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Along With A Brand New Website, The Poster Posse Launches Their Official Collaboration With Disney Animation For “BIG HERO 6″‏

Last week Cult Collective were not the only ones to launch a brand new website. The Poster Posse launched their own dedicated website alongside their latest project, and official collaboration with Disney to celebrate their upcoming animation Big Hero 6.

Inspired by the Marvel Comics series created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in the late 90’s, Big Hero 6 follows in the footsteps of Disney and Marvel’s other recent super hero team movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy as another example of how the mouse house are putting faith into lesser known Marvel characters.
Check out some of the great posters that the Poster Posse have created!

Sharm Murugiah Big Hero 6
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Blurppy Go “Interstellar” For The Latest Project From The Poster Posse!

Poster Posse, the supremely talented troupe brought together by Blurppy, are know for their projects dedicated to producing loving pieces of art for upcoming movies or fan favourites. This month the Posse have dedicated their skills to producing posters for the upcoming movie Interstellar from former architect of the Bat-Verse, Christopher Nolan.

We have collected a selection of the pieces from the project along with links to the artists Twitter so you can tell them how ace they are! Have a peak at just a few we have picked out!

Ben Mcleod


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Check Out This Arresting Preview Of Hero Complex Gallery’s Upcoming “I Am The Law/ A Life Of Crime” Exhibition

Does it ever bug you that gallery exhibitions are a little narrow in their scope? Fed up of just cult movies or retro video games? Probably not as they are pretty cool, but either way, for their next gallery exhibition Hero Complex Gallery have certainly broadened the scope.

“I Am the Law / A Life of Crime” is an art tribute to cops and criminals, authority figures, buddy cop films, cons, prison films, gangsters, heists, The Wire, gangs, westerns, spies, murder, whodunits, private eyes, and pretty much anything that represents figures of authority and/or criminal intentions in popular culture. Check out load of fantastic previews, below!


A Life Of Crime I Am The Law

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Hero Complex Gallery Celebrate The Works Of Stephen King With Gallery Show ‘King For A Day’

Stephen King is easily one of the most prolific writers of our generation. With nearly 5 decades of productivity under his belt, King’s work spans genres and themes. To celebrate such creativity, Hero Complex Gallery will be holding “King For a Day”, an art tribute to the full body of works by Stephen King, opening this Friday, March 21st, from 7-10pm and running through until April the 6th.

Hero Complex Gallery have gathered  a huge selection of exceptional talent from across the globe for the show, which will be donating a portion of all proceeds to Stephen King’s charity of choice, The Haven Foundation. The Haven Foundation are a non-profit service that serves to benefit freelance creatives of all types who have found themselves unable to work due to disease or accident, a truly worthy cause!


Chris Skinner – “God’s Gunslinger”

DavidMoscati copyDavid Moscati “Pet Sematary”

JPValderramaGreenMile copyJ.P Valderrama – “The Green Mile”

DanMumford_TheMist copy

Dan Mumford “The Mist”

SamGilbey copy

Sam Gilbey – “Stand By Me”

TomMiatke1 copy

Tom Miatke – “The Shawshank Redemption”

Patrick Connan “It”

Luke Butland – “Stand By Me”

Florey“The Works Of Stephen King” Glow In The Dark!

Paul Shipper – “The Shawshank Redemption”

Chris Garofalo “Pet Sematary” Glow In The Dark!

There will be much more to the show than posters and prints too, with artists designing other collectibles for display and sale like this amazing statue by Blain Hefner for Creepshow!

Head on over to Hero Complex’s Facebook Event Page for more details on ‘King For A Day’ which opens March 21st and runs through to April 6th at their L.A gallery. Expect an online sale of works from the show shortly after opening night.

Be sure to follow Hero Complex Gallery on Twitter and Facebook for future galleries, shows and releases!

Hero Complex Gallery Invite You To ‘Imagined Worlds’ In our HUGE PREVIEW Of The Del Toro, Gilliam, Kubrick, Lynch & Scott Inspired Gallery!

There are very few directors whose body of work is as varied, imaginative and visually inspired as that of Guillermo Del Toro, Terry Gilliam, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch & Ridley Scott, something that could also be said of the work included in Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘Imagined Worlds; The Imagined Worlds of Del Toro, Gilliam, Kubrick, Lynch & Scott’

Hero Complex Gallery describe the show as celebrating “the layered tapestries and characters of the preeminent world-building directors, Guillermo del Toro, Terry Gilliam, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch & Ridley Scott!” Needless to say, based on all the work we have seen so far here at Cult Collective, we are thoroughly excited.

In the lead up to the gallery, which launches with an opening reception this Friday from 7pm while 1opm at the Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles, with an online sale kicking off Saturday at 1pm EST, we wanted to not only give you an awesome preview of some of the eclectic work that will be on display, but many of the superbly talented artists were also kind enough to give us a few words on their inspiration behind each piece!

SamGilbey copy

Sam Gilbey – Pans Labyrinth – ‘Your Destiny Lies In Your Hands’

Whilst I considered interpreting lots of movies for the show, in the end I kept coming back to Pan’s Labyrinth, which I think is a masterpiece really. It’s tragic yet also somehow not without hope. In the piece I felt it was important to show Ofelia literally overlapping the three worlds of reality, the underworld, and the in-between twilight world where she sees the faun. Guillermo del Toro talks a lot about the colour palettes of the different worlds in the amazing DVD commentary, so naturally that was something it made sense to make the most of in the artwork. I also put a couple of subtle references into the piece that I hope fans of the movie will spot. The title comes from the Latin that’s carved into the entrance of the labyrinth ‘In you hands (in your decisions) lies your destiny’.  – Sam Gilbey

TAnderson-12M-FINAL-WEB copy

Tim Anderson – 12 Monkeys – “The Army of the 12 Monkeys Factor”

Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys had a huge impact on me when I saw it for the first time back in 1995. For one thing, it was the first sci-fi story I can remember being exposed to that involved time travel without any apparent paradoxes. I was amazed at how the story folded back on itself, without getting muddled up in changing the future or the past while still having a satisfying ending. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, it was also cool to see so many familiar landmarks in such an odd setting. The image of a post-apocalyptic Philadelphia teeming with wild animals has always stuck with me, which is why I took the approach I did to my piece, “The Army of the 12 Monkeys Factor,” for the gallery show. (Fun fact: I named my second-born son “Cole,” partially inspired by Bruce Willis’ character in the film!) – Tim Anderson

LukeButlandVariant-WEB copy

Luke Butland – Blade Runner – “Dangerous Days”

 [With this print] I wanted to just focus on the environment and the world created by Scott. Using the colour tones, look and feel of the works to create a bold print which would give people a feel of the gritty world within blade runner…… And it’s title dangerous days is a nod to the documentary about making the blade runner world and film- Luke Butland

Cuyler_Smith_Devastation copyCuyler Smith – 12 Monkeys – “Devastation”

Twelve Monkeys has always been one of my favorite Terry Gilliam films and the opening scene has always had an impact on me. When I heard about this show I knew immediately that I wanted to depict the devastation from the beginning of the film. The search for answers in a contaminated NY where wild animals roam was very inspiring! – Cuyler Smith

ChrisSkinner copy

Chris Skinner – Alien – “Interstellar”

One of the main aspects of any Sci-Fi movie is the vehicles. A futuristic, intelligent yet functional vehicle design is one of the key aesthetics of any quality movie and helps the audience to engage with the movie and suspend their disbelief. This is something I have aimed to capture in my pieces for the gallery. All the directors that have inspired this show are known for their visual flare, and this is something that is abundantly, and beautifully rendered in the visuals of their movies. – Chris Skinner

MattFergusonalienprint copy

Matt Ferguson – Alien – “Yin Yang”

I have long had the idea of doing a Ripley/Alien Yin Yang. I actually first wanted to do it for another HCG show… Arch Nemesis. Instead I did a Transformers piece for that one. Anyway it has stuck in my mind ever since and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally do it. It also ties in nicely with my Bats V Supes and Hobbit/LOTR pieces – Matt Ferguson

Samuel_Sho_Ho copy

Samuel Sho Ho – Pans Labyrinth – “Fauno”

Pan’s Labyrinth was probably one of the first movies to show me the true dualities of light and dark within a fairytale. Del Toro seamlessly weaved together a world that was so enchanting and horrifying at the same time. – Samuel Sho Ho


Chris Garofalo – Blade Runner – Tyrell Replicants

This design and color palette is entirely steel book industrial inspired. I wanted a very detailed, yet graphic depiction to give it a look like it was silver laser etched into metal. – Chris Garofalo


Andrew Swainson – Blue Velvet – “Now It’s Dark”

Blue Velvet is my favourite of Lynch’s films, it left a great impression on me when I saw it at the cinema. This was one of the few times I ever felt truly frightened by a movie. Even though the film is overshadowed by Dennis Hopper’s performance, I wanted to make the character of the night club singer, Dorothy Valens, the main focus. In the film she’s the pivotal character – she’s like a bridge between the visible and the hidden world. I tried to get Frank in in some subtle way but couldn’t get it to work well enough but I figured that anyone who knows the film will sense he’s “there” even if he’s not actually represented.

I wanted to hint at the idea in the film that there is this ‘ugly underneath’ to places but equally to people that isn’t normally on show. So I have Dorothy in one of her nightclub dresses which fades into her blue velvet robe that she wears in the central scene where she is assaulted by Frank. In this scene he cuts part of her robe away so made reference to that revealing a patch of red underneath. The cut fabric can also be seen as flames so there is this hint of a fire raging behind. The title is also taken from this same scene – Frank says it at the beginning and the end of his violent ritualistic assault on Dorothy. – Andrew Swainson

Hanzel Haro Hannibal_BonAppeI¦Ç-ütit copy

Hanzel Haro – Hannibal – “Bon Appetetit”

I think it is fair to say that the standard of work on show is nothing short of brilliant. There are some really great pieces on show.

Hero Complex Gallery launch ‘Imagined Worlds’ with an opening reception this Friday, Jan 17th, 7-10pm, at the Hero Complex Gallery, 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Additional hours will run from Sunday, 11am-6pm.

Online sales start on Saturday, Jan 18th at 1pm PST here: http://www.herocomplexgallery.com/collections/imagined-worlds which will be live on Saturday.

To keep up to date with all things Hero Complex Gallery, shoot on over to their Website and make sure you drop them a ‘Like’ on Facebook and a ‘Follow’ on Twitter!

UPDATED Bottleneck Gallery announce new gallery show ‘It Came From 1984’, curated by Chogrin

Over the festive break, announcement for 2014 have been coming quick and fast. From Mondo-Con to Gallery 1988 partnering with Sony for the Ghostbuster 30th anniversary touring gallery. Another exciting announcement comes via the brilliant Bottleneck Gallery for ‘It Came From 1984’, curated by Chogrin.

Bottleneck Gallery It Came From 1984

‘It Came From 1984’ will open on February the 7th at Bottleneck’s NYC gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn and from the looks of things you can expect to see plenty of pieces dedicated to movies released 30 years ago in 1984!

So what was released in 1984? Well, when you look into it, 1984 was a pretty packed year. I would love to see the likes of Gremlins, Ghostbusters, The Terminator, Beverley  Hills Cop, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Karate Kid, Dune and This is Spinal tap represented.

As for artists, currently Cuyler Smith (who produced the Spike artwork for the flyer, above), Paul Ainsworth, Paul Shipper, Luke Butland, Maxime Crouzet of ‘Places and Films’, Doaly and Chris Garofalo will all be contributing pieces and hopefully we will see regular Bottleneck contributors Tim Anderson, Marko Manev, and Timothy Pittides join them too.

At Cult Collective we are huge fans of Bottleneck Gallery with Matt Ferguson’s ‘He Stole My Balloons’ making my top ten list. ‘It Came From 1984’ certainly does have the potential to be a great gallery that we very much look forward to hearing more about..

For more information, keep up to date with Bottleneck Gallery on their Website, Twitter and Facebook and as always we will bring you more info as we have it.

Movie art anthology ‘This Must Be The Place’ revealed in all it’s full glory!

Last week we previewed a few pieces from movie art project ‘This Must Be The Place’, spearheaded by graphic designer Sharm Murugiah.  ‘This Must Be The Place’ is an anthology of artwork by designers and illustrators visually interpreting some of the best films of the year using their own unique style. These illustrations will accompany pre existing reviews with the finished anthology being sent to various members of the publishing industry to showcase the work by the extremely talented contributors.

Here’s what art director and contributor Sharm Murugiah had to say about the project:

Welcome to This Must The Place. A book produced once a year to celebrate films and the new creative talent of illustration artists. The aim of this non profit publication is to explore a year in film through the use of reviews provided by various experts in cinema journalism. To accompany these pieces of texts, a group of artists and illustrators have been asked to graphically illustrate an interpretation of the film they have been given. The projects’ main aim hopes to help the artists involved in terms of gaining awareness for their creative talent.

While this is initially for industry insiders only as a kind of portfolio showcase, with each contributor getting their own copy, it will be great to see This Must Be The Place made available for general sale in future, as is my aim.

Well, we are very pleased to bring you a sneak peek at the finished project, including the brilliant cover by Linda Hordijk. The artwork is beautiful and very unique representing each of the movies using the artists individual style. The book itself looks extremely beautiful and I for one would love to have this sat on my coffee table.


Blue is the Warmest Colour by Faye West

Only God Forgives by Sharm Murigiah

The Bling Ring by Luke Butland

Frances Ha by Rich Davis

Django Unchained by Chris Skinner

The Butler by Mat Weller

Spring Breakers by Doaly


We will be sure to keep you up to date with any new work by these superbly talented artists, in the meantime, make you sure you follow the team over on Twitter, links above!

Sharm Murugriah previews pieces from movie art anthology, ‘This Must Be The Place’

A little while ago we talked about the upcoming movie art project ‘This Must Be The Place’, spearheaded by graphic designer Sharm Murugiah.  ‘This Must Be The Place’ will be an anthology of artwork by designers visually interpreting some of the best films of the year. These illustrations will accompany pre existing reviews of the chosen movies with the finished magazine being sent to various members of the publishing industry to showcase the work.

Sharm has recently taken to Twitter to share some of these great pieces by himself and other artists.

Bling ringA preview Luke Butland’s Bling Ring piece for ‘This must be the place’.

 Sharm Only god forgives

A preview of Sharm Murugiah’s Only God Forgives piece for ‘This must be the place’.

Blue is the warmest colourA preview of Faye West’s Blue is the Warmest Colour piece for ‘ This must be the place’

Other artists who are contributing to the project include Doaly, Chris Skinner, Rich Davies and Mat Weller.

We will bring you more previews as we get them but in the meantime, ensure you follow Sharm and all the other artists on Twitter.

Sharm Murugiah Introduces ‘This Must Be The Place’ – A showcase of new creative talent visually interpreting the movies of the year

Wouldn’t it be great to find a unique way to showcase new and upcoming illustrators and graphic designers? Well, London based illustrator and artist Sharm Muguriah is attempting exactly that with his exciting new concept ‘This Must Be The Place’. Sharm’s goal is to produce an annual non profit magazine where by designers will interpret some of the best films of the year with an illustrated graphic. These illustrations will accompany pre existing reviews of the chosen movies with the finished magazine being sent to various members of the publishing industry to showcase the work. 

 This must be the place

While not necessarily a movie poster as the illustrations will not include title’s or credit blocks, the images will depict a moment in time from the film, an ensemble of characters or events or ideas from the film that the artist feels best suits their style and best represents the movie. Sharm is no stranger to this type of work, having recently produced the Bluray steelbook artwork for Only God Forgives.

This Must be the place poster

The first edition already boasts some great contributors including Sharm himself and friends of Cult Collective Chris Skinner and Doaly. Their will also be contrbutions by the superbly talented  Rich Davies, Faye West, Mat Weller and Luke Butland.

Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner



Faye West

Faye West

Luke Butland

Luke Butland

Mat Weller

Mat Weller

I think the concept is a great idea. In a digitally dominated world it is a breath of fresh air to see something tangibly printed, to be able to hold in your hand. While this is initially for industry insiders only as a kind of portfolio showcase, with each contributor getting their own copy, it would be great to see this made available for general sale in future. Perhaps with the movie reviews written by the artists themselves or even bloggers and independent journalists (ahem).

We will be following the evolution of this idea very closely and will be sure to keep you up to on the project. Be sure to follow Sharm and the other contributors on Twitter too.