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Uwe De Witt Puts A Fandom Spin On Iconic Album Covers

Music. Everyone has their own tastes. Whether it is the casual music listener who uses the medium as a travelling companion, or the die-hard audio visual connoisseur who can tell you everything there is to know about their favourite band, we all share one thing. We all enjoy the pleasures listening to a tune or score can bring. Now myself, well I am more a film buff, but even I can see the importance that music has in our everyday lives. Iconic film scenes are made that way in some cases, by the musical score that surrounds them. So even with my limited music knowledge I can spot an iconic album cover or to. What artist Uwe De Witt has done has used this knowledge to create a pop culture spin on the cover art we know and love (much like artist Butcher Billy) into his own unique style of artwork.

uwe de witt dr strange

Now as I have previously stated, I am no expert when it comes to album covers. So the examples you can see below have not been labelled with the album cover source. But you Cult Collective readers are a damn sight more intelligent than I am, so I know you will be able to piece all of the information together yourselves. I do recognise the variations on Iron Maiden cover albums though, all of which look great.

uwe de witt batman uwe de witt black queen uwe de witt cage 2 uwe de witt cage uwe de witt conan uwe de witt daken uwe de witt dexter uwe de witt domino uwe de witt dr doom 2 uwe de witt dr doom uwe de witt dr manhatten uwe de witt fantastic 4 2 uwe de witt fantastic 4 3 uwe de witt fantastic 4 uwe de witt gambit uwe de witt ghost rider 2 uwe de witt ghost rider 3 uwe de witt ghost rider uwe de witt ghostrider uwe de witt iron madien ghostrider uwe de witt iron madien magneto 2 uwe de witt iron madien magneto uwe de witt john constatine uwe de witt judge death uwe de witt marv uwe de witt mystique uwe de witt storm uwe de witt swamp thing uwe de witt thing uwe de witt wolverine uwe de witt x 23

It is great to see how naturally the fandom characters intersperse into the album cover designs. Gambit and Constantine make a bang up Bowie, and Judge Death seems like he was tailored made to be a replacement for Eddie from Iron Maiden. It is testament to Uwe superb artistic skills that he can mimic each album cover, while adding his own spin on it. His keen knowledge of fandom and music artists means he can expertly place each character into the right album sleeve, making each one a whole heap of fun to look at. The little in jokes help to (check out the Batman Phil Collins mash up to see what I mean).

This is only a taster of the covers he has done and for a complete list you should check out his Deviant Art page. While you are at it do not forget to check out his other pieces of art on his official website and his Face Book page as well as the work he has done for the website Spacelord. It is going to be interesting to see what else Uwe has up his sleeve in the months leading up to 2015 and if nothing else my interest in music has greatly increased because of his work on show here today.

Mike Mitchell And Mondo Make Their’s Marvel This Friday!

Artist and epic beard owner Mike Mitchell is renowned for his fantastic ‘Portraits’ and ‘Just Like Us’ series and last year even held his own gallery show based on the series over at the Mondo Gallery in Austin. Following on from the success of that gallery and the popularity of those pieces Mondo and Mike Mitchell have again teamed up for a new gallery, this one dedicated to the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe!

Mondo Showcard


“Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo” kicks off 7pm this Friday at 4115 Guadalupe St. in Austin, TX and will run from April 25 through May 17. Marvel ran a great interview with Mike and Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael over at their Website today. Check it out.


Most of the previews so far have centered around Mike’s ‘Portraits’ series, but today the Austin Chronicle previewed some of his excellent ‘JLU’ pieces. With over 50 pieces in total, Mike has been busy pulling all of this together and so far it looks as if he has done an amazing job!

To make the event extra special, if it wasn’t enough already, Mondo will also be hosting a cosplay contest during the opening night reception of the show (Friday, April 25th from 7PM – 10PM) with prizes being awarded to the winners. Who doesn’t love a good cosplay? Mondo have even dressed the gallery up to celebrate the occasion!

Mondo Gallery Massive Modok


For more information and show teases follow Mondo and Mike Mitchell on Twitter!

Olly Moss’ secret Mondo Thought Bubble poster REVEALED…… possibly UPDATED


UPDATE: It looks as if our assumption may have been correct. Olly Moss earlier on posted a photograph of his Sightseers print via Instagram. Also, in the background top right, you can see what may be a Mike Mitchell Venom portrait

As we reported a few days back, Olly Moss posted a tease on Expressobeans as to the prints he will be offering at Thought Bubble. At the bottom of that print he mentioned that he would also have a mystery print.
Could that print be for the fantastic Ben Wheatley movie Sightseers?. Well the evidence suggests so. Olly posted this image of some art cards he would have for free and one of those cards is something none of us have seen before.


Bang smack in the middle. Two people holding hands looking across the moors. One of them holding an axe. Kind of similar to this…..


Sightseers for those of you who don’t know is a wonderfully sadistic tale of two outcasts who find love and embark on a caravan tour of the U.K. They visit such exciting venues as the Pencil Museum. Oh, and they murder people. If you haven’t seen it, you really should!

UPDATED; To add a little extra validation to this rumor, a bright spark on Facebook has just reminded me that Drafthouse pictures actually picked up Sightseers for distribution in the US, much like with Four Lions. Everything seems to be coming together!