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We Catch Up With Jason Edmiston About His Great Year And Attendance At This Years Thought Bubble!

Here in the U.K, we aren’t quite as blessed with the number and size of conventions that art and comic fans can enjoy over in the United States. One shining beacon is Thought Bubble. Held annually in Leeds, Yorkshire, Thought Bubble has grown exponentially over the past few years and has recently seen a surge in the number of world renowned artists from across the globe who are attending and exhibiting at the convention, including Cult Collective favourite, Jason Edmiston.

Jason was kind enough to spare us some time to have a chat with us about his great year and his attendance at this years Thought Bubble. Read on to find out what we can look forward to seeing from Jason at this years Thought Bubble.

Jason Edmiston Joker Riddler Batgirl Batman

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Mondo Reveal 5 Villainous Vinyl’s For ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Including ‘Harley Quinn’ By Matt Taylor

This past year Mondo have been branching out from boutique poster and t-shirt designs into other areas such as rugs, ski masks and not least vinyl. Vinyl has always boasted a large number of die hard collectors and add that to Mondo’s history of producing beautiful artwork, you are bound to have a highly desirable and sublimely attractive piece of art.

In the lead up to this years San Diego Comic Con, the grandaddy of all comic cons, Mondo have just released the information of not 1, not 2, but 5 versions of limited edition Batman: The Animated Series original soundtrack vinyl records.

Harley Quinn Mondo Matt Taylor Vinyl

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Forbidden Planet Celebrates Batman Hitting 75 With Two Limited Edition Prints By Jock And Brian Bolland

As Bats hits 75 this year there are plenty of awesome tributes being paid to the Dark Knight, including Poster Posse’s awesome Batman75 project which you should really check out. Forbidden Planet have teamed up with DC and superstar artist and all round decent bloke, Jock as well as Brian Bolland, an icon of comic art, to produce two iconic, limited edition giclee prints of The Caped Crusader and his most prolific of rogues, The Joker.


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Ever Wanted To See Your Favorite Fandom Characters With Beards? Well Vanja Mrgan Makes Your Dreams A Reality!

This may be a controversial way of starting off an article, but I do like to say what I mean, and mean what I say. So here goes. Beards are the epitome of masculinity. Now I may be biased having had a beard as long as I can remember (alas not as long as I think, there is photographic evidence to dispute that claim I had one as a baby!), but a good old beard really sets a face off right. Now this article would be interesting to only one person if I basically just keep rabbling on about beards (and I could, easily), but this opening statement does have merit. It is an excellent lead up to artist Vanja Mrgan from the United States, who seems to share (in some part) my theory on beards because he has created a selection of art pieces which take some of the most famous and iconic characters in pop culture history and bangs some facial growth on them.

Bearded Wario Vanjamrgan

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Doaly Delves Deeper Into The Dark Knight His New ‘Gotham Nemesis’ Series

I love Batman and it’s clear that artist and graphic designer Doaly feels the same way. After producing an amazing set of minimalist posters for Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Doaly is back at it with his new series “Gotham Nemesis” first premiered on the excellent Xombie Dirge.





Here’s what Doaly had to say on his Blog;

I know what your thinking god this guy loves Batman, I’m guilty as charged I have to sat on all counts. For this set I wanted to explore more the relation ship of Batman arch nemesis’s but I wanted it to be a little fun and personal at the same time so its the villains defacing the image of batman in their own way.

There is a lot villains out there so you may see me adding to this set over time, until then stay tuned to this bat channel.




Make sure you keep tabs on Doaly’s Website, Twitter and Facebook for details on future designs as well as other excellent work from this prolific designer.

One-Shot Gallery Celebrate The Rogues With ‘Great Villains of Gotham: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot’ Opening Feb 1st!

Here at Cult Collective, we seem to share a passion with One-Shot Gallery, a love of comics and the characters who bring them to life. Chiefly, the villains and rogues!

One-Shot describe themselves as a micro-gallery that exhibits original contemporary art and prints inspired by and celebrating the aesthetics, characters, and themes of comic books and original graphic novels.

On February the 1st, One-Shot will launch their first gallery show ‘Great Villains of Gotham: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot’ at their exhibit space at St. Mark’s Comics, New York. All art from the show will be available to buy from their Online Shop straight after the exhibit opens.

James White

GREAT VILLAINS OF GOTHAM: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot

A great city demands a better class of criminal and Batman’s backyard does not disappoint.  Whether you’re looking for a cat, a croc or a portly penguin; crazy funny, crazy with fear or just crazy for hats; freeze rays or flamethrowers; trick coins or tricky riddles; men that are bats, men made of muck or men that just won’t die; Gotham has them all.  It’s got tree huggers and back breakers and every breed of baddie in between.  This show aims to give these devils their due, a spotlight on the dark minds forever thwarted by a dark knight.

Take a look at some of the pieces that you can check out at the gallery and what will be available to purchase.

After , One-Shot already have their next two galleries planned; ‘From Spawn To Saga: Image Comics at 22’ an exhibit celebrating books published by Image Comics, past and present. This exhibit will feature art by Daisy Church, Jim Doran, Steve Dressler, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Damon O’Keefe, James Jirat Patradoon, Robotsoda, Blake Wheeler, Pam Wishbow and Chris Yee. Then there is ‘Daughters Of The Atom: Women Who Wear X’, a show dedicated to the uncanny x-women that get the job done and hold the team together, day in and day out featuring art by Jason Chalker, Daisy Church, Steve Dressler, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Ashley Fisher, Zach Koch, Damon O’Keefe, James Jirat Patradoon, Celeste Pille, Robotsoda, Israel Sanchez, Bennett Slater and Pam Wishbow.

Keep up to date with One-Shot Gallery by following their Website and Facebook page!