Diego Comic-Con.

Here’s what Greg Economos, senior vice president, global consumer products, Sony Pictures Entertainment had to say;

“This franchise is very important to the studio, and we wanted to give fans new and exciting ways to participate,” “Ghostbusters continues to gain fans and recognition year after year, and we are thrilled to extend the brand through products and events to celebrate this milestone event.”

This is brilliant news. Silkscreen movie poster collectors have been crying out for a great Ghostbusters print for years with no one quite managing to nail ‘The One’. Gallery 1988, however, have a long history of producing great Ghostbusters art pieces and also, whether officially or not, seem to be the only gallery who have produced art with character likeness’. A couple of great examples are the amazing sold out pieces by Sam Gilbey, “Dogs and Cats living together”, and “Who Ya Gonna Call” by Ben Buchet which were produced for ‘Crazy 4 Cult 7’ this year.


It has also been announced that Sony have agreed a number of further Ghostbusters licenses for toys, games, clothing, games and collectibles with the likes of Mattel, Mad Engine, IDW Publishing and Titan Figures. Personally, I am really looking forwar to seeing some more great Ghostbusters toys. The Real Ghostbusters line shaped my childhood and I still have the Venkman and Stay Puft figures on my office desk now!


So who would you most like to produce a Ghostbusters silkscreen movie poster? Which other artists would you like to see featured in Gallery 1988’s shows? Personally, I would love to see a Real Ghostbusters animated series print. Discuss below and we will keep you up to date as we get more news.

In the meantime, while we all wait with baited breath, be sure to follow Gallery 1988 on Twitter for more announcements.

Batman Black and White issue 3 with Olly Moss cover on sale today

A little while ago Olly Moss posted some teasing pics on his Instagram and Twitter feed of a Batman piece he was working on. Later DC Comics announced that this was the cover to Batman Black and White Issue 3. Said issue is on sale today and the cover looks great.


Batman Black and White is renowned for featuring eclectic stories by some of comics top talent as well as covers by the industries top artists. Issue 3 is no different, featuring stories by Lee Bermejo, Marv Wolfman and Riccardo Burchielli, Rian Hughes, Damion Scott and Paul Dini and Stephane Roux. The bumper 48 page Batman Black and White issue 3 is on sale today at £4.15 or $4.99. Why not check out your local independent store for a copy, such as O.K Comics in Leeds?