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Go Diorama Crazy With These Super Creations By Louise Townend Of Craft Geek Dioramas

Dioramas may not be the first port of call when it comes to collectors displaying their figures, but even the die-hard fan have to admit that they certainly add character to what would be an otherwise uninspiring work top or glass cabinet display. At the end of the day, as much as I like my action figures boxed and hanging on my wall, they were made for the most part to be played with.

Whether it be for a small child or a childish adult, we can all get a little buzz out of checking out the latest figures points of articulation. Marvel and other companies certainly think so and have contributed to this field in the past, putting toy lines out that came with their own little mini diorama (the Punisher action figure with arcade smashed diorama had a thug with a grenade in his mouth!). For the most part though they never looked quite like these creations by Louise Townend of Craft Geek Dioramas.


diorama set image 1

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A Spotlight On The Heart Warming Super Hero Family Artwork Of Andry “Shango” Rajolina

Sometimes it is incredible what you can create from so little. A collection of art work where you just see the portrait subjects back hardly seems exciting when spoken out loud. In reality however it becomes a touching and heartfelt look at family life with a bit of geekdom thrown in for good measure. The pieces in question are called Super Families and have been created by Andry “Shango” Rajolina (whose art has appeared in Cult Collective before).

The series of pieces take a key character from the fandom universe and then turns the team mates or supporting cast into children seeking that adult’s attention. All of this is shown just form the back of the character. Aside from been supremely cute, they manage to integrate the characters into the piece setting really well. The art brings a nostalgia hit to your heart. The hardest thing really is deciding which print to buy from the collection of 24.

Andry Rajoelina Mogwai Dad

Mogwai Dad

Andry Rajoelina Jones Family

Jones Family

Andry Rajoelina Cowabundad


Andry Rajoelina Dad From the Future

Dad From the Future

Andry Rajoelina Buster Brothers

Buster Brothers

Andry Rajoelina Brothers Never Say Die

Brothers Never Say Die

Andry Rajoelina Batdad


Andry Rajoelina Uncanny Dad

Uncanny Dad

Andry Rajoelina Magnetic Dad

Magnetic Dad

Andry Rajoelina Family Assemble

Family Assemble

Andry Rajoelina Cosmic Dad

Cosmic Dad

Andry Rajoelina Amazing Uncle

Amazing Uncle

2 sizes available: – Deluxe Edition 50x50cm (app. 19,6×19,6 inches).

Digitally printed on high quality 300g art paper. Print stamped & numbered on the back. Shipped with a numbered Geek-Art certificate of authenticity. 70 euros. Limited edition of 20.

– Classic Edition : 32x32cm (app. 12,6×12,6 inches).

Digitally printed on 300g card. Print stamped & numbered on the back. 40 euros. Limited edition of 50.

These prints can be found at the Geek Art Store website. The pricing and quality of prints can be seen above and applies to all the prints for sale.

It is hard to pick a favorite but the one that really grabbed my attention was Amazing Uncle with a young Peter going for one finally stroll with his departed uncle. You can see other examples of Andry’s work through his Deviant Art Page and  Face Book page. After looking you will be able to see the complete collection of Super Families and see how hard it is yourself to pick a favourite!

Celebrate The Movies Of 1984 With Gallery 1988’s Ghostbuster 30th Anniversary Touring Show And Bottleneck Gallery’s ‘It Came From 1984’ Show

2014 is going to be an expensive year. Not only is it the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters but also the 30th anniversary of possibly the greatest year for cult movies, 1984.

Gallery 1988 are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters with a year long celebration culminating at San Diego Comic Con International. You can read more about Sony’s plans HERE.
To wet our appetite, Gallery have rather tantalisingly launched Ghostbusters30th.com which comes with a cool new Gallery 1988 logo dedicated to Ghostbusters.


Over on the East Coast of the USA, Bottleneck Gallery are preparing their own 30th anniversary celebrations dedicated to the movies of 1984 with their show ‘It Came From 1984’ curated by Chogrin, which will open on February the 7th at Bottleneck’s NYC gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn.

Pakoto Martinez

We are starting to see some brilliant pieces of art filter through for this show and we can’t wait to see more. Here is a brief glimpse of some new work we can expect to see!

Stephen P. HughesA Nightmare on Elm Street 12×18 Edition of 20

Kyle CrawfordThe Terminator

Timothy PittidesIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 6 Colour Screenprint, Edition of 75

Scott BalmerGhostbusters

Ben HuberIndian Jones and the Temple of Doom

Keep up to date with future announcements and release information by following both Gallery 1988 and Bottleneck Gallery on Twitter!

UPDATED Bottleneck Gallery announce new gallery show ‘It Came From 1984’, curated by Chogrin

Over the festive break, announcement for 2014 have been coming quick and fast. From Mondo-Con to Gallery 1988 partnering with Sony for the Ghostbuster 30th anniversary touring gallery. Another exciting announcement comes via the brilliant Bottleneck Gallery for ‘It Came From 1984’, curated by Chogrin.

Bottleneck Gallery It Came From 1984

‘It Came From 1984’ will open on February the 7th at Bottleneck’s NYC gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn and from the looks of things you can expect to see plenty of pieces dedicated to movies released 30 years ago in 1984!

So what was released in 1984? Well, when you look into it, 1984 was a pretty packed year. I would love to see the likes of Gremlins, Ghostbusters, The Terminator, Beverley  Hills Cop, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Karate Kid, Dune and This is Spinal tap represented.

As for artists, currently Cuyler Smith (who produced the Spike artwork for the flyer, above), Paul Ainsworth, Paul Shipper, Luke Butland, Maxime Crouzet of ‘Places and Films’, Doaly and Chris Garofalo will all be contributing pieces and hopefully we will see regular Bottleneck contributors Tim Anderson, Marko Manev, and Timothy Pittides join them too.

At Cult Collective we are huge fans of Bottleneck Gallery with Matt Ferguson’s ‘He Stole My Balloons’ making my top ten list. ‘It Came From 1984’ certainly does have the potential to be a great gallery that we very much look forward to hearing more about..

For more information, keep up to date with Bottleneck Gallery on their Website, Twitter and Facebook and as always we will bring you more info as we have it.

Dave Perillo’s second piece in his ‘Indiana Jones’ series, ‘Temple: 1984’, is now available to buy!

As I write this the second in Dave Perillo’s Indiana Jones series, ‘Temple: 1984’ is now available to buy through Dark Ink Art.
Be quick, though, these are sure to sell out fast!

Dave Perillo Temple 1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Inspired by by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,  ‘Temple: 1984’ by Dave Perillo is a 250 piece silk screen edition measuring 12″ x 36.” Each print is signed by Perillo and there is a limit of one per customer. The print costs $50.00 and is printed by DL Screenprinting.

We have a chat with Joshua Budich as he reveals his ‘Crazy 4 Cult’ print, ‘Is This A Kissing Book?’ inspired by ‘The Princess Bride’!


With Gallery 1988’s ‘Crazy 4 Cult’ opening this weekend we are starting to see some great prints pop up on the web. One of the most exciting is Joshua Budich’s The Princess Bride print, ‘Is This A Kissing Book?’.
Joshua also kindly took some time out to have a little chat with us about his tremendous year!

‘Is This a Kissing Book?’ (Princess Bride), is an 18″x24″, 4-color screenprint on French 100lb Madero Beach paper; signed and numbered limited-edition of 100 (50 will be available at the show). The print was expertly produced by Danny Askar.

Firstly, congratulations on what has been a fantastic year for you. Both Of your Star Wars prints for ‘Art V Cancer’ have been exceptionally well received and you have contributed towards a number of gallery shows this year including ‘Hero Complex Gallery’s’ Jaws inspired gallery, ‘Smile You Son Of A Bitch’ and ‘Gallery 1988’s’ ‘Say Hi To The Bad Guy’.

For Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult, what led you to choose The Princess Bride for your print ‘Is This A Kissing book?’
After 6 years of being in this crazy print-game, I had yet to pay homage to what is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies of all time, “The Princess Bride”. So, when I was asked to participate in C4C this year, and PB was on the list of movies to choose from, I jumped on it!

Having tackled a number of famous movies with great results, what is left that you are dying to take a crack at?
I’m dying to finish up my Star Wars OT print series, and perhaps tackle the Prequels; debatably one of the least favorite topics for any print designer. But, now that Eps 7-9 are on their way, we all need to come to grips with Ep 1-3. There’s parts of them I really really love. So, I’m hoping, that if I just focus on them… well… it’s a challenge to say the least! I’m also a huge fan of comedies, so perhaps something under that topic. And, of course, there’s always more Wes Anderson. 😉

You have a knack for capturing great likenesses in your pieces, has there ever been a character that has given you particular difficulty?
Harrison Ford is known for having a very weird face to draw and get a good likeness. Now that I’ve tackled him about half-a-dozen times, I’d have to agree. What an awkwardly handsome man.

With 2013 having been such a great year, what would you say has the been the highlight for you?
The OSCARs print for 88, working with the Apatow folks for charity, various projects for Spoke Art, beginning the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series. It’s been a fantastic year! I can’t complain.

So, give us a tease. What does 2014 have in store for Joshua Budich fans?
More Star Wars. More Indy. More of my Bad Guys series. More of what I want to do… personal pieces, for myself and my family. My son is a constant source of inspiration for me, as I vicariously relive my childhood through him. There seems to be an endless fountain of great ideas when I picture prints I’d love to hang on the walls of his room.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this Joshua! Have a great time at Crazy 4 Cult.

What a nice bloke! Joshua will also be attending Crazy 4 Cult on it’s opening night which is this Friday, December 13th, with an opening reception at 355A Bowery (at Bowery & 3rd) from 7-10 PM. Regular gallery hours will be 12-7 everyday from Saturday, December 14th, through Saturday, December 21st.

Be sure to head on over to Joshua’s website to check out more of his awesome work as well as following him on Twitter to keep up to date with what he is up to!

To keep an eye on what else is coming to Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult, check out #Crazy4Cult on Twitter and Instagram