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Blurppy Go “Interstellar” For The Latest Project From The Poster Posse!

Poster Posse, the supremely talented troupe brought together by Blurppy, are know for their projects dedicated to producing loving pieces of art for upcoming movies or fan favourites. This month the Posse have dedicated their skills to producing posters for the upcoming movie Interstellar from former architect of the Bat-Verse, Christopher Nolan.

We have collected a selection of the pieces from the project along with links to the artists Twitter so you can tell them how ace they are! Have a peak at just a few we have picked out!

Ben Mcleod


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Witness The Ghoulish Poster Art For Upcoming Documentary, “Why Horror”?

Horror flicks are awesome, are they not? Well I think they are and growing up with a healthy dose of them has also meant anything horror related is always worth checking out. So it was quite a surprise when the horror based documentary Why Horror? crossed my path without me having any prior knowledge of it. I must be slipping in my old age. Even more surprising was the amazing art that has come out to promote it.

An interesting premise is followed up by some pretty awesome artwork. Cult Collective regular Gary Pullin has created a superb, 80’s styled poster which covers the whole gambit of horror while getting a bit of the red stuff in for good measure.



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Matt Ferguson Reveals His Totally Triumphant Glow In The Dark Posters, On Sale This Thursday. YES WAY!

Last week we posted about Matt Ferguson’s upcoming glow in the dark print inspired by Scott Snyder’s adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel, Watchmen with the promise that there was more to come. Xombie Dirge have now revealed two more prints in Matt’s latest glow in the dark series including a piece inspired by Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

Party On Dudes by Matt Feguson


Party on Dudes Glow In The Dark Layer

“Party On Dudes!” by Matt Ferguson

“16 x “20 Edition of 50

Matt will be releasing both “Party On Dudes!” and “I Have Seen It’s True Face” along with a small number of artist proof’s of his Dr. Who print “Mad Man With a Box”. Every piece will be a 16” X 20” Glow in the dark screen print and available some time on Thursday, May 22nd 2014 at Matt’s Online Store at £25.


I have seen its true face Matt Ferguson


I Have Seen Its True Face Matt Ferguson Glow In Dark

“I Have Seen Its True Face” by Matt Ferguson

16” X 20”, Glow In The Dark Screen Print, Signed and Numbered Edition of 75

As ever, Matt has gone to extraordinary lengths with the level of detail and likenesses, a must for any Watchmen Fan. The title of the piece, “I Have Seen Its True Face”, is a reference to Rorschach’s October 12th 1985 journal entry and dialogue from the movie. These pieces all feature over at Xombie Dirge where you can also see more close up and detail pics of the pieces. You should really head over there now and have a look!

Mad man with a box

Mad man with a box GIDMad Man With a Box”

16″ x 20″ S/N limited AP edition

Keep tabs on Matt’s  Twitter for the official on sale announcement this Thursday but n the meantime you can pay a visit to his Facebook and his Website for more of his fantastic work. When the piece goes on sale, it will be available through Matt’s Online Store.

Check Out This Glow In The Dark Watchmen Tribute, “I Have Seen Its True Face”, By Matt Ferguson

Widely regarded as one of the best fictional stories of all time, let alone comic, Alan Moore’s Watchmen had a long and arduous journey finding its way to screen. When it was announced that Scott Snyder would be the man charged with adapting the “un-filmable” masterpiece the internet was, it is fair to say, divided. While the finished product still causes many a heated debate, I still feel that Snyder’s Watchmen is a brilliant movie, especially the ‘ultimate’ cut, and a fantastic adaption.

Matt Ferguson of Cakes and Comics certainly seems to have a soft spot for the movie and has produced this great piece titled “I Have Seen Its True Face”. The ever excellent Xombie Dirge picked up the exclusive where you can also see some great detail shots.

I have seen its true face Matt Ferguson

“I Have Seen Its True Face” by Matt Ferguson

16” X 20”, Glow In The Dark Screen Print, Signed and Numbered Edition of 75

This piece will form the first of three in a GLOW IN THE DARK series which Xombie Dirge will be bringing you more details of come May the 26th as well as the on sale details. Keep your eyes peeled over there on that date but in the meantime, check out their other fantastic entries!

Here is that glow in the dark layer.

I Have Seen Its True Face Matt Ferguson Glow In Dark

As ever, Matt has gone to extraordinary lengths with the level of detail and likenesses, a must for any Watchmen Fan. The title of the piece, “I Have Seen Its True Face”, is a reference to Rorschach’s October 12th 1985 journal entry and dialogue from the movie.

Watchmen Detail 2

Watchmen Detail

Keep tabs on Matt’s work by following him on Twitter, Facebook and his Website. When the piece goes on sale, it will be available through Matt’s Online Store.

New Poster Company ‘Grey Matter Art’ Launches With An Amazing ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ Poster By Randy Ortiz

logo-full-final image

It’s always exciting to make announcements about new art prints, and especially exciting to make announcements on new poster companies too. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Grey Matter Art.

Founded in New York in 2013, Grey Matter Art is a limited edition, studio licensed film and entertainment poster company with many new and exciting projects on the horizon. We aim to take an industry inspired by pop culture, and reinvent it using the techniques that other companies have made successful, but take them to a new level. Our goal here is to bring our unique brand of creativity to the marketplace for collector’s items such as licensed posters, apparel, and other great merchandise. We also plan to be a very active and open contributor to the community and want to include fans and collectors in this process and know that everyone will have a forum to have their voice heard. In the end, we hope to create something special for the collector not only to enjoy, but to look back on and have fond memories of. Understanding how special these pieces of art are to collectors, we will put the utmost care and professionalism into packaging and shipping your items.

The passion of founders Mike Gregory and Jarod Dobbs is clear, they have a vision and intend to deliver unique and high quality collectible posters. The first of which“Cannibal Holocaust”. Released in 1980 and directed by Ruggero Deodato, Cannibal Holocaust is often referred to as “The most controversial movie of all time” and innovated the found footage style of narrative film making.


Grey Matter Art Ortiz Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust Poster by Randy Ortiz

“Welcome to the Jungle”

Regular Edition of 250, Priced at $45.00

Printed by: The Half & Half

Grey Matter Art Ortiz Cannibal Holocaust variant

Cannibal Holocaust Poster by Randy Ortiz

“Welcome to the Jungle” Green Inferno Variant

Regular Edition of 125, Priced at $55.00

Printed by: The Half & Half

Grey Matter Art will be releasing Cannibal Holocaust “Welcome to the Jungle” by Randy Ortiz on Tuesday, April 08th at a random time between 1:00-2:00 PM. EST.

Grey Matter Art have really hit the nail on the head by bringing in artist Randy Ortiz to work on this print, and he has delivered quality in spades. This is what Ortiz had this to say about Cannibal Holocaust…

“I was a somewhat strange kid growing up. I had a morbid curiosity and was incredibly fascinated with the world of underground pseudo snuff cinema. I always kept this to myself and never shared the fact I had bootleg VHS tapes of classics such as Flowers of Flesh and Blood, the Faces of Death series, and Men Behind the Sun. Looking back at these films as an adult, one could argue the disgusting brutal nature of these films in comparison to Cannibal Holocaust are far and beyond, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way to me. Even after all these years, I still find Cannibal Holocaust to be very unsettling to watch. The incredibly offensive and controversial scenes drape over a powerful message about what we perceive as ‘reality’ in the media and that we should seek truth farther beyond what is presented to us. I feel that message is still important to this day. A film crew fabricating a village slaughter who end up paying the ultimate price is something I wanted to capture in my poster as opposed to doing a rendition of the straight forward “impaled girl” that the film is most known for. I feel going this route pays tribute to the more underlying story Ruggero Deodato wanted to convey to his audience. It’s a crazy film that is definitely not for the majority, but it still is one of the few films out there that has left a lasting, scarring impression on me.” !

Grey Matter Art founders Mike Gregory and Jarod Dobbs kindly took some time out to answer a few questions we had:

Cult Collective – Firstly, congratulations on Grey Matter Art. It’s always exciting  to see a new company on the scene. What influenced you to set up Grey Matter Art?

Mike- Thank you so much for the kind words regarding our  new poster company. We are very excited after months and months of very  hard, but fun work to finally show everyone what we have been working  on. What Influenced us to start Grey Matter Art, is that first and foremost we have a huge appreciation for gig and film poster art, I know it sounds kind of simple, but it’s true. We are both collectors, and it’s great to see what artists are doing, and see how their styles progress with each project that comes out. Aside from that, we really  wanted to see specific properties that either haven’t been done before,  or haven’t been done in while, and give those titles the correct treatment with the proper artists.

Jared- Thanks! With being a huge fan of movies and music, getting into collecting gig and film posters was really inevitable, it really is a great hobby. It integrates everything we love and are passionate about, and we are excited to share that with others. We are proud to represent such an amazing and talented community of artists.

CC- There are a few galleries and online studio’s at the moment, what do you feel really makes Grey Matter Art individual?

Mike-You are right, there are many galleries and online poster companies out  right now, and they are doing some very cool things. I try to go to most and  support the scene as much as I can, but I really believe we are doing  things that are different or have not been done by other companies.  First thing we are trying to do is accommodate the artists as best we  can. You really want the artist to be as passionate about a project as  you are, and with that, you know you are going to see something  fantastic as an end result. We are also working on acquiring some films  that have not been done, and I would love to tell you some of them,  but I probably shouldn’t right now…

CC – On the site it says that Grey Matter Art is wanting to take industry  standard techniques and take them to a new level. Can you give us a hint as to what you have planned?

Mike-Aside from poster art and limited edition apparel, we are going to be doing screenings for select films in and around New York. I think we need something like that in this area, I mean it’s New York, and we barely get any of that around here. We would like to eventually do a couple of galleries and conventions as well. We were also entertaining the thought of some sort of polling on our website. We are always eager to hear fans and collectors thoughts on what they would like to see. We were thinking of possibly getting together a couple of film titles and a list of artists, and they can tell us who they would like to see tackle a specific property.

Jared- A big part of what we want to do is keep everyone guessing what we might do next, and hopefully it is something they wouldn’t expect. We are very excited to start attending conventions and screenings to coincide certain poster drops.

CC – Something that  always excites me is introducing new and upcoming artist, will Grey  Matter Art be giving lesser known artists a pop at bigger titles as well as the big guys?

Mike-We are definitely into the lesser known artists and the up and comers, there is so many talented ones to choose from and we will be giving them a chance to take on some projects in the future.

Jared-We are big fans of the underdogs which we feel we can really relate to. Many artists deserve a chance to do official projects and the more companies doing it the better in my opinion.

CC – Lastly, can you give us a clue as to what we prepare ourselves for and get excited about over the next few months?

Mike-While I can’t get into it now because we need to keep things a bit of a secret at the moment, we will definitely be revealing some projects in the very near future, that I think you will find very interesting.

Jared-One thing about our launch poster I will say, is that it I think it will turn some heads. It will be something that has not been done before, and it is really turning out to be a great piece. And as for the coming months, we will be teasing some pics of our upcoming projects.


If that isn’t enough, Grey Matter Art are also proud to announce their partnership with Post No Joes Productions as executive producers of Twenty-four by Thirty-sixa movie poster documentary by director Kevin Burke that we are very excited to see. Co-founder and creative director Michael Gregory, expressed his excitement over the companies first official release and the documentary.

“When we had the idea of signing on with Kevin Burke for his Twenty-four by Thirty-six documentary, we really thought it was a great opportunity to be a part of something so important to the film poster community. Kevin has been great in working with us and keeping us up to date on his travels to meet so many talented artists, as well as some of the best galleries out there doing this too. I think the documentary will cover a lot of different ground and also show the inner workings of what it takes to actually create a film poster.”

The Cannibal Holocaust poster titled “Welcome to the Jungle” will be going on sale at a random time between 1:00-2:00 PM. EST. on Tuesday April 08th. Regular edition posters are $45.00 with a run of 250, and the “Green Inferno” variant will be $55.00 with a run of 125. For more information please visit the Grey Matter Art Website. You can also visit them on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Grey Matter Art will have a few major projects to announce soon with some very talented artists attached, so be on the look out. Also, they plan to have select screenings to coincide poster drops in and around the New York area, and will be announcing the first screening and artist soon as well. Sign up for the newsletter for all future updates.

Odd City Entertainment Unveil Their First Release Of 2014; ‘The Secret of Nimh’ By Erica Williams

Founded last year by Roman Morales and a small group of collectors and art enthusiasts, Austin, Texas based Odd City Entertainment take pride in producing prints that  are limited editions with no re-runs, and are 100% licensed and strive to work with artists, designers and illustrators from all over the world to keep producing engaging art. Last year they produced a series of excellent prints for Guillermo Del Toro’s Robot/Monster mash up Pacific Rim as well as unique takes on Carrie by Jessica Deahl, Fargo by Gabz and The Usual Suspects by Matt Ferguson.

Odd City Entertainment are kicking off 2014 in style with FOUR pieces of art work for Don Bluth’s classic The Secret of Nimh by Erica Williams. Not content with only producing an excellent screen print, and just to add a little something special, Erica has also designed THREE limited edition letterpress pieces to accompany the screen print.  Every print purchase will include either one random letterpress, or all three, depending on which package is purchased.


Erica Williams – The Secret of Nimh Screen print, 18”x24”, limited release of 135, $65 plus one randomly selected letterpress or $100 plus all three letterpress, printed by Burlesque of North America

NIMHletterpress8 NIMHletterpress7 NIMHletterpress4

Erica Williams – The Secret of Nimh Letterpresses, 9”x12”, limited releases of 85, 65 and 55 respectively, $65 will get you the screen print plus one randomly selected letterpress, $100 gets you the screen print plus all three letterpress, printed by Hound Dog Press

Erica Williams, a freelance illustrator and designer from Colorado, is a mostly self-taught artist who in the past has primarily worked on detailed drawings of wildlife, flora, hand lettering, and ink drawings and original prints. Erica has done dozens of gig and tour posters as well as art prints straight from her imagination. But her NIMH print for Odd City will be her first foray into the film world.  You can view more of her illustrations online at www.ericawilliamsillustration.com

Erica had this to say:

“When asked if I would be interested in making a poster for The Secret of NIMH, the little girl in me started jumping up and down screaming with glee. It was an honor to get the chance to illustrate a poster for the Don Bluth classic that meant so much to me as a young child, and remains today an amazing piece of animated film to be cherished. Please enjoy!”

The Odd City limited edition prints and letterpress set will be sold online at the  Odd City Entertainment Store and will go on sale at a random time on Monday January 27th, 2014.

You will have the option of purchasing the print with one randomly selected letterpress for $65, or the print with all three letterpresses included for $100.

Follow Odd City Entertainment on Twitter and Facebook for the official drop announcement, also pay a visit to Erica Williams Facebook and Twitter, too!

Celebrate The Movies Of 1984 With Gallery 1988’s Ghostbuster 30th Anniversary Touring Show And Bottleneck Gallery’s ‘It Came From 1984’ Show

2014 is going to be an expensive year. Not only is it the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters but also the 30th anniversary of possibly the greatest year for cult movies, 1984.

Gallery 1988 are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters with a year long celebration culminating at San Diego Comic Con International. You can read more about Sony’s plans HERE.
To wet our appetite, Gallery have rather tantalisingly launched Ghostbusters30th.com which comes with a cool new Gallery 1988 logo dedicated to Ghostbusters.


Over on the East Coast of the USA, Bottleneck Gallery are preparing their own 30th anniversary celebrations dedicated to the movies of 1984 with their show ‘It Came From 1984’ curated by Chogrin, which will open on February the 7th at Bottleneck’s NYC gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn.

Pakoto Martinez

We are starting to see some brilliant pieces of art filter through for this show and we can’t wait to see more. Here is a brief glimpse of some new work we can expect to see!

Stephen P. HughesA Nightmare on Elm Street 12×18 Edition of 20

Kyle CrawfordThe Terminator

Timothy PittidesIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 6 Colour Screenprint, Edition of 75

Scott BalmerGhostbusters

Ben HuberIndian Jones and the Temple of Doom

Keep up to date with future announcements and release information by following both Gallery 1988 and Bottleneck Gallery on Twitter!

“Who Ya Gonna Call?” Sony prep for ‘Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversary with a dedicated Gallery 1988 show

I have said it many times on here, Ghostbusters is my favourite film of all time. Period. With 2014 being the 30th anniversary of the first movie (which is actually two years older than me!), I assumed that Sony would have some exciting plans lined up to celebrate.

Well, over the past few days a number of sources have leaked various bits of information confirming that there are indeed some 30th anniversary plans.Total Licensing’s website License Global have reported that Sony Pictures has struck up an exciting deal with Gallery 1988 to create a traveling art show that will feature top artists’ interpretations of Ghostbusters over the last 30 years. Gallery 1988 will be producing licensed limited edition screen prints and posters available during each stop of the tour, culminating in July at San Diego Comic-Con.

Here’s what Greg Economos, senior vice president, global consumer products, Sony Pictures Entertainment had to say;

“This franchise is very important to the studio, and we wanted to give fans new and exciting ways to participate,” “Ghostbusters continues to gain fans and recognition year after year, and we are thrilled to extend the brand through products and events to celebrate this milestone event.”

This is brilliant news. Silkscreen movie poster collectors have been crying out for a great Ghostbusters print for years with no one quite managing to nail ‘The One’. Gallery 1988, however, have a long history of producing great Ghostbusters art pieces and also, whether officially or not, seem to be the only gallery who have produced art with character likeness’. A couple of great examples are the amazing sold out pieces by Sam Gilbey, “Dogs and Cats living together”, and “Who Ya Gonna Call” by Ben Buchet which were produced for ‘Crazy 4 Cult 7’ this year.


It has also been announced that Sony have agreed a number of further Ghostbusters licenses for toys, games, clothing, games and collectibles with the likes of Mattel, Mad Engine, IDW Publishing and Titan Figures. Personally, I am really looking forwar to seeing some more great Ghostbusters toys. The Real Ghostbusters line shaped my childhood and I still have the Venkman and Stay Puft figures on my office desk now!


So who would you most like to produce a Ghostbusters silkscreen movie poster? Which other artists would you like to see featured in Gallery 1988’s shows? Personally, I would love to see a Real Ghostbusters animated series print. Discuss below and we will keep you up to date as we get more news.

In the meantime, while we all wait with baited breath, be sure to follow Gallery 1988 on Twitter for more announcements.

Matt Ferguson’s ’47 Ronin’ Poster Posse print on sale info!

Back in October, Blurppy pulled together its superbly talented and eclectic group of artists, the ‘Poster Posse’ to create 28 different pieces of art for Universal’s epic supernatural samurai film, 47 Ronin, directed Carl Rinch and starring Keanu Reeves.
To take a look at those pieces of work, head on over to Blurppy’s site where you can see both PHASE 1 and PHASE 2.

Ahead of the movies opening theaterically on Christmas Day 12/25. Blurppy have just exclusively announced that they will be making Cult Collective favourite, Matt Ferguson’s 47 Ronin piece available to purchase at 411posters.

Fully approved by Universal Studios, Matt’s 47 Ronin poster is a 4 colour screenprint with luscious metallic inks, limited to 75 copies and it will go on sale today, Monday the 23rd of December at a random time on 411posters online store.

Matt Ferguson 47 Ronin
47 Ronin by Matt Ferguson is a 20″ x 36″ 4-colour Screenprint with metallic inks, printed by Lady Lazarus. It comes in a limited numbered edition of 75, and will cost $47!

This poster will go on sale at a random time today, Monday the 23rd of December. Make sure you follow Blurppy and 411posters on Twitter for the on sale announcement!

Blurppy are also giving one lucky fan the chance to win Matt Ferguson’s print by retweeting the 47 Ronin onsale announcement Tweet too!

Movie art anthology ‘This Must Be The Place’ revealed in all it’s full glory!

Last week we previewed a few pieces from movie art project ‘This Must Be The Place’, spearheaded by graphic designer Sharm Murugiah.  ‘This Must Be The Place’ is an anthology of artwork by designers and illustrators visually interpreting some of the best films of the year using their own unique style. These illustrations will accompany pre existing reviews with the finished anthology being sent to various members of the publishing industry to showcase the work by the extremely talented contributors.

Here’s what art director and contributor Sharm Murugiah had to say about the project:

Welcome to This Must The Place. A book produced once a year to celebrate films and the new creative talent of illustration artists. The aim of this non profit publication is to explore a year in film through the use of reviews provided by various experts in cinema journalism. To accompany these pieces of texts, a group of artists and illustrators have been asked to graphically illustrate an interpretation of the film they have been given. The projects’ main aim hopes to help the artists involved in terms of gaining awareness for their creative talent.

While this is initially for industry insiders only as a kind of portfolio showcase, with each contributor getting their own copy, it will be great to see This Must Be The Place made available for general sale in future, as is my aim.

Well, we are very pleased to bring you a sneak peek at the finished project, including the brilliant cover by Linda Hordijk. The artwork is beautiful and very unique representing each of the movies using the artists individual style. The book itself looks extremely beautiful and I for one would love to have this sat on my coffee table.


Blue is the Warmest Colour by Faye West

Only God Forgives by Sharm Murigiah

The Bling Ring by Luke Butland

Frances Ha by Rich Davis

Django Unchained by Chris Skinner

The Butler by Mat Weller

Spring Breakers by Doaly


We will be sure to keep you up to date with any new work by these superbly talented artists, in the meantime, make you sure you follow the team over on Twitter, links above!