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Along With A Brand New Website, The Poster Posse Launches Their Official Collaboration With Disney Animation For “BIG HERO 6″‏

Last week Cult Collective were not the only ones to launch a brand new website. The Poster Posse launched their own dedicated website alongside their latest project, and official collaboration with Disney to celebrate their upcoming animation Big Hero 6.

Inspired by the Marvel Comics series created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in the late 90’s, Big Hero 6 follows in the footsteps of Disney and Marvel’s other recent super hero team movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy as another example of how the mouse house are putting faith into lesser known Marvel characters.
Check out some of the great posters that the Poster Posse have created!

Sharm Murugiah Big Hero 6
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Skuzzles Team Up With MGM/ Fox For Horror Re-Issues With Limited Edition Artist Rendered Covers!

Long have we pined for a return to movie posters that were created by the hands of artists rather than marketers with photoshop skills. Skuzzles have helped nudge that process along by teaming up with MGM/ Fox on a series of 13 Blu-ray and DVD re-issues featuring artist rendered covers by some of our favourite artists!

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Odd City Entertainment Are Back With A Poster By Paul Shipper For “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For”

Renowned for bringing together great artists, Odd City Entertainment have worked hard to produce original work for great properties. Not ones to buck that trend, Odd City Entertainment are back with a poster for Sin City: A Dame To Kill 3D For by Paul Shipper. In case you didn’t know, Paul Shipper is a traditional and digital illustrator and film poster artist based in the UK, and a really nice guy. His work includes posters for the recent J.J. Abrams Star Trek films, Edgar Wright’s The World’s End, and Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxySin City: A Dame To Kill For marks Paul Shipper’s first print for Odd City.

Odd City’s officially licensed Sin City: A Dame To Kill For limited edition prints will be on sale at The Paramount Theatre (713 Congress Ave) at Austin Film Society’s Texas 3D premiere of the film on Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, as well as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith will also be in attendance. Read on for more information!


A Dame To Kill For Sin City Paul Shipper Odd City
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Hero Complex Gallery Celebrate The Works Of Stephen King With Gallery Show ‘King For A Day’

Stephen King is easily one of the most prolific writers of our generation. With nearly 5 decades of productivity under his belt, King’s work spans genres and themes. To celebrate such creativity, Hero Complex Gallery will be holding “King For a Day”, an art tribute to the full body of works by Stephen King, opening this Friday, March 21st, from 7-10pm and running through until April the 6th.

Hero Complex Gallery have gathered  a huge selection of exceptional talent from across the globe for the show, which will be donating a portion of all proceeds to Stephen King’s charity of choice, The Haven Foundation. The Haven Foundation are a non-profit service that serves to benefit freelance creatives of all types who have found themselves unable to work due to disease or accident, a truly worthy cause!


Chris Skinner – “God’s Gunslinger”

DavidMoscati copyDavid Moscati “Pet Sematary”

JPValderramaGreenMile copyJ.P Valderrama – “The Green Mile”

DanMumford_TheMist copy

Dan Mumford “The Mist”

SamGilbey copy

Sam Gilbey – “Stand By Me”

TomMiatke1 copy

Tom Miatke – “The Shawshank Redemption”

Patrick Connan “It”

Luke Butland – “Stand By Me”

Florey“The Works Of Stephen King” Glow In The Dark!

Paul Shipper – “The Shawshank Redemption”

Chris Garofalo “Pet Sematary” Glow In The Dark!

There will be much more to the show than posters and prints too, with artists designing other collectibles for display and sale like this amazing statue by Blain Hefner for Creepshow!

Head on over to Hero Complex’s Facebook Event Page for more details on ‘King For A Day’ which opens March 21st and runs through to April 6th at their L.A gallery. Expect an online sale of works from the show shortly after opening night.

Be sure to follow Hero Complex Gallery on Twitter and Facebook for future galleries, shows and releases!

We Caught Up With Paul Shipper To Talk About His ‘Blade Runner’ And ‘Time Bandits’ Posters; “Do Androids Dream?” And “Memories, Friends and 8×10’s” For Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘Imagined Worlds’, Oh And The Cap!

Drew Struzan, John Alvin, Tom Jung, Charlie White and Saul Bass are all names that movie poster aficionados will know. They presided over an age when a movies promotional material alone could capture your imagination and transport you to different world, often to a greater degree than the movie itself.  Nowadays the movie making machine favour the cut and pasted, photoshopped mug shots of their leading men and women to draw in their audiences, which is a shame given the talents of modern day artists such as Paul Shipper whose traditional skills along with modern tools easily sits them among the movie poster artist Gods.

Paul recently produced a Blade Runner alternative movie poster to rival all other Blade Runner posters titled “Do Androids Dream?”, for Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘Imagined Worlds’ show which opened on Friday the 17th of January. Inspired by the original title of the source novel by Phillip K Dick, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, if there are any copies left of “Do Androids Dream?” along with his Time Bandits piece “Memories, Friends and 8×10’s”, which went up for sale yesterday on the Hero Complex Gallery Online Store along with pieces by other artists from the ‘Imagined Worlds’ show.

Paul Shipper Do Androids Dream Blade Runner

Paul Shipper – Blade Runner – “Do Androids Dream?” – Hero Complex Gallery – ‘Imagined Worlds’

Time Bandits Paul ShipperPaul Shipper – Time Bandits – “Memories, Friends and 8×10’s”  – Hero Complex Gallery – ‘Imagined Worlds’

Ever nosey and keen to find out what inspired Paul to choose Time Bandits and Blade Runner, we caught up with Paul who was kind enough to share his thoughts on the movies, what he felt it was important to capture in the pieces and where he drew inspiration..

The first film that popped into my head was Blade Runner. I’ve wanted an excuse to do something for many years! I was going down the route of having lots of characters on the poster at first, then I remembered a silhouetted Deckard with a noir feel that I have always loved. That was the catalyst to really try and simplify the poster keep the essence of the film without going overboard with painting all the characters. Which is most if the time unnessesscary

I thought about Terry Gilliam too. I didn’t have much time to work on a poster for the film so I thought it would be great to feature the time bandits in a candid shot from the film and treat it similarly to the Star Wars Good Guys 10×8 I did for Bottleneck gallery a while back. This may be the start of a collectible theme…

We certainly agree with Paul’s sentiment on the noir aspect of Blade Runner and certainly, less is more in this case. The Time Bandits piece is also quite unique and captures the humour and cheeky nature of the movie. This would certainly be a fun on-going series.

As part of Blurppy’s Poster Posse, Paul also created this brilliant Captain America; The Winter Soldier alternative movie poster which captures the dark, espionage fuelled tone that Marvel seem to be taking with the movie . Check out the Poster Posse’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 alternative movie posters for Captain America; The Winter Soldier. There is so much awesomeness!

Paul Shipper Captain America

Paul Shipper – Captain America; The Winter Soldier – Poster Posse Concept Poster

For Captain America, not having a great deal to go off but seeing the trailer helped to get a bit of a feel and now who should feature on the poster design. I was trying to fit in Cap on his motorcycle but it wasn’t working for the composition at the time so decided to leave it out. I loved seeing him ride his Harley in the trailer and it looks like an awesome film and can not wait to see it.

The Marvel movies are probably becoming my favourite superhero films by far. The way they all interlink has been incredible. Marvel, you’re Marvellous! It’s what we have all been waiting for since I was a kid. I would love it when characters would crossover and appear in cartoons and shows. This really brings that spark back to me from my childhood.

It still amazes  me, the level of detail, texture and different styles that Paul captures and uses in his illustrations. I just wish more studios would use this style of poster more frequently in their promotional material for moves. Then again, it does make pieces like this that bit more special when they are produced, and who doesn’t like being able to show something off to their mates once in a while?

Follow Paul Shipper over on Twitter, Facebook and his Website for more information on his work, which also includes an impressive number of comic covers!

UPDATED Bottleneck Gallery announce new gallery show ‘It Came From 1984’, curated by Chogrin

Over the festive break, announcement for 2014 have been coming quick and fast. From Mondo-Con to Gallery 1988 partnering with Sony for the Ghostbuster 30th anniversary touring gallery. Another exciting announcement comes via the brilliant Bottleneck Gallery for ‘It Came From 1984’, curated by Chogrin.

Bottleneck Gallery It Came From 1984

‘It Came From 1984’ will open on February the 7th at Bottleneck’s NYC gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn and from the looks of things you can expect to see plenty of pieces dedicated to movies released 30 years ago in 1984!

So what was released in 1984? Well, when you look into it, 1984 was a pretty packed year. I would love to see the likes of Gremlins, Ghostbusters, The Terminator, Beverley  Hills Cop, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Karate Kid, Dune and This is Spinal tap represented.

As for artists, currently Cuyler Smith (who produced the Spike artwork for the flyer, above), Paul Ainsworth, Paul Shipper, Luke Butland, Maxime Crouzet of ‘Places and Films’, Doaly and Chris Garofalo will all be contributing pieces and hopefully we will see regular Bottleneck contributors Tim Anderson, Marko Manev, and Timothy Pittides join them too.

At Cult Collective we are huge fans of Bottleneck Gallery with Matt Ferguson’s ‘He Stole My Balloons’ making my top ten list. ‘It Came From 1984’ certainly does have the potential to be a great gallery that we very much look forward to hearing more about..

For more information, keep up to date with Bottleneck Gallery on their Website, Twitter and Facebook and as always we will bring you more info as we have it.

Paul Shipper has produced an amazing poster for Stephen Chow’s ‘Journey to the West’

It isn’t often that we report on official movie posters here at. Cult Collective. However, this one is a little different. CraveOnline have just exclusively revealed Paul Shipper’s amazing poster for Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West.

Paul Shipper Stephen Chow Journey to the West Poster

It’s great to see what I would call a ‘classic’ illustrated movie poster being used as the primary marketing tool, much like artists Drew Struzan and John Alvin used to produce. Paul Shipper has a talent for portraying emotion and character in his pieces, this being no exception, and has captured what I expect to be the fun and humour of a Stephen Chow movie. In tone, it very much reminds me of the poster for Big Trouble in Little China.

Paul’s style of traditional and digitally illustrated works of art has led him to be an approved artist for Lucasfilm, create official cover art for the IDW Star Trek: Khan Series, which is profoundly brilliant and has worked with well-known clients such as AMC, Penguin Books, GQ Magazine, Topps Inc. The Sunday Times and JWT, New York.

Follow Paul Shipper on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with his brilliant work as well as checking out his website.