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Strange Kids Club Go Totally Tubular With “Turtle Kong” Their Latest Mash Up T-Shirt And Sticker Set!

What has four heads, eight arms and a gargantuan appetite for cheese, tomato sauce and sourdough? A radical, radioactive mutant named Turtle Kong! Forget the sewers-these brothers are breaking loose in one of the most “totally tubular” t-shirt releases of all time. Tomorrow, July the 17th, those cosmonauts of pop culture nostalgia, Strange Kids Club, will be releasing for pre-order their next exciting parody apparel product line, designed to give any fan a case of King Kong-sized shell shock.

Mashing up the mighty King Kong and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Strange Kids Club have revealed a limited edition, Full colour t-shirt designed by James Callahan of Barf Comics and a set of six (6) 4″ collectible Circle Jerks Stickers, inspired by some of the mightiest mutant animals this side of the sewers.

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Strange Kids Club present ‘Scrooged’ by Vlad Rodriguez

Last year Strange Kids Club brought us a fantastic unofficial Ghostbusters poster by Miami based artist Vlad Rodriguez. Continuing in the Bill Murray theme, the pairing have now produced this great poster for the rather brilliant festive classic Scrooged.


Priced at $35, this 18″x24″ digital print  is an edition of 50 and was produced to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Scrooged. Head on over to their store to buy one now!

 Using his realistic style that has worked great on his Breaking Bad and Misery prints, Rodriguez has captured many key moments and characters from the1988 twist on Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. To make it extra festive, each order also comes with a commemorative miniature top hat similar to the one worn by Frank Cross (Bill Murray) at the end of the movie. Scrooged is one of my favourite films and I think Rodriguez has done a great job on this print. I only wish I was able to get hold of one of his Ghostbusters posters too!



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To keep up to date with Vlad Rodriguez, head over to his blog and follow him on Twitter too! You can even head on over to Hero Complex’s store where you still have a chance to pick up Rodriguez’s print, ‘Blood and Smoke’, produced for their ‘Smile, You Son Of A Bitch’ Jaws inspired show.