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Are Your Wallets Ready For Gallery 1988’s Joss Whedon Art Tribute Show?

Joss Whedon is the king of cult t.v. His shows have trailblazed their way across genres and demographics, creating characters you can identify with despite their fantastical situations and environments. Not to do the bloke a disservice, his movies have been bloody great, too!

This is something that those pop culture art pioneers at Gallery 1988 obviously understand as their latest show is dedicated solely to the work by the great man himself. “A Joss Whedon Art Tribute” opens this Friday, September the 5th, at G1988 (West), 7-10 PM. Read on for more info and a few previews!


100% Soft100% Soft
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Joey Spiotto And Gallery1988 Present “Storytime” A Little Gallery Show Opening Tonight

Over their past few gallery shows, Gallery1988 have featured the cute and nostalgic work of artist Joey Spiotto. With his work having become increasingly popular, Gallery1988 East will tonight open “Storytime”, Joey’s debut solo show. “Storytime” will feature almost 50 new pieces inspired by his favourite movies, TV shows, musicians and video games, all done in the cute style of children’s book covers and classic vinyl covers.

Joey will be in attendance at the gallery opening reception tonight at Gallery 1988 East L.A and the show will run through August 16th. Take a look at a few pieces from the show below and see if you can guess which shows, movies or games inspired them.



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San Diego Comic Con Poster And Art Round Up: Jock, Olly Moss, Scott C, Laurent Durieux, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guillermo Del Toro, Mondo AND MORE!

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and if, like me, you are sat at home swelling with jealousy, here is a choice selection of what those lucky, lucky nerds will be able to pick up this weekend.

As you would expect, Mondo are basically owning the con from a poster perspective, and with good reason. Having already released their plans for a toy line last week, which you can see at SDCC, Mondo are slowly releasing a series of awesome posters including this fantastic poster for Pans Labyrinth which Jock and Guillermo Del Toro teamed up at the Mondo booth to sign!

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Jeff Boyes Presents ‘The Art Of Character’ For Gallery1988

This Friday Gallery1988 is proud to open “The Art of Character,” a new solo show from artist Jeff Boyes. Over the past 10 years Jeff has developed an illustration style that shows his heritage in lino-cuts and screen prints with his prints having a lot of similar line-work to lino-cut prints but with the bright bold colours of a screen print.


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Scott C Announces ‘Revenge Of The Great Showdowns’ Exhibit At Gallery1988

It’s fair to say that Scott C’s ‘The Great Showdowns’ are pretty popular. Having already spawned two awesome books and numerous galleries, Scott’s style is simple, unique, fun and yet completely inimitable. Recently Scott did an amazing piece based on AMC’s Breaking Bad called “Upon The Mount” which featured on Talking Bad and sold out minutes after it went on sale.

Scott C and Gallery 1988 have since announced via Twitter the next in The Great Showdown galleries, “Revenge Of The Great Showdowns”

Revenge of the great showdowns

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Strange Kids Club To Release An Awesome New T-Shirt Inspired By New Yorks Finest Paranormal investigating, Spook-Bothering Scientists By Matthew Doyle

Those cosmonauts of pop culture nostalgia, Strange Kids Club, are proud to reveal the first of two limited edition apparel designs inspired by cinematic milestones from the 1980s. Showcasing custom graphics that playfully capture each film in a distinctly offbeat manner, the first t-shirt design, Something Strangefeatures the work of Matthew “Raw Meat” Doyle and will be available for pre-order beginning June 5 at 10:00am CST through June 13th via the Strange Kids Club Online Store.

Something Strange Deatil


Something strange T-Shirt

With the timed release running until Friday June the 13th, their is plenty of time to get your hands on this wonderfully fun t-shirt which will be printed on 100% cotton Gildan shirts (unisex) and will cost $23.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with two very dynamic artists for what is essentially our first clothing line release,” says Strange Kids Club Editor-in-Chief Rondal Scott. “More than that we get to celebrate, in our own unique way, a pair of films that continue to inspire an entire generation of fans.”
Something Strange.
So, if you are fan of a certain band of ghoul bustin’ New Yorkers, you may want to head over to the Strange Kids Club Online Store from Thursday June the 5th. Make sure you follow the guys over on Twitter and Facebook and check out some other cool items you can pick yourself up on their store!


Gallery1988 Answer Our Prayers And Get Set To Release Scott C’s ‘Ghostbusterland’ As A Timed Edition

Ever since Gallery1988 announced their plans to hold a Ghostbusters 30th anniversay gallery, we hoped and prayed that there would be a piece by Scott C. Then came the news of the full line up and low and behold, Scott C was up there.

When the reveal came, “Ghostbusterland” was everything we could hope for. Featuring many characters, both main and background, from the film, “Ghostbusterland” paid fantastic homage to my favourite movie using Scott’s inimitable style.

No word came on how many prints would be available and everything went a bit dark. Today Gallery1988 have finally revealed their plans via Twitter!

Scott C -“Ghostbusterland”

From the stroke of midnight (EST) / 9 PM (PST) Tuesday, May 27th until Friday night, May 30th at midnight (EST) / 9 PM PST “Ghostbusterland” will be sold as a Timed Release, meaning everyone will have 72 hours to get their hands on it. Once that timeframe is over, this piece will NEVER again be be made available, well, with the exception of ludicrously expensive copies on ebay.

“Ghostbusterland” will be produced as a 16×20 inch, archival ink giclee will come signed and numbered at $70 each and the edition size will be determined by the amount sold during the release.

Personally, I am over the moon that this will be a timed edition. Scott C pieces are notoriously hard to come by and the Gallery1988 Ghostbusters have all sold out quick sharp. This way everyone that wants to get a piece will have the opportunity. Mine will be straight to the front of the framing queue!

Jason Marz

Rich Kelly

Gallery1988 have also revealed a couple of other new pieces for the L.A leg of the show including a great comic panel style piece by Matthew Skiff as well as pieces by Jason Marz and Oliver Barrett. The traveling Ghostbusters gallery show will open at the Los Angeles, West site this Saturday, from 7-10 PM and run. daily from 11-6 PM (Closed Mondays & Tuesday) through to June 1st and will feature over 70 artists who have all passionately created paintings, prints, sculptures, plush and limited edition apparel, all in celebration of Ghostbusters celebrating the big 3-0.

Matthew Skiff

Oliver Barrett

“Ghostbusterland” will be available from www.Ghostbusters30th.com next Tuesday! Make sure you take time to have a look at some of the other pieces from the show and follow Gallery1988 on Twitter. More information can also be found on their Tumblr

Gallery1988 Rap About Jay Shells Latest Gallery Show Opening Tonight

Rap music certainly seems to be engrained in the culture of Gallery1988, co founder Jensen Karp himself used to battle rap under the moniker ‘Hot Karl’ and for a while was signed to Interscope Records. It’s great to see Gallery1988 embracing the culture and have announced it’s newest exhibit, the first Rap Signs show from NY artist Jay Shells. Jay Shells is a street artist who has been featured on The Huffington Post, Complex, Vice in the LA Times, by the Associated Press and within 100’s of other outlets. He picks his favorite hip-hop lyrics that mention street intersections, produces them as official street signs, then places them at the referenced location. If you don’t know about Jay’s prolific work, check out this video:

With over 100 signs being exhibited featuring lyrics by some of the genre’s greatest artist, this event will be truly unique. These signs, and photos of them in their surroundings, will be available for the first time ever with 50 from the East Coast and 50 West Coast.

Rap Signs MCA

Rap Signs Jay Z

Rap Signs Kanye West


To make the event even more exciting, Gallery1988 have also announced that rapper Murs, whose lyrics are quoted by Jay for the project, will be hosting the opening reception at G1988 (East) on Friday night from 7-10 PM and will also have a DJ playing featured songs. This is a show you will not want to miss. There is NO RSVP needed to visit this exhibit. This show will run through May 17th at Gallery 1988 East.


Rap Signs

Rap Signs Eazy E

Rap Signs Mos Def


Follow Gallery1988 and Jay Shells on Twitter for further news, previews as well as details on an online release.

We’re Ready To Believe That Gallery1988’s ‘Ghostbusters 30th’ Gallery, Opening This Saturday, Is Going To Be Awesome

O.K, enough teasing already! Gallery1988 have finally revealed more artwork from their ‘Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Tour’ Gallery event along with how you can get your hands on some. But it won’t be easy!

We have already seen the reveals of Joshua Budich’s and Anthony Petrie’s pieces which we revealed last week, now we can feast our eyes on works by Mike Mitchell, Nicole Gustaffson and DKNG.

Ghostbusters Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell

Nicole Gustaffson Ghostbusters

Nicole Gustaffson

Ghostbusters DKNGDKNG

It’s great to see Mike Mitchell dabbling in a different style and I really hope to be able to get a copy of that one. It even comes complete with a little Mike Mitchell Skully in the centre bottom left.

It all kicks off properly in New York City THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, from 7-10 PM at 69 Leonard St., near the famous firehouse from the film.

The stour kicks off in New York City this Saturday, April 19th, from 7-10 PM at 69 Leonard St., near to the famous firehouse from the movie.

As for how to get a hold of the pieces, most of the artwork will ONLY BE AVAILABLE by attending one of the galleries in-person. A very small allotment of prints has been set aside for each city, with a smaller selection at the final Comic Con stop. Gallery1988 have promised that there will be small surprises at each stop as well.

However, a special set of commemorative series of 30th Anniversary screen prints will be made available online at ghostbusters30th.com. These will be released sporadically over the next month and will include Mike Mitchell’s poster as well as prints by Phantom City Creative, Anthony Petrie, Tom Whalen, Tara McPherson, Dan Mumford, Dave Perillo, Lora Zombie, Godmachine, Rich Kelly, Mark Englert, DKNG and Joshua Budich.

If that isn’t enough, Gallery1988 also will have very small amounts of collaborative t-shirts from LRG, Johnny Cupcakes, Homage & Rebel8 at each stop.

Ghostbusters Joshua BudichJoshua Budich

Ghostbusters Anthony PetrieAnthony Petrie


The New York Ghostbusters gallery opens SATURDAY NIGHT, April 19th, with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. We will be open everyday through April 26th, from 11-7 PM. Their next stop is Gallery1988 (West) in Los Angeles on May 17th.

To keep yourself ahead of the curve, tune in to @galleries1988 on Twitter, and their Facebook page, for more sneak previews and all other information throughout the tour.

Gallery1988 Celebrates The Book Launch Of “Movies R Fun” By Pixar Artist Josh Cooley In Style With A One Day Only Gallery Event

Gallery1988 are knocking it out of the park with their releases as of late, so it is of no real surprise that they are once again showcasing another amazing artist’s work. This time it is Pixar artist Josh Cooley’s turn in the spotlight. His new book Movies R Fun is a superb retelling of famous movies done in the style of old nursery rhyme and story books for children. You may have seen his prints floating around the internet for some time now on blogs and memes so it’s great that he can finally showcase his work through Gallery1988. The event which will be held at G1988 West in Los Angeles will showcase some of Josh pieces so if you can attend the opening on February the 22nd at 8-10pm you should scout on over there pronto. For further information click the link here.

josh cooleys movies r fun poster

Alas if like me you cannot get to this event because you are predisposed (or live in another country!) then do not despair. His book goes on sale February 25th through Amazon.com  so we can all get a piece of the action.

josh cooleys movies r fun book

Gallery1988 also has a selection of Josh’s prints for sale and they are stunning. The style is so familiar because it is something that we have all grown up with but also his spin on it and some of the adult only movie moments he turns into children’s pieces really knock you out with their originality.

josh cooleys movies r fun book alien

$25.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 11 x 8.5 inches signed, open edition.

josh cooleys movies r fun book blues brothers

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book die hard

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book donnie darko

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book jaws

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book mad max 2

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book pans labrityth

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book predator

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book pulp fiction

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

josh cooleys movies r fun book pyscho

$50.00 USD. Giclee print on archival velvet fine art paper. 19 x 13 inches signed and numbered edition of 100.

To keep up to date with all things Josh you can keep an eye on his blog here. I for one cannot wait for the book to come on sale and here is hoping it becomes a success and he can expand on the ideas he so expertly presented in the images above.