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Shout Factory Impress with Their Knockout DVD Art

A week or so back I wrote an article focusing on the reintroduction of painted DVD art, a form of art that appeared first in cinema posters, but re-emerged in the VHS format and swiftly died when photo shopped DVD covers and extras pushed it (for the most part) out of the mainstream. Well there are a whole lot of companies out there not letting this tradition die. Arrow Video was the first company I was exposed to that cared about the covers of the products they were releasing, but they are by far the only people to do so. Shout Factory has also taken this on board and are realising some top quality DVD and Blu Ray releases that are proud to have artwork plastered all over them.

Here is what the company is all about (taken from their website).

Shout! Factory has been around for 10 years. 10 years! That’s quite an achievement and one we’re very proud to celebrate.

When we first founded Shout!, we were fairly fresh off our Rhino days, a company my brother Richard founded in the 1970s. We had an amazing run at Rhino: 25 years for Richard, 15 years for me and about the same for our partner, Bob Emmer.

Basically, we’re living up to our own motto of staying dedicated to what we grew up on, but never outgrew. Please let us know what you think. We want to keep doing this for as long as possible. Your feedback helps us know more about what’s working and what’s not.

This is yet another company committed to bringing back movies from the past for consumption today. Their label Scream factory is comprised of tons of 80s and 90s flicks, some only just getting a DVD or Blu Ray release. Below is a selection of some of their released covers so far. Where possible I have credited the artist who created this stunning cover art. So let us all marvel at gallery of covers below.

dvd cover article 2 scream factory notd

Cover by Nathan T.Milliner

dvd cover article 2 scream factory body bags

Cover by Justin Osbourn

dvd cover article 2 scream factory prince of darkness

Cover by Justin Osbourn

dvd cover article 2 scream factory day of the dead

Cover by Nathan T.Milliner

dvd cover article 2 scream factory dark angel

dvd cover article 2 scream factory the fog

Cover by Justin Osbourn

dvd cover article 2 scream factory the howling

Cover by Nathan T.Milliner

dvd cover article 2 scream factory the burning

Cover by Nathan T.Milliner

dvd cover article 2 scream factory life force

Cover by Justin Osbourn

dvd cover article 2 scream factory the beyond

dvd cover article 2 scream factory halloween 3

Cover by Nathan T.Milliner

dvd cover article 2 scream factory halloween 2

Cover by Nathan T.Milliner

dvd cover article 2 scream factory they live

Cover by Tom “The Dude” Hodge

dvd cover article 2 scream factory terror train

Cover by Nathan T.Milliner

dvd cover article 2 scream factory battle beyond the stars

You can keep up to speed on all these new releases through their main webpage and also through Twitter and FaceBook. Artists Nathan T.Milliner, Justin Osbourn and Tom “The Dude” Hodge can all be found on Facebook and the internet. You would think with these two companies producing this much great content that this would be it for cover art articles. However you would be wrong because I have one more trick up my sleeve. There are a selection of fans and small companies out there doing some incredible retro based art on their DVD releases and the final article in this series will showcase some of these pioneers that I have managed to come across and the mind-blowing work they do.


Film Cover Art is Pretty Bad. Arrow Films Show How Movie Sleeves Should Be Done

Technology moves so fast. With phones seemingly getting updated every two seconds and constant technological advancements happening all around us, it may be strange and petty to moan about DVD and Blu Ray covers. Regardless, that is what I am about to do! DVD cover art has stagnated for quite some time.

The release of DVD in 1993 seemed to be an incredible advancement from VHS, which ruled the roost since the 80’s. What the format lacked in character (VHS and its character is an article for another day perhaps?) it made up for in incredible picture quality and numerous special features. However what it failed to bring with it was great cover artwork. Gone were the good (and sometimes bad) artwork created for the clunky VHS case and in came posed photo covers, or worse yet, the dreaded photo shop. A case in point is the James Bond films. When released on VHS they had superb painted covers showing James Bond always smiling while getting shot at or blown up. When the DVD releases came out they ditched all this for very basic photo covers of the lead actor and nothing else. It was probably the cost which pushed this type of artwork back away from the mainstream as it is probably cheaper to take a photo than get an artist to create something from scratch. Also the allure of DVD extras was enough to get people to buy the new medium when back in the VHS era the artwork was one of the main hooks.

This is an art site after all and what you folk want to see is some great bits of original art. Well in the last few years a few sites have taken note of our (or most probably just my) pain and decided enough is enough. With DVD extras now common place people are looking around for something truly special to get them to pick up a movie and these sites offer that. So in part one of a two part feature I just want to focus on two companies that I have noticed recently committed to bringing not just quality movies to us, but quality art covers to.

First up is Arrow Films. They have been around since 1991 and are committed to bringing a wide, eclectic range of movies to the home video market. Below is a quote from their website telling us a little about themselves.

Arrow Films is an all rights multi-platform distributor of feature films and TV series. We specialise in releasing some of the best content from around the world to UK customers and beyond. Since 1991, through Arrow’s diverse and rich product mix, one of the most energetic and cutting edge labels in British distribution has been forged. Recent accolades include being named Label of the Year by prestigious publications as the Guardian and Home Cinema Choice and over the years having multiple finalists in Sight and Sound’s best DVDs of the year as well as winning the British Video Association’s Marketing Initiative of the Year. Arrow’s global reputation as one of the finest labels in the world has come about through consistent high quality product and a focus on fan-based products always at its core. This includes a major investment on restoring original material through modern techniques as well as pioneering packaging solutions and newly commissioned artwork for each release.

The commitment to the fans of cinema, no matter how obscure the content, is one thing to be admired. The other is their dedication to great and knock out cover art. Below is an example of some of their better covers. Though it is difficult to credit the artists who drew the piece as it does not always say who the artist is on the DVD I have done my best. If nothing else we can at the very least admire their art through this article and hopefully that will be credit in itself. So sit back and enjoy an art filled trip down memory lane as a lot of these covers encapsulate all that was great with the VHS era and most probably of lot of people’s memories of childhood. Someone has at last got it right!

dvd art arrow video jaguar lives dvd art arrow video kings of newyork

Artwork by Tom ‘The Dude Designs’ Hodge

dvd art arrow video surf nazis

Artwork by Graham Humphrie

dvd art arrow video the exterminator

Artwork by Tom ‘The Dude Designs’ Hodge

dvd art arrow video deadly spawn

Artwork by Craig Kraaken

dvd art arrow video manic cop

Artwork by Rick Melton

dvd art arrow video tcm 2

Artwork by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative

dvd art arrow video the stuff

Artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin

dvd art arrow video vamp

 Artwork by Tom Hodge & Rick Melton

dvd art arrow video demons

 Artwork by Jeff Zornow

dvd art arrow video class of nuke em high

Artwork by Graham Humphrie

dvd art arrow video day of the dead

You can look at other Arrow releases though their website, Facebook and Twitter page. Some of the covers I haven’t included because of the explicit content, checking out their sites out is the best way to see the rest of this awesome art.

In a future article, we will focus on the inventive work of Shout Factory as well as other imaginative, one-off releases from other companies. So, lovers of cover art, keep your eyes peeled for that one.