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Scott C Is In A Horrific Mood With His Latest ‘Great Showdown’

With Halloween just around the corner, artist’s spooky minds are starting to become horror centric. For his latest Great Showdown, Scott C depicts the classic ‘The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow’ in his own original, cheery fashion!


Scott C Sleepy Hollow

“Once you cross that bridge, my friends, the ghost is through, his power ends.”

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We Catch Up With Jason Edmiston About His Great Year And Attendance At This Years Thought Bubble!

Here in the U.K, we aren’t quite as blessed with the number and size of conventions that art and comic fans can enjoy over in the United States. One shining beacon is Thought Bubble. Held annually in Leeds, Yorkshire, Thought Bubble has grown exponentially over the past few years and has recently seen a surge in the number of world renowned artists from across the globe who are attending and exhibiting at the convention, including Cult Collective favourite, Jason Edmiston.

Jason was kind enough to spare us some time to have a chat with us about his great year and his attendance at this years Thought Bubble. Read on to find out what we can look forward to seeing from Jason at this years Thought Bubble.

Jason Edmiston Joker Riddler Batgirl Batman

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Khoa Ho Reminds You That “You Are Who You Choose To Be” With This Iron Giant Inspired Print

Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. Mondo featured a number of pieces as well as a vinyl release for this month’s Mondo Con and artists such as Bruce Yan have also been releasing some great art work based. It’s easy to forgive as the film is charming and endearing and was criminally overlooked when it first came out.

California based illustrator and designer Khoa Ho clearly has a soft spot for the movie too and has released a timed edition Giclee print inspired by the movie. Read on for more details.agree as he has produced this exciting piece celebrating Batman’s animated adventures.

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Streets Of Beige Enter The Crazy Realm Of Bootleg Toys With Their Next Exhibition: “Plastik Schmack”!

Those mad, rad dudes at Streets of Beige have put on some awesome gallery shows this year, you can check out a few of ’em here. For their next gallery, SOB have turned their attention to the awesome world of bootleg toys with “Plastik Schmack!”

Streets of Beige have shared with us some of the crazy work you can expect to see at “Plastik Schmack” at the SOB Gallery in Bristol and online when the show opens this Friday, September 19th, @ 7:30pm BST.


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Doaly Celebrates The 20th Anniversary Of ‘Pulp Fiction’ With His Latest Poster!

When I was young, there were very few films that my parents wouldn’t allow me to watch. In fact, the only film I remember specifically not being allowed to watch was Pulp Fiction. At the time I was distraught, with hindsight it was just good parenting. Even at the age of 10 I had still developed a keen interest in films and something about the marketing for the movie just grabbed me!

With Pulp Fiction reaching the grand old age of 20 this year, it is deservedly getting some artistic attention. One of our favourites so far is this great poster by Doaly! Read on for the full reveal!


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Nautilus Art Prints Return With Their Third Epic Ode To European Literature, “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” By Jonathan Burton

Since bursting onto the scene earlier in the year, Belgium based Nautilus Art Prints have continued to craft and publish carefully screen printed, limited edition posters focusing on re-interpreting great moments of European popular culture. By working with carefully selected artists, based on their field of work, fame and style, Nautilus have created pieces that truly reflect our rich and broad European popular culture.

For their third poster Nautilus Art Prints have now teamed with artist Jonathan Burton to create a stunning limited edition screen printed poster for Jules Verne’s ‘20.000 Leagues Under The Sea’. This stunning poster will be on sale Monday the 15th of September. Read on for the full reveal!

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Are You Ready To Unbox An Awesome Judge Dredd Designer Figure?

I haven’t really ever been much of a toy collector. Beyond The Real Ghostbusters, Batman: The Animated Series and Star Wars: The Power Of The Force lines, I have never really paid much interest.

Recently though, there have been a few ‘designer toys’ that have caught my attention. None more so than this prototype Judge Dredd figure by Unbox Industries!


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Andy Fairhurst Rounds Off His “Superhero Kids” Series With His Last Three Little Heroes

As a devoted uncle, there is nothing more heart warming than  seeing your nephews and nieces playing dress up, acting as their favourite hero. Andy Fairhurst has tapped into that sentimentality in the cutest possible way with his series, “Superhero Kids”. Last year Andrew left the series teetering at 27 in total, which you can see here. Now, partly down to his disliking of the number 27 and partly down to sheer badgering, Andy has thankfully rounded the series off to 30 with 3 brand new entries in the series! You can see all three below!


Andy Fairhurst Groot Superhero Kid

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Richey Beckett Slays It With His Upcoming Screen Print Release: “Goliath”

I am ashamed to say that before Wednesday I hadn’t heard of Richey Beckett. When Mondo announced that they were to release an Army Of Darkness poster by him, I had to check out his work. Since then I have been looking at as much of his stuff as I can find. The majority of the Wales based artist’s work is produced in pen, and the detail is amazing. It is no wonder that his clients include Metallica! It also seems I was a little late to the party as he has an impressive 22,ooo Facebook followers!

Following on from his Mondo Army of Darkness poster, which were released earlier this week, next Wednesday, August the 20th, Richey will be releasing “Goliath”, a limited edition screen print.


Goliath Promo Richey Beckett

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Odd City Entertainment Are Back With A Poster By Paul Shipper For “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For”

Renowned for bringing together great artists, Odd City Entertainment have worked hard to produce original work for great properties. Not ones to buck that trend, Odd City Entertainment are back with a poster for Sin City: A Dame To Kill 3D For by Paul Shipper. In case you didn’t know, Paul Shipper is a traditional and digital illustrator and film poster artist based in the UK, and a really nice guy. His work includes posters for the recent J.J. Abrams Star Trek films, Edgar Wright’s The World’s End, and Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxySin City: A Dame To Kill For marks Paul Shipper’s first print for Odd City.

Odd City’s officially licensed Sin City: A Dame To Kill For limited edition prints will be on sale at The Paramount Theatre (713 Congress Ave) at Austin Film Society’s Texas 3D premiere of the film on Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, as well as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith will also be in attendance. Read on for more information!


A Dame To Kill For Sin City Paul Shipper Odd City
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