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We Preview The Latest Masterpiece From Spoke Art: “KUBRICK – An Art Show Tribute To The Films Of Stanley Kubrick”

It is undeniably the Stanley Kubrick was one of the most influencial filmmakers in modern cinema. His movies transcend genres. Spoke Art clearly understand the impact that Kubrick has had and in their latest gallery exhibition, a selection of artists honour the filmmaker.

“KUBRICK – An art show tribute to the films of Stanley Kubrick” opens September 6th (6PM – 10PM) and is on view until September 27th. Over 60 artists have collected to re-imagine their favourite characters, scenes and thematic concepts from one of the world’s most prolific directors.


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Spoke Art Release A New Poster By Ghoulish Gary Pullin Commemorating The Cult Movies Of William Lustig

William Lustig may not be a household name like say, Steven Spielberg, but cult cinema fans will certainly be aware of his work on movies such as Maniac, Maniac Cop 1, 2, 3, Vendetta and Hit List. For a recent director’s screenings at the esteemed Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Spoke Art worked with horror fan and artist extraordinaire, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, on a stunning new limited edition print titled “The Madness of William Lustig”. The poster was created exclusively for the event and Lustig loved Gary’s take on his films. Take a look below and see how you can get hold of one!


Gary Pullin The Madness Of William Lustig Maniac Cop Spoke Art

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Who Will Emerge Triumphant As Spoke Art Pit ‘Quentin Vs Coen’ With Their Latest Exhibition

There are many filmmakers who have produced one or two masterpieces in their careers, but it is a rare thing for them to produce consistently critically acclaimed, commercially successful and just damn exceptional movies. Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers are an exception to that rule.

As a celebration of their phenomenal careers, Spoke Art have brought together 60 exceptionally talented artists to interpret their favourite scenes, characters and movies from the filmmakers back catalogues for their upcoming exhibition, ‘Quentin Vs Coen’.


Tim Doyle Django REG

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Spoke Art And Joshua Budich Believe “Vengeance Is A Dish Best Served Cold”; Kill Bill Vol.2 Print Now Available!

Joshua Budich is well known for creating vibrant pieces of pop culture art featuring many of the characters that we know and love from the movies and televison shows that they represent. Joshua’s work has spanned genres and been featured in many galleries. Recently, as testament to Joshua’s great eye for character likenesses, he created the only print in Gallery 1988’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary tour to be official licensed by every actor for full likeness rights. We recently had a little chat with Joshua about that piece.

Joshua has just released the next screen print in his Tarantino line for Spoke Art, “Vengeance is a dish best served cold”, inspired by Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Joshua Budich Kill Bill Vol 2

Joshua Budich – “Vengeance is a dish best served cold”
5-color screen print 
Edition of 150
18″ x 24″

You can pick up Joshua’s screen print, “Vengeance is a dish best served cold”, over at Spoke Art now. Hurry though, this print has been out for a few days and it will go quick!

Follow Joshua over on his Twitter feed and check out his website for more of his work. Scoot on over to Spoke Art’s website and Twitter feed, too! You can also check out Spoke Art on Facebook.

Fancy A ‘Twin Peaks’ Ring? How About Wes Anderson Buttons? A Bill Murray Tee? Well Spoke Art Have You Covered!‏

Those guys over at Spoke Art certainly are an eclectic bunch. From pop culture inspired art to original pieces, there is always something new, fresh and exciting on offer. Spoke Art have just bumped up their product lines with a whole new range of fantastic apparel inspired by David Lynch and Wes Anderson, to name a couple.

Wes Anderson Badges
Twin Peaks and Wes Anderson inspired Buttons!

Inspired by both David Lynch and Wes Anderson, Spoke Art have a variety of sets of four 1″ buttons depicting various characters from Wes Anderson and David Lynch Movies., check them out HERE.

Twin Peaks Ring
Twin Peaks rings!

With the upcoming 25th anniversary of Twin Peaks, Spoke Art have custom produced these great handmade, one size fits all ring. They even restocked their popular Team Zissou rings too! Check them out HERE!

Bill Murray Tshirt
Team Zissou tees by Greg Gossel

Now, who wouldn’t want to wonder around with Bill Murray’s face on your chest. Well, now you can, even if you are on the XXL side/ Spoke Art have a variety of different design’s and colours of tee’s including Bill Murray and Jeff Bridges as The Dude. Check them out HERE.

Keep checking in with Spoke Art on their Website, Twitter and Facebook as their is always something exciting happening. Next up at Spoke Art – 816 Sutter Street in April is the Serge Gay Jr. solo show and at Hashimoto Contemporary – 804 Sutter Street in April is the Mario Wagner solo show.

Joshua Budich And Other Spoke Art “In Dreams – art tribute to David Lynch” Pieces Now Available Online!

Spoke Art have a penchant for the irreverent, and none are more so than Director David Lynch. Spoke Art’s most recent gallery show “In Dreams – art tribute to David Lynch” features a dynamic range of artwork influenced by the prolific and innovative films of director David Lynch. With pieces by over 50 artists from around the globe, there is no shortness of talent. Spoke Art say that “Each of the exhibited works evoke the emotional complexities and stylistic ventures of Lynch’s work through a variety of mediums, such as painting, sculptures and limited edition fine art prints.”

Joshua Budich has contributed two pieces to the show “Saint Alia of the Knife” and “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” inspired by Twin Peaks and Dune respectively. Both pieces are now on sale through Spoke Art’s Online Store.

Joshua Budich “Saint Alia of the Knife”

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 100, $35

The Owls Are Not What They Seem Twin Peaks
Joshua Budich “The Owls Are Not What They Seem”

18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Edition of 150. $40

Joshua Budic isn’t the only artist with pieces for sale, oh no. Other participating artists include Cult Collective favourites Cuyler Smith, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Blunt Graffix, Chuck Sperry, David Moscati, Matthew Skiff, Sam Gilbey and Mat Weller.

“In Dreams – art tribute to David Lynch” runs Saturday, March 8th, until the 29th of March at their San Francisco Gallery. To purchase more artwork, head on over to their Online Store.
Make sure you follow Spoke Art on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Joshua Budich And Spoke Art Partner Up On ‘True Detective’ Inspired Screen Print “Time Is A Flat Circle”

I am gonna put this right out there, True Detective is brilliant. Over here in the U.K we are only two episodes in, but god it’s good! Joshua Budich and Spoke Art seem to think so too and Joshua has produced a brand new screen print to celebrate the show. When Spoke Art asked Joshua to pay homage to what he describes as having “quickly become one of my favorite television series of all time”, he jumped at the chance! Here is Joshua’s labour of love..

True Detective Budich

“Time is a Flat Circle” is an 18″x24″, 4-color screenprint on French Lemon Drop (yellow) paper, comes signed and numbered by Joshua and is available for a VERY LIMITED time over at Spoke Art’s Online Store. Come Monday, March 10th this print will be discontinued and never made available for purchase again, so get your skates on, son!

“WHOOOOOOOOO!!” Gallery 1988 And Bruce White Challenge You To ‘Velvet Mania’

O.K, so it has been a few years since I have paid much attention to the WWF (WWE?), so I’m glad the promo card from Gallery 1988 and Bruce White’s ‘Velvet Mania’ at least featured a star (character?) that I could reference. It seems quite fitting, and I’m sure deliberate, that Rick Flair was chosen to feature on the promo card for ‘Velvet Mania’, which opens March 7th and runs through to March 29th at Gallery 1988 . Not only does the title of the show make reference to wrestling, but Bruce White’s artwork itself is created on a velvety canvas.


North Carolina based Tattoo artist and painter, Bruce White recently turned his artistic eye towards a medium quite unlike any that you will see day to day: black velvet.  With velvet giving his paintings a  visual contrast  that can’t be replicated by painting on any other surface, Bruce believes that Elvis and Jesus are not the only icons of the world worthy of being  immortalised on a velvety canvas and has chosen this medium to channel his admiration for many of pop culture’s most iconic characters. His work has included characters from Star Wars, Breaking Bad, Universal Monsters, A Clockwork Orange and Anchorman, and has previously produced work for gallery shows by Mondo, Spoke Art and Gallery 1988.

Hes no good to me dead

“He’s No Good To Me Dead”

14′ x 18″

acrylic on velvet

Walter White

“Walter White”

11″ x 14″

acrylic on velvet


“The Crypt Keeper”

14″ x 18″

acrylic on velvet

Part of the new group show Mondo Presents “It Didn’t Rot Our Brains” a tribute to Tales from the Crypt and EC Comics!


Ahead of ‘Velvet Mania’ launching at Gallery 1988 on March the 7th, be sure to check out Bruce White’s Facebook, Twitter and Website. You can also pick up a few velvety goodies from his Store.

Odd City Entertainment And Matt Tobin Ryan Share With Us A ‘True Romance’

My oh my, what a week this week is shaping up to be, with Mondo’s ‘The Art Of Laurent Durieux’, Bottleneck Gallery’s ‘It Came From 1984’, Spoke Art’s ‘Unreal Estate III’ and Hero Complex Gallery’s ‘Adventure Show’ all opening this weekend, you would think that there would be no more room for anything else. Well that idea has been smashed right apart with Odd City Entertainment and Matt Ryan Tobin chucking their hat into the ring with two fantastic pieces of art for Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece True Romance.


True Romance by Matt Ryan Tobin, Regular Edition, 24”x36”, edition of 95, 6 inks. Regular edition $45. Printed by Seizure Palace.


 True Romance by Matt Ryan Tobin, Variant Edition, 24”x36”, edition of 35, 7 inks. Variant edition $65. Printed by Seizure Palace.

We have waxed lyrical about the great work that Odd City Entertainment do here before at Cult Collective, the Austin, Tx based company of art enthusiasts whose mission is to bring original art and high quality licensed screen prints to the world at large.

It’s hard to know what to say about a film that is so perfect. It could be argued to be both Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino’s best film. And that would be a fun argument.  What can’t be argued is that this film contains some of the best dialogue and performances from some of the greatest actors of our time. This film needs to be honored with repeated viewings and multiple artist homages. Matt Ryan Tobin’s print is a testament to the philosophy of Clarence Worley and words we here at Odd City, try to live by: “Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse!” – Odd City

Matt Ryan Tobin is another favourite of ours, having previously provided artwork for Post No Joes poster documentary, 24″ x 36″, this poster feels like it belongs to a Tarantino script. It has a pulpy, pop culture vibe and the comic style captions work wonderfully, especially in the context of the relationship comics share with the movie. Matt Ryan Tobin is a freelance illustrator, designer and musician living in Hamilton, Canada, A musician at heart, he toured for ten years playing music all over the globe, and originally delved into the world of merchandise design for the sole purpose of creating t-shirts for his band, eventually designing for merch for many well-known acts. His passion evolved and as a self pronounced cinephile, he recently entered the world of poster and art print design.

“When Odd City approached me to create a poster for True Romance, my jaw hit the floor. To say I was flattered is an understatement. I fell in love with this film from the first time I viewed it on VHS…. A rental copy, no less.

It’s a film that has always stuck with me – so much so that, at one point, I was seconds away from a past girlfriend and I getting matching “Clarence” and “Alabama” cupid tattoos to commemorate the film. This movie is so vivid and colourful in its writing, characters and film style. I really wanted to give my all in complimenting the film, by approaching the artwork in the same way.” – Matt Ryan Tobin

Both the True Romance by Matt Ryan Tobin 24”x36” limited edition, regular ($45) and variant ($65) editions, will go on sale at the Odd City Entertainment store at a random time on Friday Feb. 7th 2014.

Follow Odd City Entertainment on Twitter and Facebook for the official drop announcement, also pay a visit to Matt Ryan Tobin on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Tim Doyle And Spoke Art Invite You To Invest In “UnReal Estate III” This Thursday

Alternative movie posters seem to be ten a penny at the moment, which is never a bad thing, but it does take a great degree of vision, imagination and skill to be able to pull together pieces that represent a movie without actually using titles and characters. Tim Doyle is arguably one of the founding fathers of pop culture art and has pulled together his THIRD solo show, “Unreal Estate III”, representing movies and T.V shows, it’s theme and tones, by simply using iconic landscapes, buildings or locations, not a major character or title in site!

Presented by Spoke Art, Tim Doyle’s “Unreal Estate III” kicks of with an opening reception this Thursday, February 6th from 6pm to 10pm, with the show on view until Saturday, February 22nd at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco.

AdventureTimeAdventure Time

Now, we could warble on about the show, but we will leave it to the pro’s. Here are the guys at Spoke Art to tell us a little more about about Tim Doyle’s upcoming “Unreal Estate III”;

Spoke Art is proud to welcome back represented artist Tim Doyle for his third solo exhibition with the gallery and the latest installment in his ongoing “UnReal Estate” series.

Inspired by the popular culture landscape, quite literally, Doyle re-interprets the iconic settings found in contemporary cult television. These places, though fictional, have become a part of the universal psyche, ingrained in the minds of cartoon and serialized television fans worldwide. The prevalence in contemporary culture of this medium, especially with the excesses of the internet, have transformed fictional characters and scenes into something so close to tangible that they’re immediately recognizable even when viewed through an alternate lens.

The artist begins first with a graphite drawing on board, which is scanned and colored digitally. From there, Doyle hand prints a run of limited edition serigraphs (screen prints) which he creates entirely in-house. As an artist known not just for his illustrative talents but also as a craftsman, Doyle’s screen prints often utilize masterful techniques such as split fountains and glow in the dark inks.

Since it’s debut in 2011, the “UnReal Estate” series has been a massive success, with both back to back shows selling out in full. For the third installment in the ongoing survey, Doyle has created all new interpretations of locations from both classic and contemporary television, revisiting popular shows and breaking new ground with more topical and current series.

GameofThronesGame Of Thrones

SixFeetUnderSix Feet Under

SimpsonsThe Simpsons

PeeWeePlayhousePee Wee’s Playhouse


BreakingBadBreaking Bad

This is only a quick preview of what Tim has in store, in total there will be 11 prints available at the show, 10 of them will be the regular editions but for those who want to purchase a full set of all the prints, there will be a special treat! A very special 11th print  “Save Me, Jebus”, which is a GLOW IN THE DARK and HAND-EMBELLISHED edition of ONLY 50 WORLDWIDE and the full set of 11 prints, as well as the first 100 attendees to the opening reception, will also receive a very limited freebie handbill, seen below.

Tim Doyle Handbill

For  “Save Me, Jebus”, Tim blocked out the text from printing on the sign, and hand-lettered in one of the sign-gags from the show on each print, making each one a totally unique, 1/1 print. Take a gander at a few examples over on the Unreal Estate Flickr Feed.

Here is my favourite.

James The Greater

The limited edition prints will be available first to attendees of the February 6th opening reception, with the remaining copies available on Spoke Art’s Online Store, along with every other print from the show, starting Friday, February 7th and the exhibition will be on view until February 22nd at Spoke Art, 816 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109.

For more information on Spoke Art, head on over to their Website.  Keep up to date with Tim Doyle at his Website and on Twitter, as well as his very own online art store, Nakatomi Inc.