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The Horror Art Of Matthew Therrien Will Give You The Heebies Geebies!

The name seems to have sprung out of nowhere. A few weeks ago I had never heard of Matthew Therrien, but now it seems he is all over the place. With an EC inspired comic inspired Kickstarter in the works, a Manborg comic book under his belt and producing artwork for the upcoming horror documentary Why Horror? it seems to be a really great time to be Matthew. It is also a great time for art fans, especially if you are of the horror movie variety.

You see Matthew really likes his horror movies and being a horror fan myself I can relate to that. Alas I do not possess the awesome artistic skills that Matthew has in sharing his love of horror to the world via his art. Here is a brief example of his work, but do not worry there is much more to come.

matthew therrien art halloween

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Bang Media Presents the Mind Blowing Art of Jeremy Wheeler

The mash up genre has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. It takes a certain type of artist to be able to blend these different styles of genres and characters together. It takes an even better artist to be able to combine different eras of art together. This is what creator Jeremy Wheeler has been able to do brilliantly.

Bang Media is the place where most of his artwork is showcased but his work can be seen all over. A little while ago, we were given the opportunity to exclusively reveal the excellent War On Hell, Hellboy inspired piece that he did for the guys at Ka-Pow Posters. Jeremy’s unforgettable style manages to combine a 70’s and 80’s aesthetic to reproduce classic characters and showcases some of his own interesting mash ups. The great use of lavish colour and hugely animated images make his artwork spring to life off the page and reminds me of some of the better examples of 70’s Vinyl art and underground art from that era.

Below is a selection of some of my personal favourites from the Bang Media webpage.

bang media alien

bang media buckaroo banzai

bang media carpentor

bang media doc brown

bang media gaming

bang media miami connection

bang media super bang

A selection of his artwork is also available for sale so if any of the above seemed interesting to you then you should start getting your credit card out and get it ready to buy some of these delightfully psychedelic pieces.

bang media black dynamite sale

13″x19.5″ blacklight limited edition silkscreen print. Series of 70 (Rare). $50.00.

bang media freddy vhs sale

18”x24” silkscreen print made for the recent VHS convention, Tape Eaters 2. Hand-drawn pen-and-ink printed on white paper (edition of 50). $15.00.

bang media kung fu

12″x18″ silkscreen poster for Eisner Award winning comic shop Vault of Midnight. Series of 50. $15.00.

bang media robocop sale

12″x18″ blacklight silkscreen poster. Series of 60. $30.00.

bang media sammi curr

9”x24” (Edition of 60). $15.

bang media suspiria sale

Measuring 18”x24,” the 3-color print was screened with a unique blacklight process developed through multiple projects by the artist and printing studio VG Kids.  hand-drawn pen-and-ink artwork. When put under UV light, the already vibrant red turns an electric pink/magenta, while the green remains intense under both.  $25.00.

bang media werewolf sale

11″x17″ silkscreen print. Series of 55. $15.00.

Bang Media Facebook page and website is full of different pieces of his art as well as other interesting pieces so it is a site worth checking out. You can contact Jeremy through Twitter as well. The link to Bang Media’s store is also included so you can get quick access to his interesting work.

Want To Get Rid of Some of Your Old VHS Tapes? Why Not Make Incredible Art With Them Like Patrick Massobrio And Nan?

When it comes to old technology it seems that there are really only three uses left open for us when it fails to be of interest to the masses. One is to just discard it, the second is to collect it while the third option is to modify it. It is the third option which interests me the most and it seems French based artist and F.X creator Patrick Massobrio and his partner Nan are equally as interested and by taking an old format and creating something quite incredible. This is VHS Art as you have never seen it before.

Lunchmeat magazine (a fanzine and website devoted to the VHS format and its fans) creator Josh Schafer recently caught up with Patrick and asked him about his reasoning behind using this older form of media as inspiration for his artwork.

I built my cinema culture through VHS. As a kid, I spent a lot of time in video stores renting as many movies as I could. The atmosphere of these stores [and] the art on the boxes are totally unforgettable. I really have a lot of nostalgia for this era. Curiously, I was never able to rent a DVD. To me, all the magic in these stores was gone when VHS were replaced. Disliking, like a lot of people, the wave of unattractive Photo Shopped posters that was becoming the norm for cinema posters and video market, I started painting a poster for an imaginary vintage cheesy horror movie called HELL BELLS. The first incarnation was on canvas, but then, I thought it would be cooler to do another version of it not on but IN a VHS box. So I cut up a hole in it and added some sculpted elements to the initial drawing. Now looking at the box was like seeing the poster art and an actual scene from the movie at the same time. The “VIDEO NASTIES” series was born and we [expanded] it with other genres like Mexican wrestler movies, Bruceploitation, etc.

If you want to read the full article regarding Patrick’s and Nan’s work and their obvious love of the VHS format the link to it is here. Below is a collection of this VHS art for your enjoyment.

patricks vhs art bruce lee

VIDEO NASTIES #4: BRUCE LEE VS. UNPLEASANT GOAT. Acrylic. VHS box. 12.5 x 20 cm approx.

patricks vhs art freddy

“Video-Club Memories 4: Freddy”. Plexiglas. Print on plank. 32 x 44,5 cm.

patricks vhs art halloween

“Video-Club Memories 1: Michael”. VHS Box. Plexiglas. Print on plank. 32 x 44,5 cm.

patricks vhs art hells bells

VIDEO NASTIES #1: HELL BELLS . Acrylic. Silicone. VHS box. 12.5 x 20 cm approx.

patricks vhs art jason

“Video-Club Memories 3: Jason”. VHS Box. Plexiglas. Print on plank. 32 x 44,5 cm.

patricks vhs art leatherface

“Video-Club Memories 2: LeatherFace”.  Leather. Plexiglas. Print on plank. 32 x 44,5 cm

patricks vhs art pacman

VIDEO NASTIES #5: PAC MANIAC. Acrylic. Silicone. VHS box. 12.5 x 20 cm approx.

patricks vhs art phantom

“Video-Club Memories 5: Winslow”. VHS Box. Plexiglas. Print on plank. 32 x 44,5 cm.

patricks vhs art pinhead

“Video Club Memories 6: Pinhead”. VHS. Nails. Plexiglas. Print on plank. 32 x 44,5 cm.

patricks vhs art raymond

VIDEO NASTIES #2: RAYMOND. Acrylic. Silicone. VHS box. 12.5 x 20 cm approx.

patricks vhs art santo

VIDEO NASTIES #3: SANTO VS. LOS CHIHUAHUAS VAMPIROS.  Acrylic. VHS box. 12.5 x 20 cm approx.

patricks vhs art snake

“Video Club Memories 7: Snake”. VHS. Leather. Plexiglas. Print on plank. 32 x 44,5 cm.

Now I am slightly biased about this particular art form as I am a collector myself but it is hard to not be impressed by the pieces below. Not only do they have their own character but because of the F.X background they have been created in a way that they manage to leap out of their VHS screens, the 3D style element is superb to look at. The slightly deformed style is unnerving yet incredible to look at. But if VHS is not your thing but you dig the style of the art, then do not worry as they have created other art work which retains that unique style that the above pieces showcased.

patricks vhs art aliens

“ALIEN VS. TAIKONAUTS 2: Phone Home”. Acrylic. Silicone. 35 x 27 cm. Under plexiglass cap.

patricks vhs art battle

“Cartoon Heroes”. Acrylic on Canvas. Resin. 55 x 65 cm.

patricks vhs art dragon

“Enter the Dragon”. Acrylic on Wood. Resin. 60 x 120 cm.

patricks vhs art kabuki

“Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting”. 15x15cm. Acrylic on canvas & resin.

patricks vhs art suprised by sound

A Work in Progress.

You can view the rest of the artwork on their Facebook page as well as his website. At this moment in time the art is not readily available and can only be purchased at his galleries. Fingers crossed in the near future however this will change and we will all be given the opportunity to own a tailor made piece of VHS art. It is a hell of a way to keep the medium alive!

Joshua Budich BAD GUYS prints now available at a bargain price or as a set of 3!

Joshua Budich has had a number of fantastic pieces featured in various galleries and show’s recently, including Hero Complex’s ‘Smile, you son of a Bitch’, Spoke Art’s ‘Bad Dad’s’ and Gallery 1988’s ‘Say hi to the Bad Guy’. Over at his store, he has a whole heap of great prints featured in those shows and three of the prints that were produced for Gallery 1988’s ‘Say hi to the Bad Guy’ are now on sale at the bargain price of $20 each or $50 for the set of 3.


The ‘Bad Guys 3 pack’ features ‘Sleep Kills’ (A Nightmare on Elm Street), ‘I’m Lonely’ (Spirited Away) and ‘Who You Gonna Call?’ (Ghostbusters). While you are over at Joshua’s site, why not also check out some of his other great prints?

Over on Facebook and Instagram, Joshua has been teasing some of his other prints that are coming soon, including a follow up to his Star Wars piece ‘I love you, I know’, featured below. This piece was produced for Art V Cancers ‘Bending time and space’ show in Manchester UK. Art V Cancer will be at this years Thought Bubble festival in Leeds and you can follow them on Facebook for more information on release dates and also be sure to follow Joshua Budich on Twitter, too!