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Post No Joes Productions Return With A Brand New Trailer For Movie Poster Documentary ‘Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six’

We have been following the progress of movie poster documentary Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six by filmmaker Kevin Burke with keen interest here at Cult Collective. As avid fans of alternative and illustrated movie posters, we just can’t wait to see the movie!

Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six, which was funded through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, features a whole host of top talent from the industry, from artists to filmmakers including Ghoulish Gary Pullin, Jason Edmiston, Phantom City Creative, Andrea Alvin, Joshua Budich, Justin Ishmael of Mondo, Paul Ainsworth, Matt Ryan Tobin and many, many more.

Director Kevin Burke recently got in touch to share with us a brand new trailer for the movie, produced by Post No Joes, that we are excited to share with you!

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Josh Kelly Of J-Monster Art Reveals His Creepy New ‘Alien’ Poster

Horror certainly is a fertile ground for artists to draw inspiration from and based on his most recent piece, Joshua Kelly, aka J-Monster Art certainly seems to have the skill, vision and talent to forge a name for himself among the top tier . At just 20 years old, Perth, Scotland based J-Monster Art takes is  influenced by a love of horror films, heavy music, skateboarding, cartoons, comics, games and tattoos.

Josh has just revealed his latest piece which is a suitable terrifying tribute to Ridley Scott’s definitive horror/ Sci-fi, Alien.


While not currently available to buy, this piece is a great example of the calibre of work produced by Josh and would look great as a glow in the dark screen print.

We caught up with Josh to find out about what it is about Horror and Monsters that captures his imagination:

As long as I can remember I have been into horror, really. I like the fact there’s not really any boundaries to what horror can be, it really captivates me. Ghoulish Gary Pullin and Matt Ryan are the two main inspirations to my work.  [As for which film I would most like to do a poster for, it] would have to be American Psycho, always a classic. Just one of them films you constantly have to think over. Love it!

You can check out more of Josh Kelly’s J-Monster Art over on his Facebook, Behance and Twitter. This guys is gonna produce some great work, trust me!

Odd City Entertainment And Matt Tobin Ryan Share With Us A ‘True Romance’

My oh my, what a week this week is shaping up to be, with Mondo’s ‘The Art Of Laurent Durieux’, Bottleneck Gallery’s ‘It Came From 1984’, Spoke Art’s ‘Unreal Estate III’ and Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘Adventure Show’ all opening this weekend, you would think that there would be no more room for anything else. Well that idea has been smashed right apart with Odd City Entertainment and Matt Ryan Tobin chucking their hat into the ring with two fantastic pieces of art for Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece True Romance.


True Romance by Matt Ryan Tobin, Regular Edition, 24”x36”, edition of 95, 6 inks. Regular edition $45. Printed by Seizure Palace.


 True Romance by Matt Ryan Tobin, Variant Edition, 24”x36”, edition of 35, 7 inks. Variant edition $65. Printed by Seizure Palace.

We have waxed lyrical about the great work that Odd City Entertainment do here before at Cult Collective, the Austin, Tx based company of art enthusiasts whose mission is to bring original art and high quality licensed screen prints to the world at large.

It’s hard to know what to say about a film that is so perfect. It could be argued to be both Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino’s best film. And that would be a fun argument.  What can’t be argued is that this film contains some of the best dialogue and performances from some of the greatest actors of our time. This film needs to be honored with repeated viewings and multiple artist homages. Matt Ryan Tobin’s print is a testament to the philosophy of Clarence Worley and words we here at Odd City, try to live by: “Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse!” – Odd City

Matt Ryan Tobin is another favourite of ours, having previously provided artwork for Post No Joes poster documentary, 24″ x 36″, this poster feels like it belongs to a Tarantino script. It has a pulpy, pop culture vibe and the comic style captions work wonderfully, especially in the context of the relationship comics share with the movie. Matt Ryan Tobin is a freelance illustrator, designer and musician living in Hamilton, Canada, A musician at heart, he toured for ten years playing music all over the globe, and originally delved into the world of merchandise design for the sole purpose of creating t-shirts for his band, eventually designing for merch for many well-known acts. His passion evolved and as a self pronounced cinephile, he recently entered the world of poster and art print design.

“When Odd City approached me to create a poster for True Romance, my jaw hit the floor. To say I was flattered is an understatement. I fell in love with this film from the first time I viewed it on VHS…. A rental copy, no less.

It’s a film that has always stuck with me – so much so that, at one point, I was seconds away from a past girlfriend and I getting matching “Clarence” and “Alabama” cupid tattoos to commemorate the film. This movie is so vivid and colourful in its writing, characters and film style. I really wanted to give my all in complimenting the film, by approaching the artwork in the same way.” – Matt Ryan Tobin

Both the True Romance by Matt Ryan Tobin 24”x36” limited edition, regular ($45) and variant ($65) editions, will go on sale at the Odd City Entertainment store at a random time on Friday Feb. 7th 2014.

Follow Odd City Entertainment on Twitter and Facebook for the official drop announcement, also pay a visit to Matt Ryan Tobin on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Post No Joes productions announce Kickstarter campaign for Movie Poster Documentary ‘Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six’

Here at Cult Collective we have been following the exciting progress of Post No Joes Productions movie poster art documentary Twenty-four by thirty-six very closely. We are pleased to report that Director/ Producer Kevin Burke has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get this genre defining documentary onto our screens!

Rather than me warble on and tell you all about it, here is the official synopsis from Director/ Producer/ all round good dude Kevin Burke

“Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six” is a film that explores the world of movie poster art, past and present; the artists who create it, companies that commission it, galleries that display it, and collectors and fans who hang it.

Beginning with the golden age of movie poster art in the 70’s and 80’s we’ll be interviewing a number of high profile art personalities from that era, including legendary film marketing director, Tony Seiniger, the man behind the inception of the original “Jaws” poster.  We’ll be speaking with Andrea Alvin, a long time member of the film marketing community and wife of the late, great John Alvin, creator of such iconic works as the original one-sheets for “Blade Runner”, E.T.”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Gremlins”, and countless more.  Placing a special focus on John and his career we’ll ask the question of where traditional illustrated posters disappeared to, and why.

Moving into this decade, we’ve been interviewing and following several modern screenprint artists, in various stages of their careers, through the process of producing illustrated movie poster art and speaking with them about their influences, their challenges, dealing with studios, print houses, and galleries. We’ve conducted interviews with independent print house Skuzzles to pick their brains about why illustrated art is so important to movie fans. We’ve visited Mondo in Austin, Texas to discuss the enormous impact that they’ve had on bringing illustrated film art back into the limelight.  We’ll even be profiling some collectors of movie poster art and speaking with them about its importance, how to store it and how to frame it (yep. we’re going so far as to visit a frame manufacturer to get an inside look on custom framing movie art).

To top it all off, we’re putting together a one of a kind gallery show featuring a ton of original posters from some really incredible artists.

It’s a hugely ambitious project, but it’s a story that needs to be told.  And we intend to tell the hell out of it.”

The movie features a whole host of top talent from the industry, from artists to filmmakers including Ghoulish Gary Pullin, Jason Edmiston, Phantom City Creative, Kevin Tong, Andrea Alvin, Joshua Budich, Justin Ishmael of Mondo, Paul Ainsworth, Matt Ryan Tobin and many, many more. The full list can be found over at the Kickstarter campaign site where there is also an awesome new trailer from the footage that Kevin has already shot. It gives you a great feel for what the final film will be about and features not only some of the awesome creators mentioned above, all of which we are huge fans of here at Cult Collective, but also  the collectors.

If you collect movie posters of any kind, then this Kickstarter campaign is certainly something you want to be involved in as the packages are truly incredible. The team over at Post No Joes have done a remarkable job at pulling together a Kickstarter for Twenty-four by Thirty-six that any movie or art fan will find it difficult to pass by on, regardless of budget.

With packages ranging from $5 to $5,000 for the Donald Trumps among us, their is the opportunity to pick up some amazing original pieces that truly reflect the nature of the film. A documentary about film art wouldn’t be complete without it’s own poster and Twenty-four by Thirty-six have not one, but four, including variants! Enlisting the deft hands of Paul Ainsworth and Matt Ryan Tobin, the posters capture the essence of a great ‘alternative’ movie poster and embody the style’s that collectors love.

Paul Ainsworth Regular

Paul Ainsworth Regular

Paul Ainsworth Variant with Metalic Ink

Paul Ainsworth Variant with Metalic Ink

Matt Ryan Tobin Regular

Matt Ryan Tobin Regular

Matt Ryan Variant Glow In The Dark

Matt Ryan Variant Glow In The Dark

If that’s not enough, there are many more other items available including t-shirts featuring these very designs as well as signed Alternative Movie Posters book by Matthew Chojnacki, who is also featured, and the usual DVD’s, Blu Rays and ‘Thank You’s’ There is also a very, very special signed John Alvin Alien poster, which looks amazing!

John Alvin Alien

24x36 TeeIf that’s not enough Twenty-four by Thirty-six also offering you the chance to be in the movie! With their “Show Us the Goods” contest. Here are the details

Post No Joes Productions is proud to announce commencement of the “Show Us the Goods” Contest.  In an effort to promote our upcoming film “Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six”, Post No Joes is giving you poster art collectors, fans, and even amateur artists a chance to appear in the film by uploading a 15 second video of you showing off your favorite poster from your collection.  
It can be an official piece of marketing material like a one-sheet, a limited edition screenprint inspired by any film, or even a poster that you’ve created yourself.  Winning submissions will be strung together and played in the film over the end credits.  Simply visit http://www.twentyfourbythirtysix.com/ for more information and to upload your submission.
Wow. I think that it is fair to say that Twenty-four by Thirty-six has pretty much covered every based when it comes to giving you the chance to be involved in this remarkable documentary. Make sure you head on over to their Kickstarter site and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for up to date announcements. They can definitely count on our support!