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Ka-Pow! Posters Continue Timothy Pittides’ ‘Rogues’ Series With “Dragon”!

A little while ago we featured Ka-Pow! Posters collaboration with Timothy Pittides on his Batman villain inspired ‘Rogues’ Series. Ka-Pow! and Timothy are now ready with the second installation in the on-going mini series with “Dragon”, inspired by Killer Croc in one of his old school incarnations.

killercroc copy

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One-Shot Gallery Celebrate The Rogues With ‘Great Villains of Gotham: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot’ Opening Feb 1st!

Here at Cult Collective, we seem to share a passion with One-Shot Gallery, a love of comics and the characters who bring them to life. Chiefly, the villains and rogues!

One-Shot describe themselves as a micro-gallery that exhibits original contemporary art and prints inspired by and celebrating the aesthetics, characters, and themes of comic books and original graphic novels.

On February the 1st, One-Shot will launch their first gallery show ‘Great Villains of Gotham: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot’ at their exhibit space at St. Mark’s Comics, New York. All art from the show will be available to buy from their Online Shop straight after the exhibit opens.

James White

GREAT VILLAINS OF GOTHAM: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot

A great city demands a better class of criminal and Batman’s backyard does not disappoint.  Whether you’re looking for a cat, a croc or a portly penguin; crazy funny, crazy with fear or just crazy for hats; freeze rays or flamethrowers; trick coins or tricky riddles; men that are bats, men made of muck or men that just won’t die; Gotham has them all.  It’s got tree huggers and back breakers and every breed of baddie in between.  This show aims to give these devils their due, a spotlight on the dark minds forever thwarted by a dark knight.

Take a look at some of the pieces that you can check out at the gallery and what will be available to purchase.

After , One-Shot already have their next two galleries planned; ‘From Spawn To Saga: Image Comics at 22’ an exhibit celebrating books published by Image Comics, past and present. This exhibit will feature art by Daisy Church, Jim Doran, Steve Dressler, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Damon O’Keefe, James Jirat Patradoon, Robotsoda, Blake Wheeler, Pam Wishbow and Chris Yee. Then there is ‘Daughters Of The Atom: Women Who Wear X’, a show dedicated to the uncanny x-women that get the job done and hold the team together, day in and day out featuring art by Jason Chalker, Daisy Church, Steve Dressler, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, Ashley Fisher, Zach Koch, Damon O’Keefe, James Jirat Patradoon, Celeste Pille, Robotsoda, Israel Sanchez, Bennett Slater and Pam Wishbow.

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