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Allow Us To Introduce ‘Benedict’s Solution’: How Artist Benedict Woodhead Uses Iconic Imagery To Create Unique Portraits And Posters

Based in York, England, artist and designer Benedict Woodhead describes himself as being driven to produce work which cures his consuming and obsessive passion to redesign images from popular culture. From both his movie posters and his portraits you get the sense that Benedict’s imagination allows him to accomplish this quite easily.

For his poster designs, Benedict uses clever ideas utilising iconology from the movie he is depicting to deliver a minimal, yet effective representation of the movie. His portraits again utilise the same iconic imagery and ideas but also showcase his talent as an artist.

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“The World’s Finest Tee” By Matt Ferguson – The LAST Few Are Now Available.

“The World’s Finest Tee” by Matt Ferguson has now whisked it’s way off to the printers. A huge thanks to those of you that picked one up. We hope to have it with you in the next 4 weeks and you won’t be disappointed by this awesome tee!

There are a very limited number left in our online store and Matt Ferguson will also have some available at Thought Bubble. Once these are gone, that’s the full 100!

If you have been sat on the fence, act quickly! Now is your last chance before they are gone forever!!!

You can pick them up HERE.


It’s The Last Couple Of Days To Pre Order Our Exclusive “The World’s Finest Tee” By Matt Ferguson From Our Online Store!

All this week we have been harping on about our first ever t-shirt release, “The World’s Finest Tee” by Matt Ferguson. Well, you now only have a couple of days left to pre order yours from  online store !

Based on one of Matt’s classic prints, “The World’s Finest Tee” will be produced in a strictly limited edition of 100, be printed on high quality cotton t-shirts using super soft water based inks and come branded with a screen printed Cult Collective logo and size in the neckline. If you are a fan of Matt’s work, this is a must buy! Once they are gone, they are gone! Read on for more details!

Matt Ferguson World's Finest Batman Superman Tee T Shirt

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Castle Galleries Release Amazing New Batman And Superman DC Comics Art By Superstar Artist Alex Ross

It’s not often we write about high street art galleries here at Cult Collective but this latest release was so exciting, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share.


Castle Galleries, the UK’s leading group of high street art galleries, have just released a series of artwork for DC Comics flagship heroes Batman and Superman by legendary comic artist Alex Ross. Continue reading

The LGX Presents Awesome Splash Graffiti Style Fan Art

The LGX (or Kode Logic as he is otherwise known) is a man of mystery. Aside from the fact he is Australian and likes Street Fighter I do not know much about him. So the introduction to his work is going to be a tad brief. But my waffling is not really why you guys and gals are here anyway, so let’s crack on and look at some great artwork shall we?

My first exposure to LGX work was with his Iron series. Taking pop culture characters from a wide range of sources, Kode bangs on some high tech Iron Man style armour and gives us beautiful neon infused creations. There feels like an intense Tokyo feel to his work, or Manhattan at night, with a splash of 80’s colours thrown in for good measure. Colours and lights combine together with some fantastically drawn images, while your eyes are pleasantly assaulted with the sheer amount of brightness on display. Certainly Tron like elements creep up in his work as well, but it was the way his work feels like it exploded out of a spray can which really interested me. There is graffiti like qualities to these pieces, which is one of the many things that make it stand out. Below is a selection of some of my favourites from this range.

LGX iron batman

LGX iron bison

LGX iron dl

LGX iron magneto

LGX iron predator LGX iron ryu

LGX iron shark LGX iron spiderman

LGX iron sub zero

LGX iron superman

My favourite? Iron Shark, how can you not love that! As always I like to show other pieces of artwork the included artist has created, and below is a few that really caught my eye. The revamped X-Men posters are certainly stunning to look at but it was the Breaking Bad and Tron style Street Fighter characters that promoted some jaw dropping on my part that Tex Avery would have been proud of!

LGX breaking bad LGX joker

LGX tron ken

LGX tron ryu

LGX x men

The crying shame is I could not find a link to buy the above prints. It could just be me and my lack of internet knowledge, but I know I need an Iron Shark poster in my life! My searches for Iron Sharks may have hit a dead end, but I did manage (on his Deviant Art page) to find some great pieces for sale which are listed below.

LGX mecha balrog

High-quality prints in glossy, matte and lustre finishes. 30 x 40 Inches. £31.72p.

LGX mecha bison

 High-quality prints in glossy, matte and lustre finishes. 30 x 40 Inches. £31.72p.

LGX mecha vega

High-quality prints in glossy, matte and lustre finishes. 24 x 36 Inches. £25.15p.

You should check out the rest of his prints over at his Deviant Art page and look on his Facebook  and Twitter pages for more up to date Kode art news. His Facebook page has tons of artwork on it which I just could not squeeze into this article, so if you get a hankering for more you know where to look!

Who is Brett Hardin? A Fantastic Mash-Up Artist That’s who!

Now it may seem strange to title an article with a question about the artist. I should already know about the artist as I am writing about him. But it does serve a purpose. Not only did it (hopefully) drag you into the article it is also how Brett starts his own introduction on his website. Here is a description of the man in his own words.

I am a left and right brain thinker. I excel in conceptual ideation/design, creation of digital/traditional art/illustration/animation/motion graphics, and possess a thorough understanding and ability to execute Internet technologies. With over 15 years of experience and a life time of honing imagination and skill, I have a passion to be creative and have established an award-winning career as both a professional digital artist and Creative Director.

And just for some more scope on the man here is his views on art itself.

Art is the expression of creativity and imagination. It is the ability to translate thought and emotion to an audience through the execution of any medium distributed through any media.

One may say suggest that anything can be deemed “art”… I believe anything can, but it is subject to the eyes and ears of the beholder that determines if a message is successfully communicated or not. It is intrinsic to communicate thought and emotion, but it is how well of an impact that communication creates that separates strong from weak art. Knowing your audience, purpose of your creation and most importantly, the execution and understanding of the medium in which you create, defines the strength of your art.

Now, I do not know much about art but I do know what I like and I like Brett’s stuff. He incorporates numerous different art styles into his pieces making a look at his back catalogue a very interesting experience. From portrait style art, to black and white sketches, comic art and caricatures he shows a wealth of experience as well as ideas. My favourite pieces have to be the painted style set pieces that mash up numerous Geekdom characters (the Back to the Future / Doctor Who pieces especially catching this reviewer’s eye). Below is a collection of some of the pieces he has on offer in his shop. They come in numerous sizes and design types, but just to give you an idea on price structure I have included the smallest size and lowest cost.

brett hardin national lampoon

Wrapped in a bow. 5.50” x 8.00”. $27.00.

brett hardin death borg

Darth Borg. 8.00” x 6.00”. $29.00.

brett hardin snarf

Snarf. 6.38” x 8.00”. $27.00.

brett hardin gizmo

Gizmo. 8.00” x 6.00”. $27.00.

brett hardin doc doctor

Doc Doctor and the Delorian. 8.00” x 5.38”. $27.00

brett hardin regeneration

Regeneration. 6.00” x 8.00”. $29.00

brett hardin joker

Joker. 7.88” x 8.00”. $27.00.

brett hardin beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. 8.00” x 7.25”. $27.00.

brett hardin bizarro

Bizarro. 5.13” x 8.00”. $22.00.

brett hardin sloth

Sloth. 7.88” x 8.00. $27.00.

Here are some of his 2D prints which may also interest the nerd in you.

brett hardin 2d art babybrett hardin 2d art batmanbrett hardin 2d art goblinbrett hardin 2d art wolverinebrett hardin 2d art wormbrett hardin 2d art zombie

You can buy all these prints and many more through his shop, while also catching up with his work via his Facebook and Twitter pages. So if anything in this article has grabbed your interest then hit those links as fast as you can. If not then all is not lost, at least you now know who Brett Hardin is!

Anthony Petrie Has The Perfect Cards For You This Valentines Day

Now you could be one of those folk who passes off Valentines Day as one of those made up holidays by greetings cards companies in order for them to sell more stuff through the year. If you are then probability is that, like me, the only person you ever got a card from was your mum.

Well, Anthony Petrie has the perfect solution to melt your blackened heart. He has produced four brilliant designs for the Geek in your life this Valentines Day available over at his Online Store now!

Anthony Petrie Cards

These lovable cards come in four designs across two different packs, the Star Wars inspired “The Force is Strong with You” and the DCU themed “Heroes with Heart”. Each pack contains two 6″ x 6″ screen printed, one-sided cards printed on Red Hot Pop-Tone French Paper. Each card is signed, open-edition, blank on back and comes with a matching French Paper envelope, costing $10 a pack. Try getting cards that cool down at Clintons for that price!

While you are over at Anthony’s Online Store, check out his other awesome artwork too! His Avengers and Rocky posters are up there with the best in my opinion.

Keep tabs on all things Anthony Petrie by checking out his Website and Facebook as well as Twitter!

EXCLUSIVE! Matt Ferguson’s very limited ‘The World’s Finest’ to be available at Thought Bubble!

Here at Cult Collective we are very proud to announce a world exclusive! Yes, that’s right, our very first EXCLUSIVE announcement. It come’s in the form of the super talented Matt Ferguson’s ‘The World’s Finest’ screen print which was the mystery print that he previously teased that he will have available at this years Thought Bubble festival. Take a look!


Here at Cult Collective we are huge fans of Sheffield based Matt Ferguson, otherwise known as Cakes and Comics,and his previous work includes the original artwork for Marvel’s Phase One box set, pieces for Gallery 1988’s Young Guns show, Hero Complex’s Walking Dead show and plenty of other cool projects that can be found over at his website. ‘He Stole My Balloons’ was my favourite print to come out at NYCC 2013.
Matt continues his winning run with this print that was originally put together for a bit of fun when DC and Warner announced ‘Batman vs Superman’. Due to overwhelmingly popular demand, Matt decided to release the piece as a limited edition screen print, especially for Thought Bubble 2013.

This print looks great and is very clever. Capturing the yin and yang of the two in a stylistic way while simplistically demonstrating the nature of their potential relationship in the upcoming movie.
This is a one of kind 2 colour screen print and there is only 100 of them, so they will be in super high demand. Measuring 18×24 inches, Matt will also be signing and numbering each copy and at only £25, it has to be the bargain of the weekend.


Matt posted on Twitter earlier a few of the other pieces he will have available at Thought Bubble this year, including artist proof copies of the previously mentioned ‘He Stole My Balloons’. Again, this will be a very limited run of 50 and cost £40. His Transformers pieces depicting Megatron and Optimus Prime also feature some pretty snazzy metallic inks. These guys will be available for £30.


On top of that, Matt will also have a great X-men inspired print featuring Phoenix and the Blackbird jet as well as art cards and buttons for free! I have got to admit, Matt has really stepped up to the plate for Thought Bubble this year and I think you would be daft not to at least pop over to his table, number 88 in the Allied London Hall.


Be sure to check out Matt’s website www.CakesandComics.com to see all of his amazing work. Follow him on Twitter where he is currently counting down to next saturdays Dr Who special, Day of the Doctor, with an individual piece of artwork for each day featuring a different Doctor in order of appearance. You can also catch Matt on Facebook, too!