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Olly Moss announces ‘Silhouettes from Popular Culture’ Special Limited Edition with unique Papercuts!

Last year Olly Moss released the brilliant Silhouettes from Popular Culture, a hardback book comprised of a selection of pieces from his Gallery 1988 Papercuts show. For a while Olly planned to do a special edition of the book and even went as far as showing me a prototype that he had at last years Thought Bubble featuring Peter Venkman of Ghostbusters on the cover.


Well it looks as if Olly has now cracked on and produced that Special Edition. Limited to 250 copies, 50 of which will be available at Thought Bubble this year, this special edition will also feature one very special, individual papercut per copy. Some of these papercuts will even be one of a kinds, much like his original show! Olly has even gone as far to use the same laser cutter as the original pieces.

Take a look at the possible papercuts that may be included that Olly posted over at Expressobeans.


Olly expects the book to cost around £60 and has not yet released information about how else the book will be made available. For more information on that, make sure you follow Olly on Twitter!