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Jeremy Wheeler And FrightFest Unite To Create Awesome Evil Dead 2 Prints

You would be hard pressed to find a horror fan that has not heard of Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead trilogy. You would have to look even harder for someone that did not like them. Evil Dead 2 especially is a favourite with fans, mixing Sam’s love of slap stick humour, with his unique filming style as well as some great horror scenes. And Bruce Campbell, gotta love Bruce! So I always get a little grin on my face when any new Evil Dead related merchandise comes out for sale. Jeremy Wheeler (a Cult Collective favourite) has appeared many times on these webpages (which you can check out here, here and here) so it was great to find out he has teamed up with popular horror print website FrightFest (which we covered a few months back and you can check out here) again for his second print release with the company.

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FrightFest Original Prints Give A New Spin on Horrific Horror Classics

Being a huge fan of the Horror genre I am always on the lookout for original and fun art pieces that show a certain level of knowledge and more importantly love of the genre. Well, when I was introduced to FrightFest (thanks to artist Jeremy Wheeler for the info) my Horror needs were more than satisfied.

Here is what Ian Rattray and Alex Chambers, the two founding members of the FrightFest, had to say about their work on their web page.

FrightFest Originals launched in August 2012 to promote UK screen prints for discerning collectors.  Ian Rattray is a founding director of FrightFest, the UK’s most successful genre festival, with 40 years of experience in the film industry.  He has travelled the world seeking out those odd films that appeal to our niche market, leading him to Toronto, via Cannes, Sitges, Austin and…well… most places

Alex Chambers is an art collector, FrightFester, film geek and devoted screen print fan.  After flying in the Royal Air Force and spending ten years whoring himself to the finance industry, he’s decided to turn a hobby into a business

We are for the fans, for the artists and all for exclusive stuff.  These posters are authorised and unique.

These two definitely have their Horror and Art credentials and when you see what artwork they have amassed for sale, I believe you will be suitable impressed, much like I was on my first exposure to them.

Below is a selection of some of my favourite prints from the website but to look at the full selection then click the link here.

fright fest audition

AUDITION by Peter Strain. Two colour screen print – 18″ x 24″- portrait – 300gsm – £30 – 35 only.

fright fest descent

THE DESCENT by Gary Pullin. Four Colour – 18″ x 24″ – portrait – numbered – £25 – 75 only.

fright fest hellraiser

HELLRAISER by Derek Gabryszak. 36 x24 – 300gsm -Landscape – Numbered – £30 – 50 only.

fright fest martyrs

MARTYRS by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. Three colour – 26.5″ x 38.5″ – 300gsm – Landscape – Numbered – £30 – 75 only.

fright fest nightbreed

NIGHT BREED by Aniheads.
Three Colour – 38.5″ x 26.5″ – 300gsm – Signed and numbered – £20 – 50 only.

fright fest zombie flesh eaters

ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS by Nat Marsh. Five colour – 26.5″ x 38.5″ -300gsm – Landscape – Signed and numbered – £30 – 75 only.

fright fest razorback

RAZORBACK by Luke Insect. Three Colour – 26.5″ x 38.5″ – Landscape – 300gsm – £30 – Numbered – 50 only.

The amount of detail that has gone into these pieces is awesome. I love the fact it is not just main stream Horror movies that have made the leap to print. Some of the more Indi and low budget movies have also become poster art. The use of silhouette and minimalism in some of the pieces goes nicely with the all out visual assault of other more extreme posters in the collection. Personal favourites of mine have to be the Zombie Flesh Eaters poster and the fun yet for some reason mostly hated Nightbreed movie. Below is a small selection of upcoming posters the group are working on.

fright fest christine

CHRISTINE – by Dan Mumford. Four colour -18″ x 24″ – portrait -300gsm – £35 – 60 only.

fright fest escape from new york

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK by Nat Marsh. Three colour – 24″ x 18″- landscape -300gsm Snowdon – £35 – 60 only.

fright fest prince of darkness

PRINCE OF DARKENSS – by GODMACHINE. Six colour – 18″ x 24″ – portrait – 300gsm – £35 – 60 only –

fright fest they live

THEY LIVE by Jeremy Wheeler. Three colour – 18″ x 24″ – portrait – 315gsm – £35 – 60 only.

FrightFest’s website can be found here and you can also find more of this excellent artwork on their FaceBook  and Twitter page. Though they have only teased a few pieces at the moment, we will be seeing a lot more from this company in the months to come. Better move fast if you want some on your wall though as most runs of a poster only go up to 50. Lastly just released through Twitter we have Luke Insects haunting piece The Fog.the fog frightfilms image

Bang Media Presents the Mind Blowing Art of Jeremy Wheeler

The mash up genre has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. It takes a certain type of artist to be able to blend these different styles of genres and characters together. It takes an even better artist to be able to combine different eras of art together. This is what creator Jeremy Wheeler has been able to do brilliantly.

Bang Media is the place where most of his artwork is showcased but his work can be seen all over. A little while ago, we were given the opportunity to exclusively reveal the excellent War On Hell, Hellboy inspired piece that he did for the guys at Ka-Pow Posters. Jeremy’s unforgettable style manages to combine a 70’s and 80’s aesthetic to reproduce classic characters and showcases some of his own interesting mash ups. The great use of lavish colour and hugely animated images make his artwork spring to life off the page and reminds me of some of the better examples of 70’s Vinyl art and underground art from that era.

Below is a selection of some of my personal favourites from the Bang Media webpage.

bang media alien

bang media buckaroo banzai

bang media carpentor

bang media doc brown

bang media gaming

bang media miami connection

bang media super bang

A selection of his artwork is also available for sale so if any of the above seemed interesting to you then you should start getting your credit card out and get it ready to buy some of these delightfully psychedelic pieces.

bang media black dynamite sale

13″x19.5″ blacklight limited edition silkscreen print. Series of 70 (Rare). $50.00.

bang media freddy vhs sale

18”x24” silkscreen print made for the recent VHS convention, Tape Eaters 2. Hand-drawn pen-and-ink printed on white paper (edition of 50). $15.00.

bang media kung fu

12″x18″ silkscreen poster for Eisner Award winning comic shop Vault of Midnight. Series of 50. $15.00.

bang media robocop sale

12″x18″ blacklight silkscreen poster. Series of 60. $30.00.

bang media sammi curr

9”x24” (Edition of 60). $15.

bang media suspiria sale

Measuring 18”x24,” the 3-color print was screened with a unique blacklight process developed through multiple projects by the artist and printing studio VG Kids.  hand-drawn pen-and-ink artwork. When put under UV light, the already vibrant red turns an electric pink/magenta, while the green remains intense under both.  $25.00.

bang media werewolf sale

11″x17″ silkscreen print. Series of 55. $15.00.

Bang Media Facebook page and website is full of different pieces of his art as well as other interesting pieces so it is a site worth checking out. You can contact Jeremy through Twitter as well. The link to Bang Media’s store is also included so you can get quick access to his interesting work.

Ka-Pow! Posters to release energetic ‘Hellboy’ inspired print, “War On Hell”, from Jeremy Wheeler this Friday

We have been following the progress of Ka-Pow! Posters very carefully. An exciting company focusing on comic book inspired prints, they have already released ‘Rebuild. Rescue’, a Batman inspired print by Dean Trippe as well as the brilliant ‘Poison’ by Timothy Pittides, the first in what promises to be an awesome series of four prints titled ‘Rogues’ inspired by some of the Dark Knights most feared foes. Ka-Pow! Posters are currently offering a great subscription offer for that series too.

Ka-Pow! Posters have just announced that this Friday they will be premiering two brand new posters by Jeremy Wheeler. Jeremy is a poster artist based in the Midwest who has this year gained attention for several of his horror prints, including a blacklight Suspiria poster, a Freddy Krueger VHS tribute piece, and his John Carpenter charity print for Death Waltz Recording Co. Additionally, his work has been seen in several magazines, including Esquire.

“War on Hell”* by Jeremy Wheeler. Hand numbered edition of 150. 9″x24” 5-colors on 100lb French Paper. Printed by VG kids. $30

“War on Hell”* by Jeremy Wheeler. Hand numbered edition of 150. 9″x24” 2-colors with Glow Ink on 100lb French Paper. Printed by VGKids. $30

Here is what Ka-Pow! Posters founder Travis Tidmore had to say on Jeremy Wheelers piece:

We felt his hand-drawn style would work well with what we hoped to do with this piece. What we really wanted to do with this piece was pay homage to the world of Hellboy. Luckily, we picked the perfect artist. As you can see [above], Jeremy has perfectly captured the Lovecraftian world that exists inside the Hellboy comics.

I think you will agree that both pieces are very striking and pay homage to Hellboy creator Mike Mignola while being creative and unique in their own right.

Both “War On Hell” pieces will go on sale this Friday, December the 27th, in the Ka-Pow! Posters online store. You can also keep track of their releases on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as artist Jeremy Wheeler on Twitter, too!