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There’s a new Hero on the streets, ‘Ka-Pow! Posters’ are dedicated to delivering awesome super-hero screenprints

With the boom in interest of pop culture related art prints there has been a surge of new galleries and stores opening up recently. Two of which stand out from the crowd as delivering that niche’ factor are ‘Pwints’ and ‘Ka-Pow! Posters‘.

Ka-Pow! Posters was founded to create limited edition screen printed posters based exclusively on fan favourite comic book properties. Having already secured the talents of Timothy Pittides and Dean Trippe, they are dedicated to bringing you the best art from the best artists, while constantly looking for new talent that they can support get exposure while fostering their growth.

‘Rebuild. Rescue.’ By Dean Trippe. Hand numbered edition of 150. 18″x24″ 3-colors on 100lb French Paper. Printed by VG Kids. $40

‘Rebuild. Rescue.’ Glow in the Dark Variant, by Dean Trippe. Hand numbered edition of 50. 18″x24″ 3-colors plus Glow Ink on 100lb French Paper. Printed by VG Kids. $60

I’m a huge Batman fan and always on the look out for great new comic inspired prints. We asked founder Travis Tidmore his inspiration behind setting up ‘Ka-Pow! Posters’

I’ve been an admirer of the limited edition screen printed art genre for several years. Mostly I’ve just admired without buying, but I’ve picked up a few over the years. One thing I noticed was that the art stuck mainly to movies and music, with just the occasional comic book inspired print. As a comic book fan, I felt the medium was a natural genre to translate into screen prints, but no one was doing it on a consistent basis. So, I decided to fill that gap.

‘Poison’ by Timothy Pittides. No.1 in a 4 part series entitled ‘Rogues’. Hand numbered edition of 200. 11.75″x36″ 7-colors on 92lb Lime Satin Metallic Paper. Printed by VG kids. $50

It’s great to see a focus on up and coming artists too.

In an artist I’m looking for someone who has a clear vision that ties their pieces together, and that does so in a style that’s all their own. We want to work with artists that are bringing something new or interesting to the table. For example, Timothy Pittides’ Poison’ is a piece that comic book lovers will enjoy, but it’s also so beautiful in its own right and such a departure from the normal comic book art, that any art collector could feel comfortable hanging it on their wall. Also, we are always looking for new and upcoming talent. One thing we hope to do is get exposure for new artists, and help them establish themselves in this field.

Head on over to ‘Ka-Pow! Poster’s‘ to pick up your copies of these great prints. You can also keep track of their releases on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!