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We Catch Up With Jason Edmiston About His Great Year And Attendance At This Years Thought Bubble!

Here in the U.K, we aren’t quite as blessed with the number and size of conventions that art and comic fans can enjoy over in the United States. One shining beacon is Thought Bubble. Held annually in Leeds, Yorkshire, Thought Bubble has grown exponentially over the past few years and has recently seen a surge in the number of world renowned artists from across the globe who are attending and exhibiting at the convention, including Cult Collective favourite, Jason Edmiston.

Jason was kind enough to spare us some time to have a chat with us about his great year and his attendance at this years Thought Bubble. Read on to find out what we can look forward to seeing from Jason at this years Thought Bubble.

Jason Edmiston Joker Riddler Batgirl Batman

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Awesome Merchandise’s Awesome Christmas Jumper Competition

Everybody loves a Christmas giveaway and the team at Awesome Merchandise have been running a whole lot of them with their Awesome Advent giveaways. Over on their Blog today, Awesome Merchandise have just launched Awesome Advent 4, giving you the chance to take home one of 40 brilliant Christmas jumpers from a choice of THREE designs from Kristyna Baczynski, Drew Millward and Kate Prior, ( L-R in the picture below).


In order to win, Awesome Merchandise want you to send in a picture explaining why you think Christmas is AWESOME!

This is NOT a design comp and the pictures will not be reused for anything. You don’t have to be good at art. You don’t even have to like art. Entries will be judged on the best reasons why you think Christmas is awesome… if you happen to be good at art too, then that’s a bonus. I want you to be as creative/interesting/funny/sentimental/festive as you want! It’s a blank canvas – go bananas! As long as it can be e-mailed to me, you can do a charcoal drawing or even get the finger-paints out. Use Photoshop/Illustrator, whatever you want



In there own words, here’s what you need to do to enter;
• Draw/create/design a picture explaining why ‘Christmas is Awesome.’
• E-mail it to Jhon@awesomemerchandise.com along with your name and where you’re from (low res is fine, no 30mb files please!).
• Awesome Merchandise will post every entry into a Facebook gallery for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
• Sit back, have a mince pie and hope you win!

The designs themselves look great and I would certainly love one of these. In an age where garishly hideous Xmas jumpers are the trend, it’s nice to see some Xmas jumpers with genuinely good design. Try picking jumpers as good as this up in Wallmart or Primark!




So there you have it! What are you waiting for? I will be sending in my charcoal sketch straight away! Awesome Merchandise are good people and offer brilliant design and printing services. I have used them in the past for t-shirts, stickers and posters for bands I have played in and always been overjoyed with the work they have produced. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to see if you are one of the lucky competition winners and for more of their awesome deals!

Mike Mitchell comes to the UK armed with awesome prints, Bub!

Many artists have a signature style or a series of prints that they regularly release new editions of. Most people aren’t Mike Mitchell. Well known for his ‘Just Like Us’, ‘Supers’, ‘Fat Birds’ and not forgetting his Mondo ‘Potrait’s’, when Mike arrives in the U.K for Thought Bubble this weekend, he has made sure that I will not disappoint fans of any of his different series.

Mike has added to the excitement today with a tease of a ‘Wolverine’ portrait over on his Instagram feed which was later re-tweeted by Justin Ishmael of Mondo with the caption “TB 1/2”.


It looks very likely that this will be Mike’s Mondo piece for the weekend which adds to the rumoured Olly Moss Sightseers as well as the potential of a Jock Halloween variant.

Mike also posted over at his Tumblr blog today a series of photo’s showing some of the other awesome prints he will have available as well as letting on that he will be bringing across a limited number of his older, popular ‘JLU’s’ including Adventure Time.

Edward JLU Fat Bird

Super Britons

Mike also posted this very hand pic of where he and the rest of the Mondo squad will be located over the weekend for Thought Bubble in the Allied London Hall. Make sure you have a mosey on over to Mike’s blog to have a gander at what he will have available as well as making sure you follow him on Twitter and Facebook. For more information on drop times, it would probably be a great idea to follow Mondo too!

Mondo floorplan


Blurppy reveals Art V Cancer’s Thought Bubble line up including Joshua Budich’s new Star Wars print

Today certainly has been a busy day for Thought Bubble announcements. The guys over at Blurppy exclusively revealed some of Art V Cancer’s line up for the festival, including Joshua Budich’s much anticipated follow up to ‘I Love You, I Know’; ‘We’re Doomed’.

‘We’re Doomed!’ – A New Hope by Joshua Budich 4-colour Screenprint  Printed on French 100lb Madero Beach paper Signed and numbered  18″ x 24″  Edition of 100

‘We’re Doomed!’ – A New Hope by Joshua Budich
4-colour Screenprint
Printed on French 100lb Madero Beach paper
Signed and numbered
18″ x 24″
Edition of 100

To give you a bit of background, Art V Cancer are an art forum who donate profit’s made from the art that they sell to cancer charities. A very worthy cause that is supported by many talented artists. Art V Cancer was set up by Chris Thornley and Julia Hall. Chris is perhaps better know as Raid71, a very talented and established artist who also produces work for Art V Cancer including two new pieces for Thought Bubble.

“That Damn Starfleet” by Raid 71 330mm x 483mm (13 x 19 inches) Giclee Print on Sommerset 208gsm 100% Cotton Rag 10-color Canon Lucia Pigment Inks Signed and numbered Edition of 35

“That Damn Starfleet” by Raid 71
330mm x 483mm (13 x 19 inches)
Giclee Print on Sommerset 208gsm 100% Cotton Rag
10-color Canon Lucia Pigment Inks
Signed and numbered
Edition of 35

“Hellnuts 2″ by Raid 71 330mm x 483mm (13 x 19 inches) Giclee Print on Sommerset 208gsm 100% Cotton Rag 10-color Canon Lucia Pigment Inks Signed and numbered Embossed Edition of 100

“Hellnuts 2″ by Raid 71
330mm x 483mm (13 x 19 inches)
Giclee Print on Sommerset 208gsm 100% Cotton Rag
10-color Canon Lucia Pigment Inks
Signed and numbered
Edition of 100

Head on over to Blurppy for the full article as well as additional release information by the likes of Jay Shaw and Tony Hodgkinson. You can find out more about Art V Cancer by visiting their Website, following them on Twitter or ‘Like’ them of Facebook.

You can also find Raid71 and Joshua Budich on Twitter too! You will be able to find Art V Cancer at this coming weekends Thought Bubble festival at booth 137 in The New Dock Hall. Swing by and grab a great print whilst donating money to a very worthy cause!


Olly Moss’ secret Mondo Thought Bubble poster REVEALED…… possibly UPDATED


UPDATE: It looks as if our assumption may have been correct. Olly Moss earlier on posted a photograph of his Sightseers print via Instagram. Also, in the background top right, you can see what may be a Mike Mitchell Venom portrait

As we reported a few days back, Olly Moss posted a tease on Expressobeans as to the prints he will be offering at Thought Bubble. At the bottom of that print he mentioned that he would also have a mystery print.
Could that print be for the fantastic Ben Wheatley movie Sightseers?. Well the evidence suggests so. Olly posted this image of some art cards he would have for free and one of those cards is something none of us have seen before.


Bang smack in the middle. Two people holding hands looking across the moors. One of them holding an axe. Kind of similar to this…..


Sightseers for those of you who don’t know is a wonderfully sadistic tale of two outcasts who find love and embark on a caravan tour of the U.K. They visit such exciting venues as the Pencil Museum. Oh, and they murder people. If you haven’t seen it, you really should!

UPDATED; To add a little extra validation to this rumor, a bright spark on Facebook has just reminded me that Drafthouse pictures actually picked up Sightseers for distribution in the US, much like with Four Lions. Everything seems to be coming together!

Thinking of Thought Bubble

Starting life in 2007 as a one day event taking place in Leeds’ town hall basement, Thought Bubble has now grown to become the best comic convention in the UK. At least by my humble opinion. That said, based on the calibre of creators that attend, you would think that the industry would agree with me. Previous years guests have included, but not been limited to, the likes of Tim Sale (Batman), Jock (The Losers, Savage Wolverine, Batman), John Romita Jr (Kick Ass), Jason Aaron (Scalped), Mark Waid (Thrillbent), Frank Quitely (Batman & Robin), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Ben Templesmith (Thirty Days of Night), Adi Granov (Iron Man), Andy Diggle (The Losers), Mark Millar (Nemesis), Tony Harris (Ex Machina), Becky Cloonan (Demo).

While not strictly a comic convention as such, Thought Bubble Festival promotes itself as the “UK’s largest annual celebration of sequential art in all its forms, including everything from superhero comics to independent and small-press artists and writers.” This probably explains why Thought Bubble attracts a much broader array of exhibitors than what you would usually find at a cookie cutter covention. You won’t find endless tables full of long boxes here. In fact, you are much more likely to bump into the guys writing and drawing the stuff you would find in them.

This year Thought Bubble has grown again, and it promises to be as chock full and groundbreaking as ever. The Thought Bubble 2013 program of events runs 17th – 24th November with the huge main convention itself running the 23rd & 24th, and will feature over 90 events at venues across Leeds! If you follow this link, BOOM!, then you will find the full program of events.

Guests and exhibitors include Geoff Darrow, Matt Fraction, Olly Moss, Jock, Kevin Tong, Mike Mitchell, Becky and Frank, Matt Ferguson, David Aja, Gabriel Ba’, Rafael Albuquerque, Jeffrey Brown, Becky Cloonan, Adi Granov, Lee Garbett, Duncan Fegredo, Al Ewing, Frazer Irving, John McCrea, Fabian Moon, Sean Murphy, Leah Moore, Ethan Nicolle, Sean Phillips, Drew Millward, Alan Campbell, David Taylor, Cameron Stewart, John Reppion, Si Spurrier and frankly, loads more amazing folk.


Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting a selection of some of the most exciting guests, exhibitors and panels to whet your appetite. For those of you not fortunate enough to attend, we’ll also be running a full breakdown of the festival in the days afterwards.

So head on over to the Thought Bubble 2013 festival site, follow them on Twitter or Facebook and buy a ticket. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them that Cult Collective sent you!