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We Catch Up With Jason Edmiston About His Great Year And Attendance At This Years Thought Bubble!

Here in the U.K, we aren’t quite as blessed with the number and size of conventions that art and comic fans can enjoy over in the United States. One shining beacon is Thought Bubble. Held annually in Leeds, Yorkshire, Thought Bubble has grown exponentially over the past few years and has recently seen a surge in the number of world renowned artists from across the globe who are attending and exhibiting at the convention, including Cult Collective favourite, Jason Edmiston.

Jason was kind enough to spare us some time to have a chat with us about his great year and his attendance at this years Thought Bubble. Read on to find out what we can look forward to seeing from Jason at this years Thought Bubble.

Jason Edmiston Joker Riddler Batgirl Batman

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Darren Rawlings Transforming Robot Artwork Rolls Out The Awesome

As a child I loved the Transformers kids t.v series. Do not get me wrong, I dabbled in Thundercats, The Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and certainly saw my fair share of Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors. But there was something about Transformers that really got me involved. I mean, transforming robots is something pretty much every child is going to dig, and the odd man children as well. Although my love of the Transformers has certainly waned in adulthood (helped in no small part by those god awful movies by Michael Bay), it has certainly not gone away. The theme tune when played today will get me singing along like crazy!

So it’s a pretty good day when you find someone who not only shares your love of the Autobot’s and Decepticon’s, but has managed to take it to the next level. Now Darren Rowlings collection of transforming robots is definitely something I would watch if it was ever transformed into a movie. Darren’s art collection is called “If They Could Transform” and looks at a wide range of fandom based vehicles and basically turns them into Transformers. This Canadian artist has created his own studio called THINKMORE, which is an outlet for numerous forms of artwork and he still manages to make these awesome pieces of art.

Below is a collection of some of my favourites from the series but you can see the full run of them here.

rawlings 89batmobile

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Florey Releases Wave 3 Of His “Happy Little Bad Guys”

From sunny Melbourne, Australia, Florey is an Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator with over ten years experience in print and corporate design as well as an integral part of Blurppy’s Poster Posse as well as producing pieces for Hero Complex Gallery. Recently Florey has been working away on his cute series, “Happy Little Bad Guys”, which he recently expanded with “Happy Big Bad Guys” featuring the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

Florey is now back with Wave 3 of the “Happy Little Bad Guys” series which features more of pop-cultures most evil bad guys just looking so damn cute!

Wave3 Florey Happy Little Bad Guys

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San Diego Comic Con Poster And Art Round Up: Jock, Olly Moss, Scott C, Laurent Durieux, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guillermo Del Toro, Mondo AND MORE!

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and if, like me, you are sat at home swelling with jealousy, here is a choice selection of what those lucky, lucky nerds will be able to pick up this weekend.

As you would expect, Mondo are basically owning the con from a poster perspective, and with good reason. Having already released their plans for a toy line last week, which you can see at SDCC, Mondo are slowly releasing a series of awesome posters including this fantastic poster for Pans Labyrinth which Jock and Guillermo Del Toro teamed up at the Mondo booth to sign!

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Florey Introduces Us To His Next Happy Bad Guy, And This Time He Is BIG!

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Florey is an Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator with over ten years experience in print and corporate design as well as an integral part of Blurppy’s Poster Posse as well as producing pieces for Hero Complex Gallery.

Recently Florey produced a really cute series title “Happy Little Bad Guys” which quickly sold out over at his online store. Florey is now back with the latest evolution of the series, and he is thinking BIG, Introducing the first print in the “Happy BIG Bad Guys” series…”Happy BIG Stay Puft”!


Happy Big Stay Puft - Reg

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Strange Kids Club Go Totally Tubular With “Turtle Kong” Their Latest Mash Up T-Shirt And Sticker Set!

What has four heads, eight arms and a gargantuan appetite for cheese, tomato sauce and sourdough? A radical, radioactive mutant named Turtle Kong! Forget the sewers-these brothers are breaking loose in one of the most “totally tubular” t-shirt releases of all time. Tomorrow, July the 17th, those cosmonauts of pop culture nostalgia, Strange Kids Club, will be releasing for pre-order their next exciting parody apparel product line, designed to give any fan a case of King Kong-sized shell shock.

Mashing up the mighty King Kong and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Strange Kids Club have revealed a limited edition, Full colour t-shirt designed by James Callahan of Barf Comics and a set of six (6) 4″ collectible Circle Jerks Stickers, inspired by some of the mightiest mutant animals this side of the sewers.

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Hero Complex Gallery Preview The Work Of Dan Shearn From This Friday’s ‘Lego Memories (Or A Man-child’s Recollection Of The 80’s Through Lego)’

A little while ago we featured the amazing work of Dan Shearn who had lovingly created a number of portraits based on 80’s cult classics in the style of Lego mini figs.

At the time we said that someone needed to give Dan his own show and it seemed Hero Complex Gallery made note as next weekend Hero they will be celebrating Dan’s work with ‘Lego Memories (or a man-child’s recollection of the 80’s through Lego).


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Gallery 1988 Announce The Next In Their ‘Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversay Online Releases, “They’re Here To Save The World” By Joshua Budich

Ever since Gallery 1988 announced back in January that they would be doing a Ghostbusters touring gallery celebrating the movies 30th anniversary, we have been excited to see each and every piece produced for the shows. The tour kicked off in New York on April the 19th before moving to L.A on May the 17th and opens in Chicago this Friday night at Rotofugi, 7pm while 10pm. Tomorrow Gallery 1988 continue with their series of online releases with a piece by Joshua Buddich, easily one of the best of the show.

Joshua Budich, one of the most humble and talented artists to emerge over the past couple of years, has produced this fantastic piece

Joshua Budich Ghostbusters

“They’re Here To Save The World” By Joshua Budich

24×36 Inch Screen Print, 150-200 Approx Online

A little while ago, Joshua was kind enough to take the time to answer a few of our questions on the piece, which impressively comes with full likeness rights by each of the key actors including the sadly departed Harold Ramis.

How did you feel when Gallery 1988 asked you to work on a Ghostbusters piece?

Ghostbusters has always been one of my favorite, and most memorable movie experiences of my childhood. I remember getting the “nod” from my parents, after they had pre-screened Ghostbusters for any questionable content, too racy or frightening for my virgin eyes. Then getting to stay up late to watch it! So, when 88 asked me to participate in this show, I of course jumped at the chance.

Your artwork is applauded and loved by fans for the character likeness and composition, how do you decide what your posters should include?

I knew going into this project that obtaining likeness sign-off from any of the actors I portrayed in the print would be a challenge. So, I had to let the composition dictate who to include, and who unfortunately had to be cut. I do this little exercise every time I create a character-based piece like this. For me, the print has to tell a story. Some parts of the film, although extremely memorable, have to be taken out.

Last year was a great one for you, where would you like this year to take you with your artwork?

Thanks so much! This year, I promised myself more personal projects. Opportunities to take more time with my work, and to reinvigorate my love for the process of creating these pieces.


The print will be released tomorrow, Thursday the 19th of June at 9am PT/ Noon ET at Gallery 1988’s dedicated Ghostbusters 30th website and make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too!

Strange Kids Club To Release An Awesome New T-Shirt Inspired By New Yorks Finest Paranormal investigating, Spook-Bothering Scientists By Matthew Doyle

Those cosmonauts of pop culture nostalgia, Strange Kids Club, are proud to reveal the first of two limited edition apparel designs inspired by cinematic milestones from the 1980s. Showcasing custom graphics that playfully capture each film in a distinctly offbeat manner, the first t-shirt design, Something Strangefeatures the work of Matthew “Raw Meat” Doyle and will be available for pre-order beginning June 5 at 10:00am CST through June 13th via the Strange Kids Club Online Store.

Something Strange Deatil


Something strange T-Shirt

With the timed release running until Friday June the 13th, their is plenty of time to get your hands on this wonderfully fun t-shirt which will be printed on 100% cotton Gildan shirts (unisex) and will cost $23.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with two very dynamic artists for what is essentially our first clothing line release,” says Strange Kids Club Editor-in-Chief Rondal Scott. “More than that we get to celebrate, in our own unique way, a pair of films that continue to inspire an entire generation of fans.”
Something Strange.
So, if you are fan of a certain band of ghoul bustin’ New Yorkers, you may want to head over to the Strange Kids Club Online Store from Thursday June the 5th. Make sure you follow the guys over on Twitter and Facebook and check out some other cool items you can pick yourself up on their store!


Gallery1988 Answer Our Prayers And Get Set To Release Scott C’s ‘Ghostbusterland’ As A Timed Edition

Ever since Gallery1988 announced their plans to hold a Ghostbusters 30th anniversay gallery, we hoped and prayed that there would be a piece by Scott C. Then came the news of the full line up and low and behold, Scott C was up there.

When the reveal came, “Ghostbusterland” was everything we could hope for. Featuring many characters, both main and background, from the film, “Ghostbusterland” paid fantastic homage to my favourite movie using Scott’s inimitable style.

No word came on how many prints would be available and everything went a bit dark. Today Gallery1988 have finally revealed their plans via Twitter!

Scott C -“Ghostbusterland”

From the stroke of midnight (EST) / 9 PM (PST) Tuesday, May 27th until Friday night, May 30th at midnight (EST) / 9 PM PST “Ghostbusterland” will be sold as a Timed Release, meaning everyone will have 72 hours to get their hands on it. Once that timeframe is over, this piece will NEVER again be be made available, well, with the exception of ludicrously expensive copies on ebay.

“Ghostbusterland” will be produced as a 16×20 inch, archival ink giclee will come signed and numbered at $70 each and the edition size will be determined by the amount sold during the release.

Personally, I am over the moon that this will be a timed edition. Scott C pieces are notoriously hard to come by and the Gallery1988 Ghostbusters have all sold out quick sharp. This way everyone that wants to get a piece will have the opportunity. Mine will be straight to the front of the framing queue!

Jason Marz

Rich Kelly

Gallery1988 have also revealed a couple of other new pieces for the L.A leg of the show including a great comic panel style piece by Matthew Skiff as well as pieces by Jason Marz and Oliver Barrett. The traveling Ghostbusters gallery show will open at the Los Angeles, West site this Saturday, from 7-10 PM and run. daily from 11-6 PM (Closed Mondays & Tuesday) through to June 1st and will feature over 70 artists who have all passionately created paintings, prints, sculptures, plush and limited edition apparel, all in celebration of Ghostbusters celebrating the big 3-0.

Matthew Skiff

Oliver Barrett

“Ghostbusterland” will be available from www.Ghostbusters30th.com next Tuesday! Make sure you take time to have a look at some of the other pieces from the show and follow Gallery1988 on Twitter. More information can also be found on their Tumblr